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  1. September 10 - Dame Diana Rigg, 82, English actress (The Avengers, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Game of Thrones), Tony winner (1994). Cause of death cancer. Diana Rigg.jfif
  2. I see three nitwits who I have on my "Ignored Users" list all chimed in with idiotic and or childish comments. Making me smile in the knowledge that I was 100 percent right to put them on the "ignored users" list here.
  3. After thrashing a truly awful NAVY team B.Y.U. has now declared themselves to be the 2020 NCAA Div. I football champions with a 1-0 record.
  4. September 6, 2020 Lou Brock, 81, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals). Cause of death undisclosed. However he had been diagnosed with cancer several years ago and he also lost a leg to diabetes several years ago as well. Lou Brock.jfif
  5. The courageous being defined here as NCAA football conferences that are going ahead and playing football this fall. The cowardly - obviously - being those conferences which are cowering in fear over a virus and NOT playing football this season. THE COURAGEOUS American Athletic Conference Atlantic Coast Conference Big 12 Conference Conference USA South East Conference Sun Belt Conference THE COWARDLY The Big Ten Conference The Pacific 12 Conference The Mid American Conference The Mountain West Conference
  6. Here's a list I put together of actors and actresses and sports figures and other well known people who have died so far this year. It's pretty lengthy and it will only get longer between now and January 1st. Celebrity_Deaths_in_2020.docx
  7. According to these two February articles in the newspaper for Austin, Texas (just South of Pflugerville) Hunter DID sign a L.O.I. to play for Boise State. https://www.statesman.com/sports/20200210/signing-day-includes-student-athletes-from-pflugerville-school-district https://www.statesman.com/sports/20200205/national-signing-day-central-texas-signees Yet no mention of that on the 247Sports recruiting webpage for Boise State. In fact 247Sports didn't have him rated at all. Pretty odd for someone who had all of those offers.
  8. No offense intended but I was hoping to hear from someone here who might actually KNOW something. Rather than offer up guesses. Fact is Hunter was listed (by ESPN no less) as a Boise State commit - which also listed him as having OFFERS from Boise State as well as Army, Navy, Colorado State and Rice. 247Sports listed him as having other offers from Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, SMU and Yale. So I sincerely doubt he'd even consider walking on at Boise State. 247Sports also listed Hunter as a Boise State "commit" but does not list him as SIGNED. Hence my question here. htt
  9. Whatever happened to Gabriel Hunter - who was listed in several stories the day before the Feb. signing day as a Boise State commit. But did not sign on that Feb. signing day (the next day). ESPN list of 2020 Boise State commits: - http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/school/_/id/68/class/2020 Idaho Statesman article of Feb. 4, 2020 - https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article239941623.html KTVB article of Feb. 5, 2020 - https://www.ktvb.com/article/opinion/columnists/scott-slant/boise-state
  10. The Mountain West, M.A.C., and the Ivy League all...............................QUIT
  11. Too bad you and RSF and Dan Patrick are.............in a word.............WRONG https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-ten-says-no-vote-has-been-held-despite-expectations-league-will-cancel-fall-2020-season/
  12. With yesterday's news about the 2020 football MWC schedules it seems the following is clear. 1. The Air Force game, originally scheduled for Sep. 12 at the AF academy field, will HAVE to be rescheduled. 2. The only open date on the Boise State schedule is October 10th. 3. Air Force is scheduled to play San Jose State that week. 4. The only open date on the Air Force schedule is the week of Halloween (Oct. 31) 5. Boise State is scheduled to play U.N.L.V. that week. All of this leads me to believe that the Boise State AT Air Force game will have to be reschedule
  13. Nice job of proving my point nitwit. BYWho and their nutjob fans are that WEIRD UNCLE who nobody wants.
  14. Last I checked B.Y.Who is not a member of the Mtn. West Conference. So their problem (or problems) is of zero concern to me. And should not be of any concern to any school or fan in the MWC. B.Y.Who is like that weird uncle that shows up uninvited for Christmas or Thanksgiving that everyone wishes would just disappear forever. That same weird uncle who thinks he's a legend (somehow) rather than just an embarrassment.
  15. As the article mentioned the projected starter - NOW - is a transfer from Texas A & M named Jashaun Corbin. And his stats to date are not all that impressive. Last season he had 35 carries for 135 yds (3.9 yds/carry) with 1 TD. Regardless of that the fact that Florida State lost their projected # 1 running back for 2020 is NEWSworthy. And worth mentioning. However, since the news is breaking that the A.C.C. is limiting the A.C.C. football teams to 10 in-conference games and 1 non-conference game this season and that non-conference game must be within the State of each A.C.C. t
  16. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29553781/florida-state-dismisses-rb-khalan-laborn-violating-team-rules
  17. If I had known that starting this thread here would result in a battle of wits between witless opponents - mixed in with third graders - I absolutely wouldn't have bothered. Why don't you juvenile types start your own thread here and take your childish remarks there. I will assure you I won't hi-jack your thread and interject it with posts based on facts and or news.
  18. Last I checked RUTGERS is NOT in the Mountain West Conference. So I have to truly wonder what possessed you to post this here in this thread.
  19. Boise State lost three of their five 2020 pitchers as their # 1 pitcher, Kelsey Broadus, grad transferred to Texas A & M and the # 2 pitcher for 2020, Micaela Leal, chose not to return (apparently) for the 2021 season. And seldom used Veronica Lynch also chose not to return. In fact only one of the seven Seniors on the 2020 Boise State softball team chose to return for 2021. Namely starting Shortstop Karlee Johnson. To replace the three departing pitchers - Boise State signed two VERY impressive freshmen pitchers in nationally ranked (# 19) Taylor Caudill out of Mission Viejo, CA.,
  20. Boise State lands solid pitching transfer in Kiele Miller. She is transferring to Boise State from Creighton University. Creighton played 25 games in 2020 - just as Boise State did - and she pitched in 15 of those 25 games including 11 starts. Boise State lost their # 1 pitcher (Kelsey Broadus - grad transferred to Texas A & M) and their # 2 pitcher (Michaela Leal - 2020 Senior who chose not to return) so they bring in Creighton's # 1 pitcher for 2020 as a transfer. https://twitter.com/KieleMiller https://gocreighton.com/sports/softball/roster/kiele-miller/6552 She
  21. I saw Leaf on several Mtn West games last fall and frankly he wasn't the absolute worst guy (or woman) doing his job. BUT he's in the top 10 as far as absolute worst. If he's never seen on a TV again that would be fine by me. As to him being hired by ESPN............what else is new? ESPN has made ridiculously poor hiring decisions for DECADES.
  22. There is no such thing as a partial scholarship in Division I football (or basketball). It's either a full scholarship or a walk-on. There are partial scholarships in other Division I sports. The limit for Div I wrestling programs is 9.9 scholarships and there are regularly 30 or more guys on a Div I wrestling team and it's an extremely rare Div I wrestler who is on a full scholarship. Some of the very best NCAA wrestlers never get a full scholarship. And partial scholarships in the women's sports programs are also nearly non-existent. If it is a female sport virtually every athlete is o
  23. I have a VERY difficult time believing that either of the two grad transfers you mentioned here are coming to Boise State as walk-ons. Especially Osuji. I know he came to Boise State because Boise State has a masters program in Kinesiology (his major at Rice) but he started 7 games the last two years at Rice and was a foregone conclusion to be a starter for next fall at Rice before he chose to transfer. No way he transfers to Boise State as a walk-on.
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