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  1. "It's as if ESPN is operating under the philosophy that it's too big and too important to fail, but a look around the business world tells us that anything can become obsolete before leadership knows how to save the business." This has been the case as ESPN for quite some time. They are as arrogantly devoted to forcing their liberal B.S. on the people who still watch their network - regardless of how low their rating go. Just like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. Personally the ONLY time I watch E.S.P.N. is whenever a Boise State football game is on one of their networks.
  2. I don't blame the guy for getting "Toasted" and howling at the moon. I mean after all THINK ABOUT IT.............how often do Lobo fans get to celebrate winning a football game at all..........let alone a CONFERENCE win. And secondly isn't howling at the moon exactly what Lobos do?
  3. Looks like 2021 RS Sophomore Jordyn Macias is also no longer on the 2022 Boise State softball team roster. I'm not sure when her name was removed from the roster but it may have been done some time ago.
  4. Looks like # 7 Kiele Miller (Pitcher) is no longer on the Boise State softball team roster However it also looks like Mikelle Anthony (former UNLV commit) will, in fact, be on the team next season. And she, btw, coincidentally wore # 7 in H.S. That's based on the fact that Anthony was featured on the Boise State softbal webpage 3 days ago with a Happy Birthday message:
  5. The only thing better than watching your alma mater's football team beat the arrogant and completely delusional group that is known as B.Y.U. for the 8th time (in 12 games) is watching B.Y.U. get beat two weeks in a row.
  6. I watched the first half of this game last night before going to bed. IMO San Jose State was robbed of victory by the only official on the field who was female. Her very faulty call of a facemask on the SJSU Center cost SJS the only touchdown scored in the first half (on a pass to a wide open receiver in the end zone on about a 40 yd pass). This female official never should have thrown the flag because as the replay very clearly showed the SJS center did not GRAB the defensive players facemask. The only thing he did was touch the facemask with several of his fingers. There was no grabbi
  7. Nobody asked you to feel anything for Boise State. I simply pointed out the facts.
  8. Boise State's walking wounded football team summary below. Consider all these injured players and THEN consider the fact that more players get injured vs Air Force than any other MWC team (every year it seems). Players who have been starters are listed in Bold print. RB George Holani -Did not play vs. BYU. Has played in 4 of 6 games this season. RB Cyrus Habibi-Likio - Left BYU game in the 3rd quarter. RB Andrew Van Buren - Left BYU game after in the 4th quarter. WR CT Thomas - Played in first 5 game but did not play vs BYU WR
  9. Only one common opponent, Utah State, and Boise State beat USU 27-3 while AF lost 49-45 to USU. Secondly Boise State has - to date - played a MUCH tougher schedule (by far). However I did watch some of last night's win by AF over _yoming and came away impressed with Daniels - the AF QB. He completed 7 of 10 passes and two of those incompletions were on target but the catches simply were not made. BTW what is the record for pass attempts by an AF QB? I don't recall them passing 10 times in a game although I'm sure it's probably happened at SOME time in the past.
  10. Lots of guys for Boise State COULD be termed the player of the game vs B.Y.Who but my vote would go to PK Jonah Dalmas as Dalmas scored more than 50 percent of Boise State points with a 4 for 4 field goal day and 2 PAT's Others who did very well yesterday afternoon are WR Khalil Shakir of course and DT Scott Matlock and RS Freshman CB Kaonohi Kaniho with his outstanding debut major playing time performance.
  11. This is the B.Y.U. cheap shot that Boise State fans remember most. And it's truly difficult to chose the cheapest B.Y.U. cheap shot as there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many to choose from.
  12. WOW................talk about a completely USELESS conversation. F.Y.I. Boise State has a contract with the Mtn West which spells out exactly what and how Boise State will be paid. And the last time Thompson (and several of the MWC school presidents - including Utah State) tried to illegally re-work the terms of that contract Boise State threatened to SUE THEM (and would have won easily). Does ANY part of this REALITY ring any bells for you "what if' speculators. Good LORD. Secondly - as was announced earlier today Air Force and CSU are both staying in the MWC and have no interest
  13. A few other things that happened in 1997 (last time Nevada won in football vs. Boise State at Boise) Microsoft becomes the worlds most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars Mother Teresa died in Calcutta Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield's ear during a match and is suspended from boxing Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule from UK rule 70 people including 60 foreign tourists are gunned down by Islamic extremists in Egypts Valley of The Kings The Hale-Bopp comet had its closest approach to earth. NASA’s Mars Pathfinder lander and rover arrived at Mar
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