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  1. If I had known that starting this thread here would result in a battle of wits between witless opponents - mixed in with third graders - I absolutely wouldn't have bothered. Why don't you juvenile types start your own thread here and take your childish remarks there. I will assure you I won't hi-jack your thread and interject it with posts based on facts and or news.
  2. Last I checked RUTGERS is NOT in the Mountain West Conference. So I have to truly wonder what possessed you to post this here in this thread.
  3. Boise State lost three of their five 2020 pitchers as their # 1 pitcher, Kelsey Broadus, grad transferred to Texas A & M and the # 2 pitcher for 2020, Micaela Leal, chose not to return (apparently) for the 2021 season. And seldom used Veronica Lynch also chose not to return. In fact only one of the seven Seniors on the 2020 Boise State softball team chose to return for 2021. Namely starting Shortstop Karlee Johnson. To replace the three departing pitchers - Boise State signed two VERY impressive freshmen pitchers in nationally ranked (# 19) Taylor Caudill out of Mission Viejo, CA., and Grace Kimball out of Portland, OR. And in addition to those two incoming freshmen pitchers Boise State just announced the addition of 2 transfer pitchers who will be on the Boise State roster for the 2021 season. One comes to Boise State as the 2020 # 1 pitcher for Creighton University (Kiele Miller) and the other is transferring to Boise State from Towson University (Sara Johnson). Miller will have two years of eligibility remaining and Johnson has three years of eligibility remaining. https://broncosports.com/news/2020/6/3/softball-huffaker-announces-the-addition-of-pitchers-miller-and-johnson-to-2021-roster.aspx
  4. Boise State lands solid pitching transfer in Kiele Miller. She is transferring to Boise State from Creighton University. Creighton played 25 games in 2020 - just as Boise State did - and she pitched in 15 of those 25 games including 11 starts. Boise State lost their # 1 pitcher (Kelsey Broadus - grad transferred to Texas A & M) and their # 2 pitcher (Michaela Leal - 2020 Senior who chose not to return) so they bring in Creighton's # 1 pitcher for 2020 as a transfer. https://twitter.com/KieleMiller https://gocreighton.com/sports/softball/roster/kiele-miller/6552 She was a Junior for Creighton in 2020 but if I understand it correctly she will be a RS Junior in 2021 for Boise State (due to the spring sports being halted - due to massive idiocy everywhere due to a virus)
  5. I saw Leaf on several Mtn West games last fall and frankly he wasn't the absolute worst guy (or woman) doing his job. BUT he's in the top 10 as far as absolute worst. If he's never seen on a TV again that would be fine by me. As to him being hired by ESPN............what else is new? ESPN has made ridiculously poor hiring decisions for DECADES.
  6. There is no such thing as a partial scholarship in Division I football (or basketball). It's either a full scholarship or a walk-on. There are partial scholarships in other Division I sports. The limit for Div I wrestling programs is 9.9 scholarships and there are regularly 30 or more guys on a Div I wrestling team and it's an extremely rare Div I wrestler who is on a full scholarship. Some of the very best NCAA wrestlers never get a full scholarship. And partial scholarships in the women's sports programs are also nearly non-existent. If it is a female sport virtually every athlete is on a full scholarship. And the exact opposite in the men's sports other than football and basketball.
  7. I have a VERY difficult time believing that either of the two grad transfers you mentioned here are coming to Boise State as walk-ons. Especially Osuji. I know he came to Boise State because Boise State has a masters program in Kinesiology (his major at Rice) but he started 7 games the last two years at Rice and was a foregone conclusion to be a starter for next fall at Rice before he chose to transfer. No way he transfers to Boise State as a walk-on.
  8. Now Boise State will have two FOUR STAR rated quarterbacks and one three star rated quarterback for the 2020 season https://247sports.com/player/hank-bachmeier-87552/ https://247sports.com/Player/Jack-Sears-84660/ https://247sports.com/player/chase-cord-87124/
  9. Sears was originally thought to be headed to San Diego State but clearly he changed his mind about becoming an Aztec. https://thespun.com/college-football/former-4-star-usc-quarterback-jack-sears-boise-state
  10. According to the Idaho Statesman's list of 2020 Boise State new recruits they have now added the maximum number of new additions for their 2020 class at 25 new scholarship players. The 247 website lists only 23 I think. On the Idaho Statesman list they have 26 players listed but the PK is a walk-on. https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article242830176.html
  11. U.S.C. quarterback transferring to Boise State as a Grad transfer. Apparently he graduated in only 3 1/2 years at U.S.C. and will have 2 years of eligibility left at Boise State. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ex-usc-qb-jack-sears-joins-boise-state-football-program-as-a-graduate-transfer/ https://broncosports.com/news/2020/5/18/football-broncos-add-grad-transfer-quarterback.aspx
  12. AIR FORCE - No players drafted - 1 player signed as an UDFA CB Zane Lewis - Baltimore Ravens BOISE STATE - Three players drafted 2nd Round - OT - Ezra Cleveland - Minnesota Vikings 5th Round - EDGE - Curtis Weaver - Miami Dolphins 5th Round - WR - John Hightower - Philadelphia Eagles 2 players signed as UDFA OG - John Molchon - Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT - David Moa - Minnesota Vikings COLORADO STATE - No players drafted No players signed as UDFA FRESNO STATE - Two players drafted 4th Round - LB - Mykal Walker - Atlanta Falcons 6th Round - OL - Netane Muti - Denver Broncos 4 players signed as UDFA RB - Josh Hokit - San Francisco 49ers S - Juju Hughes - Los Angeles Rams TE - Jared Rice - Los Angeles Chargers TE - Cam Sutton - Carolina Panthers HAWAI'I - 1 player drafted 7th Round - QB - Cole McDonald - Tennessee Titans 2 players signed as UDFA CB - Rojesterman Farris II - Atlanta Falcons WR - Jo Jo Ward - Arizona Cardinals NEVADA - No players drafted No players signed as UDFA NEW MEXICO - No players drafted No players signed as UDFA SAN DIEGO STATE - 1 player drafted 5th Round - OL - Keith Ismael - Washington Redskins 4 players signed as UDFA CB - Luq Barcoo - Jacksonville Jaguars OL - Daishawn Dixon - Baltimore Ravens TE - Parker Houston - Arizona Cardinals LB - Kyahva Tezino - New England Patriots SAN JOSE STATE - No players drafted 2 players signed as UDFA DT - Sailosi Latu - Atlanta Falcons QB - Josh Love - Los Angeles Rams U.N.L.V. - No players drafted 1 player signed as UDFA S/LB - Javin White - Las Vegas Raiders (from Las Vegas to Las Vegas) UTAH STATE - 1 player drafted 1st Round - QB - Jordan Love - Green Bay Packers 4 players signed as UDFA PK - Dominik Eberle - Las Vegas Raiders DE/LB - Tipa Galeai - Green Bay Packers WR - Siasosi Mariner - Las Vegas Raiders TE - Caleb Repp - Atlanta Falcons WYOMING - Two players drafted 3rd Round - LB - Logan Wilson - Cincinnati Bengals 6th Round - LB - Cassh Maluia - New England Patriots 1 player signed as UDFA CB - Tyler Hall - Atlanta Falcons AND LEST WE NOT FORGET THE FORMER MOUNTAIN WEST SCHOOL THAT BELIEVES ITSELF TO BE A LEGEND UNTO THEMSELVES B.Y.U - NO PLAYERS DRAFTED 3 PLAYERS SIGNED AS FREE AGENTS
  13. My guess is Uzo being signed by Boise State and Braydin signing with Weber State are semi-related to one another, i.e., inter-connected.