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  1. I have been looking into who is returning on each of the nine MWC softball teams for 2023 and something weird appears to be going on at Nevada. I write that here because with every other MWC softball team there are players who are underclassmen who - for whatever reason - are not returning to their 2022 MWC school for 2023. Yet a lot of those players on the other eight teams have entered the transfer portal. Granted some have not entered the TP but a lot of them have taken their opportunity to transfer elsewhere. YET.............in the case of Nevada it "APPEARS" that these underclassmen are not being allowed to enter the transfer portal. And I am trying very hard here to emphasize the word APPEARS. I write that because every single one of the SEVEN Nevada 2022 underclassmen who are not on the 2023 Nevada softball team roster do NOT appear to have entered the NCAA softball transfer portal. Including several Nevada starters from 2022. How is it that NONE of the underclassmen for Nevada on the 2022 softball team who are not on the 2023 Nevada softball roster are not in the transfer portal? Not a one of them. # 1 - Mia Misasi, a 2022 Sophomore, started 35 of 44 games she played in last spring at 2B and SS. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 12 - Danielle Lew, a 2022 Junior, started 50 of 52 games last spring for Nevada at 3B. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 13 - Rylie Brooks, a 2022 Junior, started in 1 of the 3 games she played in for Nevada last spring. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 21 - Kallahan Hunter, a 2022 Junior, started 13 of the 24 games she played in for Nevada in 2022 at Catcher. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 24 - Gennah Sanchez, a 2022 Sophomore, started 25 of the 33 games she played in for Nevada in 2022 at SS. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 43 - Abby Larsen, a 2022 True Freshman, started 12 of the 25 games she played in for Nevada in 2022 at Catcher. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. # 00 - Preslie Hewett, a 2022 Sophomore, played in 32 games - primarily as a pinch runner and at 1B. She does not appear to be in the transfer portal. Also if you look at the statistics page for Nevada softball none of the non-returning players - including the Seniors - are listed by their names. They are only listed by their 2022 jersey number. That too seems weird to me. It APPEARS that this is some sort of scorched earth policy at Nevada. https://nevadawolfpack.com/sports/softball/stats/2022
  2. If UCSB was a member of the Mountain West Conference then - and only then - would this be relevant here.
  3. Latest addition to the Boise State softball team: https://www.kmvt.com/2022/08/09/former-csi-twin-falls-star-will-continue-softball-career-boise-state/
  4. Boise State adds another transfer pitcher. Only this one is the younger sister of Boise State's pitching coach. That being Lindsey Walljasper - younger sister of Allie Walljasper. Lindsey started her collegiate softball pitching playing for the University of Nebraska in 2019 and 2020 and then transferred to U.N.C. Charlotte and played there in 2021 and 2022. She has one more year of eligibility remaining and chose to play with her older sister as her pitching coach. Lindsey is also a solid utility player when she's not pitching and a decent hitter at the plate. She batted .285 in 2022 in 123 at bats with 9 doubles and 5 HR's. Lindsey played in 20 games in Right Field in 2022 for Charlotte and 14 games as the DP/DH as well as 2 games in Left Field and 1 game as Catcher. Oh and she's 6' 0" tall. https://extrainningsoftball.com/lindsey-walljasper-transferring-to-boise-state/ This means Boise State has six pitchers on their roster for the 2023 season but only two of the six pitched more than 3.1 innings in 2022. And only one of the six is a lefty. That being True Freshman Kasey Aguinaga. 1. Taylor Caudill - 2023 Junior - Pitched 109 innings for Boise State in 2022 2. Lindsey Walljasper - 2023 Senior - Pitched 153.2 innings for Charlotte in 2022 3. Brook Thompson - 2023 Sophomore - Pitched 3.1 innings for Boise State in 2022 4. Grace Kimball - 2023 Junior - Pitched 3.1 innings for Boise State in 2022 5. Kasey Aguinaga - 2023 True Freshman 6. Amber Thornton - 2023 True Freshman
