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  1. When did they kick Boise State out of the PAC?
  2. Thank you for ruining a great trolling thread. Have a weekend.
  3. (Womens rowing) Suck it Boise State. You missed your window of opportunity. https://goaztecs.com/sports/womens-rowing/schedule http://theamerican.org/documents/2016/9/30/2016_17_Rowing_Composite.pdf
  4. Gotta believe this stadium is way ahead of schedule.
  5. I guess if you say so. Edit: Either you support the program to get better by paying higher ticket prices, or you don't.
  6. I doubt my $179 seats for next year (the cheapest) will increase by a factor of 5, forget a factor of 10. But if they do then that's the price I'll be willing to pay because the new stadium is going to be worth it.
  7. Can't wait for the new "Pac 12 is P5" slogan
  8. Still not enough 6th year seniors to catch up to BYU's median age.
  9. I think (?) SDSU's business model in the 70's was JC transfers, but I bet a P5 transfer business model might work today.
  10. Seems like there is a solid business case could be made to concentrate on transfers instead of Freshmen. SDSU used to do something like this in the 70's and they were very successful.
  11. UNLV jumps Boise State for 2nd place. What are SJSU, Hawaii and Utah States' plans?
  12. Moving fast. Construction of the lower bowl starting.
  13. ZOMG, you've just created three weeks of trolling material to use against AAC apologists!
  14. It'll (hopefully) happen voluntarily. See: South Korea, Brazil, etc... I hope you're right because there are many other issues such as waste disposal, water, etc... that also need to be solved. However, at some point the world's human population needs to level out - whether it's at 9 billion, 15 billion, or 30 billion; the Earth is only so big. Otherwise, the Idaho metroplex is going to fill up and the world's supply of potato chips will be replaced with homes for ex-pat Californians.
  15. The world's population has to stop growing. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
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