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  1. October 22, 2020 Matt Blair, 70, six time NFL Pro Bowl player. Born Matthew Albert Blair. He spent his entire 12 year NFL career playing for the Minnesota Vikings. He started 130 of the 160 games he played in for the Vikings. He also played in Super Bowl IX (9) and Super Bowl XI (11). Cause of death believed to be complications from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the neurodegenerative disease linked to football and considered to be the signature menace in the NFL’s concussion claims in recent years.
  2. Baseball was cut at Boise State solely because of the Wuhan Chinese virus over-reaction - like numerous other schools who have cut sports. Wrestling was cut at Boise State - by KUSTRA - solely so he could add a baseball team. A baseball team that ended up costing Boise State at least TWICE what the wrestling team cost & which also ended up playing a grand total of about 20 games.
  3. October 12 Conchata Ferrell, 77, probably best known for her role as Berta the housekeeper on the CBS sitcom "Two and a half men". Cause of death complications from a cardiac arrest she suffered in early 2020.
  4. October 7 Tom Kennedy, 93, American TV game show host. Born James Edward Narz on Feb. 26, 1927, in Louisville, KY. Died Oct. 7, 2020 in Oxnard, CA. Cause of death natural causes. He hosted TV game shows for nearly 30 years.
  5. I will remember Apsey as the jack-hole who came to tell the Boise State wrestling team members (and coaches) that Boise State was cutting the wrestling program just DAYS after their last season at Boise State had concluded - AND while Boise State was hosting about a half dozen wrestling recruits. Recruits who had been offered partial scholarships at Boise State. Of course Apsey wasn't the one who actually made that decision. That was the liar that is/was Bob Kustra. The man who had said on several occasions that they had no plans to eliminate the wrestling program at Boise State. A
  6. One thing to always keep in mind with ANY Boise State depth chart. It's likely to be somewhere between 90 to 80 percent correct and up to 10 to 20 percent incorrect. And whatever they have wrong they will continue to release that same information throughout the season. In other words take ANY Boise State depth chart with more than just a few grains of salt.
  7. Just chalk it up as a win for Colorado State then. Cuz it WILL NOT be made up. It's literally nothing but a FORFEIT by New Mexico.
  8. I was about to ask what political party your Governor belongs to when I saw the previous post here which read as follows: "Our Governor is a dictator. 14 day quarantine. It's like we're a foreign country (most people think that anyway)." And I knew immediately that the answer to my question was DEMOCRAT.
  9. Jonah Dalmas, it turns out, is a 2017 graduate of Rocky Mountain H.S. in Meridian, ID. I can only guess that he must have been serving on an LDS church mission since then and that he is now a walk-on at Boise State (three years after graduating H.S.) https://www.hudl.com/profile/3291486/Jonah-Dalmas
  10. Surprises to me on this are the following: 1. Donte Harrington listed as # 2 Center when I thought he'd start at one of the two OG spots 2. Demitri Washington starting at DE rather than STUD 3. Sam Whitney being the starter at STUD 4. True Freshman Rodney Robinson as the # 2 Nickel Back 5. No mention of RS Freshman Gavin Wale at Punter or Placekicker 6. Someone named Jonah Dalmas (a true FR) being listed first as the Placekicker. VERY surprising considering he isn't listed on the Boise State roster at all.
  11. Well, at least he didn't REPEATEDLY punch the BYU player in the balls - like BYU players have been videotaped doing to opponent's players MULTIPLE times.
