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  1. WAS? Bob Newhart is still among the living. He reached his 91st birthday last September. And he's still acting. He appeared in an episode of "Young Sheldon" in 2020. I choose to spend my money purchasing tv shows (on DVD) that I enjoyed in the past - rather than watch the garbage that is on tv these days. I think I have something like 25 different complete tv series on DVD at home. And I just ordered another one this week. That way I am not subject to the garbage programming of today plus I don't have to watch any of the commercials as well.
  2. Let's see now it only cost the PAC 12 FORTY MILLION DOLLARS to have that incompetent (and completely corrupt) P.O.S. as the PAC 12 commissioner since 2009. I'm wondering if that figure of $40 MILLION dollars (that was paid to him by the fools who run the PAC 12) accounts for the money the PAC 12 "loaned" him to buy a Bay Area mansion - money that he never made any attempt to repay. Or is that just the $5.3 million dollars that the PAC 12 was paying him annually- which made him the highest paid commissioner in any league (by far). He was being paid more annually by the PAC 12 than the commis
  3. Other than checking in on the progress of the game for a minute or two. I vow to stick to this pledge as EVERY time I have attempted to watch any of the Boise State men's basketball games this season they play like CRAP as long as I am watching their game. Last night was a perfect example. I watched from the tipoff until I became thoroughly disgusted with them going 0 for 11 in their first 11 shots. So I went back to watching the old TV series that I was watching on DVD (Newhart) and watched one episode for about 25 minutes. I then went back to the game and lo and behold while I was aw
  4. Personally I could not care less when someone says "I FEEL".................I am only interested in what someone THINKS...............not what they "feel"................ Karen
  5. You just keep right on saying that if it makes you feel better.
  6. Head Football Coach - Andy Avalos - Formerly Defensive Coordinator at Oregon Assistant Head Coach / Def. Coordinator / D-Line coach- Frank Maile - Formerly Interim H.C. & Co-Defensive Coordinator / D Line coach at Utah State Offensive Coordinator / QB coach - Tim Plough - Formerly O.C. at U.C. Davis Defensive Coordinator / Inside LB coach - Spencer Danielson - Formerly Co-Defensive Coordinator / D Line coach at Boise State Wide Receivers / Matt Miller - Formerly Passing Game Coordinator & WR coach at Boise State Running Backs / Player Development - Winston Venable - Formerly
  7. MY suggestion on this is the following Eastern and Western divisions - but the MWC teams should not join the AAC unless it is ALL sports - not just football. AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE EASTERN DIVISION Cincinnati East Carolina Memphis Temple Tulane U.C.F. U.S.F. WESTERN DIVISION Air Force Boise State Houston Navy S.M.U. Tulsa U.N.L.V. or Colorado State or Fresno State (one of these three) Navy in the West Division because Air Force and Navy have to play each other every year.
  8. This is some world-class "side-stepping" of the actual question that was asked here.
  9. There were 19 Seniors on the 2020 Boise State football team. My questions to other Boise State football fans would be which 7 of those 19 Seniors from 2020 would YOU like to see return for 2021? My picks would be the following: WR - C. T. Thomas NB - Kekaula Kaniho CB - Jalen Walker OG - Jake Stetz OT - Uzo Osuji OG/C - Donte Harrington (who has already said he is returning for 2021) WLB - Riley Whimpey (who also has said he is returning)
  10. I chose to not watch last night's game - primarily because it's NOT what it pretends to be, i.e., it is NOT a NATIONAL NCAA football championship game. I finally gave in and thought I'd check what the score was. When I did that I think the score was something like 35 to 17 Alabama. I immediately went back to watching what I had been watching previously. So all totaled I watched LESS than 1 minute of that game last night. I can't say that I "couldn't have cared less" as I did tune in briefly but I'm just a tiny bit above that "couldn't have cared less" threshold.
  11. From Aggie Sport Talk: https://www.aggiesportstalk.com/discussion/1497/tim-plough-new-oc-at-boise-state/latest/comment
  12. From the Yolo County newspaper: https://www.davisenterprise.com/sports/uc-davis-offensive-coordinator-plough-tapped-by-boise-state/
  13. From Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/kustgv/sources_boise_state_is_hiring_uc_davis_oc_tim/
  14. Yeah, I have a roku 4. I will check and see if I can find Stadium. I did find it on the Roku channel. However there is only the one channel and I looked at Stadium's lineup for tonight and they have several events going on at the same time as the AF vs. BSU mens BB game. Not sure if I will be able to watch it on Stadium via the Roku channel. I don't want a "smart" tv. Hate the idea of having anything in my home that's "smarter" than I am.
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