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  1. Any thoughts on raising the minimum wage?
  2. Read portions of it in a Holocaust and Genocide class You're right about Trump being "amoral and an off the charts narcissist." Trump is racist, but he's not particularly ideological. He'll do anything to remain the center of attention
  3. Trump's (probably) not a fascist, but he shared some fascist tendencies as president. Our system (and Trump's incompetence) prevented Trump from accomplishing many of the bad things he campaigned on.
  4. Maybe I was wrong. Probably not b/c won't get through Congress easily
  5. Soup is making Bob look like a commie lately
  6. I guess we disagree on this particular issue. Thanks for responding
  7. Saying it can happen doesn't mean it should happen
  8. No surprise https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2021/01/15/biden-stimulus-gop/
  9. The following is from this article: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/10/how-minneapolis-defeated-nimbyism/600601/ As long as the city doesn't ban SFRs, I'm not worried about litigation. I want big cities to allow developments in more areas. If no developers are interested in building multifamily housing, so be it. Changing the zoning to allow multifamily housing doesn't force it on anyone.
  10. Do you view a child allowance as a special interest subsidy? I disagree with the framing because it's just welfare that alleviates child poverty. Most welfare is targeted. We shouldn't get rid of unemployment insurance just because it's targeted towards the unemployed. Source for chart below: The UBI Center https://blog.ubicenter.org/20200707/adult_child_ubi.html Do you support UBI for everyone, or only adults? @Akkula
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