  12. CORRECTIONS WELCOME UTAH STATE - OFFENSE QB - Jason Shelley (2020 Junior) - Transfer from Utah (immediately eligible) - Played in 19 games the last two years at Utah - Started 5 games in 2018 for Utah. RB - Jaylen Warren (2020 Senior) - 0 Starts - 12 games WR - Deven Thompkins (2020 Junior) - 7 Starts WR - Jordan Nathan (2020 Senior) - 11 Starts WR - Savon Scarver (2020 Senior) - 5 Starts TE - Carson Terrell (2020 Senior) - 9 Starts RT - Jacob South (2020 Sophomore) - 3 Starts OR Andy Koch (2020 Sophomore) - 3 Starts RG - Karter Shaw (2020 Senior) - 12 Starts C - Demytrick
  13. PERCENTAGE OF RETURNING RECEIVING YARDS FROM 2019 Boise State - 2,188 of 3,664 receiving yds in 2019 (59.72 %) Utah State - 2,105 of 3,828 receiving yds in 2019 (57.75 %)
  14. PERCENTAGE OF RETURNING PASSING YARDS FROM 2019 Boise State - 2,580 of 3,576 passing yards in 2019 (72.1 %) Utah State - 5 of 3,681 passing yards in 2019 (1.5 %)
  15. PERCENTAGE OF RETURNING RUSHING YARDS FROM 2019 Boise State - 67.63 % (1,584 Net Rushing yds of 2,342 total net rushing yds in 2019) Utah State - 37.73 % (769 Net Rushing yds of 2,038 total net rushing yds in 2019)
  16. GAME STARTS IN 2019 BY PROJECTED STARTERS FOR 2020 Boise State - OFFENSE - 55 Utah State - OFFENSE - 75 Boise State - DEFENSE - 79 Utah State - DEFENSE - 66
  17. 2019 STARTERS LOST - OFFENSE Boise State - OFFENSE - 8 - X WR John Hightower (2019 SR) - Z WR Akilian Butler (2019 SR) - LT Ezra Cleveland (2019 JR - To NFL) - LG John Molchon (2019 SR) - C Garrett Larson (2019 SR) - RB Eric Quevado (2019 SR) - RB Robert Mahone (2019 JR - Entered Transfer Portal) Utah State - OFFENSE - 6 - QB Jordan Love (2019 JR - to NFL) - RB Gerold Bright (2019 SR) - OT Kyler Hack (2019 JR) - OG Tyler Shaw (2019 JR) - Suspended for online comments - WR Siaosi Mariner (2019 Grad Student) 2019 STARTERS LOST - DEFENSE 2019 STARTERS LOST - DEFENSE
  18. Here are some facts on this match-up next Saturday: RETURNING STARTERS - OFFENSE Boise State - OFFENSE - 4 - QB Hank Backmeier (SO) - RB George Holani (SO) - TE John Bates (RS SR) - OT John Ojukwu (RS JR) Utah State - OFFENSE - 6 - C Demytrick Aliifua (JR) - LT Alfred Edwards (JR) - RG Karter Shaw (SO) - TE Carson Terrell (SR) - WR Jordan Nathan (SR) - WR Deven Thompkins (JR) RETURNING STARTERS - DEFENSE Boise State - DEFENSE - 5 - MLB Benton Wickersham (RS SR) - WLB Riley Whimpey (SR) - Kekaula Kaniho (SR) - CB Avery Williams (RS SR) - CB Jalen Walker (RS SR) Utah State -
  19. The same could be said for Utah State's DL Caden Andersen - who is also no longer listed on the Utah State football roster. He was mentioned just last month as a likely starter for Utah State this season as a DL.
  20. One month ago, in this article, Kyler Hack was being suggested as one of the five starters for Utah State (at RT) this season on their offensive line: https://www.mwcconnection.com/2020/10/12/21510731/utah-state-position-preview-wide-receiver-and-offensive-line Yet now he is no longer even listed on the Utah State roster https://utahstateaggies.com/sports/football/roster and this recent (4 days ago) projection of what the Utah State offensive line will look like this year makes no mention of him. What's up with that? https://utahstateaggies.com/news/2020/10/14/utah-st
  21. October 14 Rhonda Fleming, 97, American actress. She acted in more than 40 films, mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, and became renowned as one of the most glamorous actresses of her day, nicknamed the "Queen of Technicolor" because she photographed so well in that medium. Cause of death aspiration pneumonia.
  22. 1. Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. 2. Barack Hussein Obama 3. Hillary Rodham Clinton 4. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton Gee..............what do they all have in common with each other?
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