  5. Boise State has released their 2023 Softball team roster (without any of the incoming Frosh players as they are not enrolled yet). Of the 25 players on the 2022 Boise State softball roster only 15 are on the 2023 roster, i.e., 10 departures. The ones in Bold Print here are either somewhat surprising (to me) or VERY surprising. # 1. Alison Seng - 2022 5th year Senior - Infielder (1st base) - Graduated & out of eligibility # 2. India Kelly - 2022 4th year Senior - Outfielder - Graduated - Had another year of eligibility remaining # 4. Eliyah Flores - 2022 RS Senior - Shortstop - Chose not to return I guess - even tho she had another year of eligibility remaining # 9. Clarissa Moreno - 2022 Sophomore - Infielder - Seldom utilized player # 14. Sara Johnson - 2022 4th year Senior - Pitcher - Had another year of eligibility remaining but chose to not return. She had the best E.R.A. on the team in 2022. # 15. Hailey Hayes - 2022 Sophomore - Catcher/Infielder - Was barely used in 2022 when she had more starts than anyone on the team at Catcher in 2021. She also had the highest batting average on the team (.500 on 6 at bats) in 2022. She entered the transfer portal and then signed to play at Purdue. # 19. Hannah Bailey - 2022 5th year Senior - Pitcher - Graduated & out of eligibility # 22. Kelsey Lalor - 2022 6th year Senior - Center fielder - Graduated & out of eligibility # 27. Bella Rocco - 2022 Junior - Third base - Started 35 games in 2022 at 3rd base but rarely played toward the end of the 2021 season. She was the starter at 3rd for 3 years. # 29. Mik Anthony - 2022 RS Freshman - Infielder - She did not play at all in 2022 (originally committed to U.N.L.V. I believe)
  6. That being seldom used RB Danny Smith. Probably for the best IMO as he's done next to nothing at Boise State in FOUR years and Boise State is still trying to get back to the 85 scholarship limit. I THINK that with Smith's departure Boise State is now at 89 scholarship players. However that figure includes the eleven 2022 new HS players who won't be joining the team until fall camp opens However that means Boise State now will have only four scholarship running backs on their 2022 roster. Namely George Holani - RS Junior, former walk-on Tyler Crowe - RS Junior, Taequan Tyler - RS Junior and True Freshman Ashton Jeanty.
  7. The Ultra Left Wing looney Democrats haven't been this mad since the 1860's when the Republicans ended SLAVERY and freed the slaves owned by the DEMOCRATS. How dare they halt the SLAUGHTER of MILLIONS of innocent children in the United States that has been occurring every year since the idiocy that was Roe vs Wade was idiotically made into law. Don't they know that females avoiding responsibility for their actions is supposed to take precedent over MURDERING CHILDREN by the MILLIONS?
  8. Boise State's Kelsey Hall (previously played at Fresno State) was named the NATIONAL Comeback Player of the Year by Extra Inning Softball after suffering an ACL injury after only 3 games in 2021 while at Fresno State and then having the terrific season she had in 2022 at Boise State.
  9. I say that because I've seen literally dozens of tweets from U-Conn fans who are thrilled to have gotten a former Boise State football player from the transfer portal. They appear to be blissfully unaware of the fact that this particular former Boise State football player was a walk-on at Boise State.
  10. When an athlete is given a "financial aid" package that is a scholarship. And the stories on both of these two mentioned that they had signed a "financial aid" agreement with Boise State. The first guy never signed a Letter of Intent however - which is why he could later renege on his verbal agreement and sign with Iowa State after agreeing to the financial aid agreement. From the story on Rick Moore from yesterday on BroncoSports.com: "Offensive lineman Rick Moore signed a valid financial aid agreement and will join the Broncos for the 2022 season" Having said that tho the number of scholarship players - by my count at this point - including Rick Moore - is 88 scholarship players for Boise State for 2022 (including the 11 players who are scheduled to join the team this fall). So there will either be three players leaving the program by the time fall camp begins at Boise State OR three of the eleven who are scheduled to be joining the team this fall will be grey-shirting OR some combination of both. Frankly when I look at the roster I can see five and maybe six guys on the current roster who have been at Boise State for at least two years who have been - to date - guys who have done nothing or at best very little. I won't name names but I could easily see three of these five or six guys leaving the program in the next month or so.
  11. YouTube video highlights of Rick/Ricky Moore # 76. This video is from his 2020 Senior year of H.S. playing days at Los Gatos H.S. in Los Gatos, CA. In this High School video he clearly played offensive tackle on offense and defensive end on defense.
