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  1. Pretty much everything you just wrote is incorrect. Family services/cps does not get to determine when to take a protective custody, that is determined by law enforcement or a doctor. Once a child is placed in a foster home the courts take over and a GLA is appointed for the child. In Wyoming (and to my knowledge every other state) it is required to pursue reunification unless the parental rights are terminated which is incredibly hard to do. Nobody is losing their parental rights for whipping with a belt or speaking. Any federal grant money is much less than what the state spends paying Foster families stipends, child expenses, and legal fees. Please do not spread misinformation.
  2. I have some family in the areas and they were saying the Angel Statute on the Temple was damaged a bit.
  3. Our stores are good on food just hard to find meat sometimes, though usually somebody has it. My mother in law scored tp yesterday, 12 mega rolls of white gold.
  4. It will be weird actually being happy to see Dorian Green in the Double A if that happened.
  5. The proposed payroll tax holiday is a load of shit. It’s only going to help people who are making decent money and probably don’t need it. We need relief for the hourly and gig employees who are getting hours slashed and don’t have pto. Basically it’s a blatant political ploy for the 2020 election.
  6. I have been on this board for only a few months and your little rabble rousing schtick is already getting boring.
  7. Both teams haven’t done shit in the tourney since the pokes made the second round 2002 so you can hardly talk shit. I was pointing out there are two Pokes currently in the nba while USU to my knowledge hasn’t had anybody drafted since joining the MWC. I still think this is the year you get to the second round. With wins over SDSU and LSU you have shown you can match up with more athletic teams.
  8. Larry Nance Jr and JJ disagree. All shit talking aside I think the Aggies ride this momentum to the round of 32.
  9. Congrats to USU! Way to take matters into your own hands and punch your own tourney ticket.
  10. I am just going to focus on the wins. We have some talented younger players that I think will stick around regardless of who the coach is. This run is great experience for them.
  11. I have had more fun watching them these last two days than the last two years combined. I don’t think we can beat USU though. They might be the real winners here.
  12. Are the start times predetermined or assigned based on the matchup?