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  1. I was joking. Real estate prices are increasing like crazy everywhere.
  2. Take away TV revenue and allocated revenue (student fees), and it's clear that if anything, the Big 12 is picking up G5 schools and not the other way around. It's also clear why Texas and Oklahoma are heading to the SEC.
  3. Maybe UCLA alums are as into it as USC. That said, I'm pretty sure the only thing Stanford and Cal really care about is beating each other, not dominating college sports.
  4. Seems like USC is such a diva and out of touch with the rest of the conference that they are basically gone. Here's the scenarios that could happen: 1. USC goes independent to capture all of their TV money for themselves. 2. USC to Big 10 with Oregon. Big 10 would love this. Oregon may not. 3. USC to Big 10 with Colorado. Colorado has its rivalry with Nebraska. 4. That's it. The rest of the Pac 12 doesn't seem to be as interested in maximizing revenues and are more interested in beating their local rivals on Nov 4th weekend every year. If USC and one other leaves, then the Pac 12
  5. But they could build a pretty damn good basketball conference (and football conference) if they did.
  6. The MWC wins as long as there is a 12 team playoff with 6 auto bids.
  7. All the more reason why the MWC needs to endorse a new Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.
  8. Wait until even more teams are left in the dust if/when the Big 10 poaches the top 2 to 6 Pac 12 teams.
  9. With the exception of the 12 team playoff w/6 autobids not passing, every other scenario that involves P5 contraction is a win for the G5. In fact, every scenario with 6 autobids is a win for every G5 school. Either they get a chance at the playoffs, or more TV money in the P4/5.
  10. I'm assuming SDSU will sell out their new stadium, which I don't think is a big reach considering it's brand new. We'll see.
  11. Yes thousands. Capacity of new stadium. SDSU's stadium is going to bring in quite a bit of money, too, putting it at the head of the G5, but lower than BYU.
  12. That's the big risk for the G5 with P5 contraction.
  13. I'll make sure to update these numbers next summer.
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