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  1. Heh. Hiding the face is one of the pros of masking
  2. These are the sort of "experts" over at the FDA? I'm glad they quit. Give me a break with this talking point: Boosters are not the reason unvaccinated people aren't getting the vaccine. The vaccines have been out forever now. It's not like there's a domestic shortage either.
  3. People in the United States aren't going to wear masks forever
  4. Another day, another series of doom and gloom tweets from Feigl
  5. I've lost lots of respect for some of the so-called experts
  6. And: But I keep hearing about how awful everything is
  7. I'm not quite 6 months. Got my 2nd moderna dose in May. A while back I considered just going in and pretending it was my 1st dose, but I chickened out
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