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  1. In my view this is good for the P5, AAC, MWC, Notre Dame, and BYU. (More access to the Playoff System). It is bad for CUSA, Sunbelt, and MAC. (The AAC and MWC now have an increased competitive advantage in recruiting). It will be rare if either the AAC or MWC doesn't get one of the playoff spots.
  2. I assumed that was a typo. Texas and Oklahoma to the B10 not Oky State.
  3. Great info. What kind of content does Youtube TV and AppleTV provide?
  4. On the subject of the ESPN+ deal, I have the Disney + package which includes ESPN+. The Marvel content alone is worth the monthly fee. (WandaVison, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, etc.)
  5. I mean I get why there is Houston hate. You took the bait of a known Houston troll and are reacting. Either that or you really hate Houston for some reason. I have seen posts sh!ting on Houston as a school, program, and a city as well as implying we are dirty and will be on probation soon. I know I always rooted for Boise when they were up against the power structure in bowl games. Just surprised by all of the venom coming our way.
  6. I come to this board periodically to see if there is any Boise realignment talk. Saw a thread with Houston in the title. Interesting takes.
  7. That's where four guys give a girl a golden shower at the same time right?
  8. I'd cosign a UNLV add for the Vegas roadie alone.
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