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  1. October 11th Joe Morgan, 77, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants). Also a tv broadcaster for more than two decades. The cause of death was non-specified polyneuropathy.
  2. So take your moronic butt back to any of the idiotic political threads. You'll be much more at home in a thread that's 100 percent idiotic & pointless. Meanwhile I'm adding you to my IGNORE list. Ta-ta nitwit.
  3. October 8th Whitey Ford, 91, American Hall of Fame pitcher for the New York Yankees. He played his entire 16 year Major League career with the Yankees. He was a ten-time All-Star and six-time World Series champion. Cause of death dementia.
  4. Good LORD...................does the term RUN-ON SENTENCES mean ANYTHING to you???? Good grief.
  5. October 4th Clark Middleton, 63, American actor (Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Fringe, The Blacklist, Sin City, Snowpiercer, Twin Peaks). Cause of death complications from the West Nile virus.
  6. October 2nd Ron Perranoski, 84, American baseball pitcher (Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins) and coach (San Francisco Giants). Born Ronald Peter Perranoski in Paterson, N.J. Regarded as a legendary Major League Baseball left-handed relief pitcher, who played from 1961 through 1973 and had a career E.R.A. of 2.79. Cause of death according to his sister was "complications from a long illness".
  7. Well IF that were true (he is 23) he'd just be par for the course if he were at B.Y.U. Regardless of what the actual total cost might be that money still has to come from somewhere. And that seems unlikely considering the fact that they are cutting sports programs because there is no $$$$$ as a result of you know what.
  8. Hmm, that I did not know. So theoretically each team could have as many as 110 guys on scholarship next fall? Wonder where all the $$$$$ is going to come from to pay for all of those additional scholarships. I'm sure it will be no problem at all for most of the Power 5 schools - but a very different story for the non-Power 5 schools.
  9. I have corrected the error regarding Walker. The point I was attempting to make here tho was the sheer number of 2020 Seniors who COULD return for 2021 for Boise State. I have to wonder how that's going to impact the recruits for 2021 as there are only so many scholarships available. Last I heard the limit was still 85 scholarships for Div. I programs. If HALF of these 2020 Seniors opt to return for 2021 that's seriously going to impact how many new recruits they can bring in for 2021. Of the above listed Seniors the ones who I would love to see return for 2021 (who haven't already
  10. # 71 - OL - Donte Harrington - 2020 RS Senior # 44 - WLB - Riley Whimpey - 2020 True Senior These are the two Boise State players who have - so far - announced that they will be returning to Boise State in 2021 thanks to the extra year of eligibility from the NCAA. There may be others announcing the same in the coming months. Other Boise State Seniors this year include: # 1 - WR - Octavius Evans - 2020 True Senior # 6 - WR - C. T. Thomas - 2020 True Senior # 25 - MLB - Benton Wickersham - 2020 True Senior # 28 - S/NB - Kekaula Kaniho - 2020 True Seni
  11. October 2nd Bob Gibson, 84, American Hall of Fame baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals - 1959-1975). Cause of death pancreatic cancer.
  12. So exactly why aren't Air Force and San Diego State playing each other on the 12th of December. As I see it Air Force is only playing ONE team from the West and that's the always awful San Jose State team. And the consensus is the Mtn. West is run by idiots............GO FIGURE!!!
  13. Reality is VERY CLEARLY a foreign concept for you. That's the hallmark of the completely brainwashed (who are also 100% CLUELESS). Do you see yourself in this photo"?
  14. Unfortunately the game is being televised on the NFL Network - which I would guess is probably only in about 5 percent of the home in the U.S. HOWEVER - if you want to watch that game tonight AND IF you have never tried the Vidgo streaming channel (and are set up for streaming tv with a Roku or Firestick, etc.,) you can sign up for the Vidgo three day free trial TODAY - watch the game tonight on the NFL channel - and then cancel the 3 day trial tomorrow. You would have to select the $50 option tho as that is the one that has the NFL channel among the channels you get at that price.
  15. Even more pathetic is he keeps trying to deny this and lists his "Team" as Colorado State on his profile - yet oddly enough nearly everything he posts is about WYOMING.
  16. September 29th Helen Reddy, 78, Australian-American singer ("I Am Woman", "Delta Dawn"), and actress ("Pete's Dragon"), and Grammy winner (1973). Cause of death complications of dementia. She was diagnosed with dementia in 2015.
  17. September 29th Mac Davis, 78, American singer-songwriter ("Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me", "It's Hard To Be Humble") and actor (North Dallas Forty). Cause of death complications from heart surgery.
  18. If you actually believe that then CLEARLY you've never seen Bolt play football. Regardless Boise State is going to need more than 3 scholarship running backs this season - even if it is just an 8 or 9 game season. I would hate to see what happens if the top two Boise State RB's go down with an injury.
  19. Yes - since the MWC won't be playing much in the way of non-conference games this season (rumor is Boise State will be allowed to play BYU and Air Force will be allowed to play Army, i.e., Boise State & Air Force would not play this season). But the Boise State vs. BYU game was scheduled as a home game for Boise State. So it - and the rest of the MWC home games will be on either Fox Sports 1 or Fox Sports 2 or the gawd-awful CBS Sports Network. The Air Force game vs Army is a road game for Air Force. As to options for streaming services Hulu + Live is another option. You get the
  20. I have no idea - at all - who you are referring to here but that's not at all unusual about the nonsense that you post here. After looking at other responses to your lunacy here in this thread it's clear you are idiotically referring to the kid from the VERY small school in Eastern Idaho (Declo population in 2010 was a whopping 343 people) who CHOSE ON HIS OWN to enter the transfer portal because it became clear to him that they wanted him to switch to linebacker. So he chose to transfer to Utah State - WHERE HE IS NOW A LINEBACKER. But in your wacko little world that's being "run
  21. Another "mystery" Boise State 2021 commit - who likely is an O-lineman or a D-lineman based on Darren Uscher's comment of "HUUUUGE pickup !!!!!!"
  22. I could see them moving Shakir to RB - absolutely. BUT also playing him at WR as well. MY thought was move the the 2019-2020 Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year from TE to RB. https://playeroftheyear.gatorade.com/winner/state
  23. With Robert Mahone entering the transfer portal (and his legal issues), and the injury to J.C. transfer Taequan Tyler (achilles tear) which has him "out" for this season, Boise State is now down to only 3 scholarship running backs (4 overall): # 24 - George Holani - True SO - 5' 11" - 205 lbs - 2019 MWC Freshman of the Year - 7 starts - 14 games - 1,014 net yds on 192 carries - 5.3 yd avg. - 7 TD's - Long of 50 yds - Co-Starter with Robert Mahone in 2019 # 21 - Andrew Van Buren - True JR - 6' 0" - 228 lbs - 14 games - 265 net yds on 62 carries - 4.3 yd avg. - 2 TD's - Long of 32 yds
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