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  1. Helping businesses was good, but this:
  2. Yeah, I've never heard of that incident. Back then, I lived in a conservative town and many students didn't say the pledge of allegiance because Obama was president. I wonder how many of them are now upset over Kap's kneeling. The funny thing is that, a few years later, most students received a far-left result on a political quiz in Civics.
  3. Being a landlord in a country with a housing shortage is ridiculously easy and lucrative, @renoskier
  4. "IDK why Maji doesn't accept my [unproven] premise, he can just blame the Republicans for it!" I maintain that rising construction costs doesn't necessarily = hyperinflation. We'll see about inflation in a few months. It's too early to know after one transitory sort of month.
  5. You did, iirc. Your take here is reasonable. I'd expect that UI is having some impact, I just don't see it as the main cause for the disappointing report
  6. Expecting a return to the 70s is absurdly premature
  7. I basically agree with this take, @grandjean87 https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/12/opinion/panicking-about-that-jobs-report-breathe-look-at-the-data.html
  8. One of my younger siblings is now being made fun of for wearing a mask at school. I guess the Tucker Carlsons of the world are even influencing some younger kids
  9. Gas is bad & a massive reduction in nationwide VMT would be good. Unfortunately this event won't cause that
  10. >3 percent, you're saying? Your comment seemingly implies that inflation is beneficial for the poor. Am I reading into that correctly? If so, wouldn't it partially depend on whether the inflation was expected or unexpected?
  11. Yeah, increases for an individual product (or even entire sector) doesn't = inflation. The pro-market folks should know this.
  12. That's not how this works. There's a reason CPI doesn't only track construction. Get back to me when there's worrisome levels of sustained inflation. Perhaps it happens. As of now, it's too early to say that will happen
  13. Time for landlords to get a real job
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