  12. Boise State adds a late (replacement) signee for the 2022 class. Apparently to replace the J.C. o-lineman they signed last month (or so) who de-committed and then signed with Iowa State, i.e., Oluwafunto Akinshilo. Rick More - OT - 6' 6" 290 lbs from the College of San Mateo. https://broncosports.com/news/2022/6/14/football-broncos-add-junior-college-offensive-lineman.aspx Moore was listed on the 2021 College of San Mateo football roster as a Freshman. Meaning he will be a Sophomore for 2022. https://collegeofsanmateo.edu/football/team/
  13. Boise State football scholarship players who will be joining the Boise State football team later this summer: QB - Maddux Madsen - American Fork, UT. - True FR - 6' 0" 175 lbs WR - Zamondre Merriwether - Valencia, CA. - True FR - 6' 2" 200 lbs OL - Roger Carreon - Jai,, N.M. - True FR - 6' 5" 295 lbs OL - Tyson Molio'o - St. John Bosco H.S., Bellflower, CA. - True FR - 6' 2" 295 lbs OL - Hall Schmidt - Penninsula H.S., Gig Harbor, WA - True FR - 6' 7" 300 lbs LB - Jayden Virgin - Mt. Carmel H.S., San Diego, CA. - True FR - 6' 3" 220 lbs LB - Jake Ripp - Los Gatos, CA. - True FR - 6' 3" 210 lbs LB - Dishawn Misa - Eastside Catholic H.S., Sammamiah, WA - True FR - 6' 3" 220 lbs LB - Gavin Hambrick - Apple Valley, CA. - True FR - 6' 2" 220 lbs S - Dionte Thornton - Lawndale, CA. - True FR - 6' 2" 185 lbs S - Keenan McCaddy - Moanalua H.S., Honolulu, HI - True FR - 6' 3" 180 lbs FALL 2022 GREYSHIRT - WR - Prince Strachan - John Carroll H.S., Fort Pierce, FL. - 6' 4" 185 lbs
  14. Boise State football players who WERE on the 2021 BSU team roster who no longer are on the current 2022 roster - 22 players # 1. Octavius Evans - WR - Graduated # 2. Khalil Shakir - WR - Drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 5th round of the 2022 NFL draft # 4. Cyrus Habibi-Likio - RB - Entered NFL draft but was not drafted or signed as a free agent # 6. C. T. Thomas - WR - Entered NFL draft but was not drafted of signed as a free agent (NOTE - He was "dismissed" from the Boise State football team in the fall of 2021) # 9. Colton Fitzgerald - QB - Entered the transfer portal and signed with Georgia Southern # 14. Andy Peters - QB (Walk-on) - Entered the transfer portal and signed with the College of Idaho # 15. Maclaine Griffin - WR (Walk-on) - Entered the transfer portal and signed with Portland State # 16. Jack Sears - QB - Entered the transfer portal but as far as I can tell he has not signed with a new school (possible return to Boise State maybe?) # 21. Andrew Van Buren - RB - Entered the transfer portal and signed with Portland State # 24. Damon Cole - CB - (Walk-on) Graduated # 28. Kekaula Kaniho - NB - Signed by the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted Free agent and released from the Cardinals in mid May # 32. Tyler Visser - WLB (Walk-on) - Graduated # 42. Daniel Cantrell - LS - Entered the NFL draft but went undrafted. Not signed as an undrafted NFL free agent but did have mini-camp tryouts with three teams in May (Seahawks, Raiders and Broncos) # 44. Riley Whimpey - WLB - Graduated # 46. Joel Velasquez - PK/P - Graduated # 50 - Riden Leong - OL - Removed from the Boise State football roster in the spring of 2022 # 68 Jake Stetz - OL - Entered the NFL draft but was not drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent # 71. Donte Harrington - OL - Graduated # 77. Uzo Osuji - OL - Entered the NFL draft but was not drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent # 86 Tyler Eiguren - TE (Walk-on) - Chose to leave the Boise State football team in January 2022 (He was a RS Sophomore walk-on last fall) # 90 Scale Igiehon - NT - Chose to leave Boise State football team in January 2022 # 97. Keeghan Freeborn - NT - Chose to leave Boise State football team in January 2022 New additions to the 2022 Boise State football roster - 13 # 4. Sam Vidlak - QB # 15. Deven Wright - DL # 32. Bryce Cleave - S (Walk-on) # 33. Cortez Hogans - DL # 36. Chip Mitchell - CB (Walk-on) # 44. George Tarlas - EDGE DE # 46. James Ferguson-Reynolds - P # 50. Jack Beresford - DL (Walk-on) # 71. Cade Beresford - OL # 77. Kage Casey - OL # 86. Austin Terry - TE # 90. Braxton Fely - DL # 97. J. J. Talo - DL 2021 Boise State football players who were on the 2021 roster and are on the 2022 roster currently - but should not be # 55. Shane Irwin - DE - Medically retired from football as of this month I thought I'd update the departures from the Boise State football team with what little I know about what became of them (to date).
  15. New Mexico names new head softball coach today (June 4, 2022) https://golobos.com/news/2022/06/04/nicole-dickson-named-new-mexico-softball-head-coach/#staffhttps://golobos.com/sports/softball/roster/season/2021-22/ The new head softball coach for New Mexico is replacing the former head softball coach Paula Congleton - whose contract was not renewed last month (May 2022). Congleton had been UNM's head softball coach for five seasons.
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