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  1. Seems like Rivers has been on the Fresno State team for 10 years.... As an Aztec fan I believe it's time for him to move on to the next stage of his life.
  2. Or... hear me out.... it could be that more and more people are cancelling their cable subscriptions which is a main source of revenue for ESPN. Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about the pandemic cutting off of live sports content, too. whatever. Oh, hey, look! Who would have guessed Western Journal has a political agenda? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Western_Journal
  3. FWIW, I would kind of like it if all the MWC Tier 3 games were on Spectrum.... ....just as long as they have mainlanders call the non-Hawaii games.
  4. SDSU expects 30-35 major ticketed events per year, which includes 6-7 football games, soccer, truck pulls, concerts, etc.... All that additional revenue will go to SDSU and not the Raiders.
  5. There has to be a better way to use the gray other than to make it look like the team launderer doesn't know how to use bleach. Otherwise, I like their unis, too.
  6. Yes, just look at Houston, Notre Dame and others who are muddling their way through the chaos. It was a good decision to let those teams flail around a bit and I hope the MWC learned enough from them to not allow chaos into its season.
  7. For people who didn't get a chance to see it the first time.
  8. Josh Allen chasing down Kazee after getting picked off, forcing the fumble and touchback in the MWC Championship game was pretty spectacular - even if the play went against the Aztecs.
  9. Weird situation altogether, but I'm glad SDSU is playing BYU instead of AFA. Will be a much more entertaining game.
  10. Good news for SDSU is that housing is definitely in short supply. The portion of the land you're concerned about is the gray-colored buildings.
  11. LOL. SDSU is NOT on the level of the MLS team. The difference between Soccer City and SDSU West was (besides the fact that SDSU is building a better, larger, and more expensive stadium than Soccer City proposed), were: 1) SDSU, not a private equity firm (and not "private investors"), will control what happens on the site, and 2) The overall revenues from this development will flow to SDSU and NOT a members of a private equity firm and their heirs. The naysayers have been wrong throughout the entire process. I'm pretty certain you'll be wrong with your current prognostications here
  12. It would have been better to reduce the risk of all involved by taking the pandemic seriously from the beginning. But, here we are.
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