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  1. The way to move the needle? Adjust the incentives. Disincentivize turning down the vaccine by making it inconvenient. Reward people for getting vaccinated. EDIT: Wrong thread. Meant to post this in the one about getting the Bob's of the world vaccinated.
  2. She didn't tank the bill entirely, she's just negotiating it down. We'll likely get a trimmed version
  3. That's sort of similar to what I do. I’ve been wearing one if I'm out in public and didn't "get ready."
  4. Government spending can make a difference.
  5. https://www.urban.org/research/publication/2021-poverty-projections-assessing-impact-benefits-and-stimulus-measures https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/28/us/politics/covid-poverty-aid-programs.html
  6. Luckily not in the Puget Sound region
  7. This is the best the Dems have been in my lifetime. Still not good enough!
  8. Watch this full video if you get the chance
  9. At least we've reached the point where anyone wanting a vaccine can easily get one. That was always the best safeguard. Vaccinated individuals aren't completely safe, but the chances of getting a severe case of COVID-19 are now quite low. If UofN is being serious, he's mainly putting himself and other unvaccinated individuals at risk. Of course, any casualty is unfortunate, regardless of questionable decision making.
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