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  1. he's probably toast in WV now
  2. I've been worried that their response will go too far and lag the situation, but the economy has been pretty resilient thus far. Seems like the Q4 GDP print will be solid. That, plus the labor market & wage growth holding up, probably emboldens them
  3. wasn't my prediction though! still nice to see
  4. Having at least some misplaced documents seems like something that happens to most presidents and VPs. Unless highly sensitive material that jeopardizes our national security falls into foreign hands (and especially if it's willingly given), I'm not sure it's too big of a scandal
  5. edit: deleted for being a bit too mean
  6. there's no way he's not acting out a character at this point. impressive work, honestly. you don't run into these posting skills too often
  7. yikes within that thread, craziness such as this:
  8. apparently this is enough to get you suspended now
  9. just now seeing this thread. I wish you a continued recovery
  10. they don't have any legitimate alternatives yet. mastodon? that crap is garbage
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