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  1. I believe most of us keep on wondering why Smith recruited him or what he is doing in practice cause around 29% 3 point rate for a 3 point specialist is a load of crap
  2. My Goodness how many 21-0 teams are there in the country? That’s right one who beat the living tar out of Creighton and Utah on neutral courts, and also beat Iowa along with BYU and Utah State and UNLV just barely on the road. Who else is No 2 in Net Rankings currently (probably back to No 1 tomorrow) and is No 4 in the nation? Yes it’s San Diego State. Stop trying to downplay a great team, that hopefully represents the conference well in the tourney, with a cupcake schedule argument cause UNLV’s isn’t very overwhelming either.
  3. My favorite part of the game was a poster from an Aztec fan saying “Danyelle’s Revenge” Couldn’t handle Logan’s racism then moves to Arkansas in the South
  4. I’ll eat my words and I hope UNLV plays this way for the rest of the season. (Too bad they couldn’t do it in OOC) The athleticism and defense was insane! I’m also very happy that what appeared to be an injury in the 1st half against Diong actually wasn’t... it reminded me too much of what’s happened to Queta when it occurred. As hard as it was to watch the goose egg laid tonight I hope this is a wake up call for the team for the rest of conference play because 2/19 from three won’t cut it and if we want any chance at the tournament we have to adjust and to bring our all against San Diego State on Saturday.
  5. Yeah and UNLV’s 5 Quad 3 Losses and 1 Quad 4 loss has me feeling slightly better about Utah State’s chances