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  1. 1. SDSU 2. UNLV 3. USU 4. BSU 5. CSU 6. UNR 7. UNM 8. Wyoming 9. Fresno 10. AF 11. SJSU I haven't looked at everybody's ooc schedule so I can't say how many bids we get. I am guessing 2 unless someone has a very good ooc and makes some noise in the schedule. But I could see 3 nit bids to go along with the 2 ncaa bids
  2. Until a team can prove otherwise SDSU should be the pick to win the conference. Although I don't think they go with only one loss like last year. 1-5 they picked the correct teams I think it will be a good fight between those teams and for all five will come down to the last week of conference play before we know what order they finish. Ad for poy I am guessing it will be from the team that wins the conference. All five of those teams have a player that can argue their case for it. Going to be a fun year, I am excited the MWC is finally turning the corner and becoming a very good
  3. Sweet!!! There are 7 teams worse than UNLV. After watching that game I didn't think that would be possible.
  4. Well looks like I lost that 250 unfortunately I also lost the money i put down on the Dodger's
  5. When I placed the bet I got a 14.5. so all I need is for UNLV to loose by less than that.
  6. I went $250 with UNLV and the points
  7. I have no expectations for UNLV this year. Don't know if we will be middle of MWC or bottom or somewhere in between. I am just interested in seeing the new coaching staff and see what changes they have made. I do think UNLV will be better than most expect but not sure how much better.
  8. I think SDSU wins but by less than 10.
  9. The one thing I noticed from that is it states that projected records are mostly based on last year's results. Problem is there was allot of turn over in the MWC from players to staff. But I do see pretty much all the preseason polls show the same five as the top of the MWC. Anyway you look at it I feel the MWC overall is starting to get better again and if we keep progressing we will match what we use to be.
  10. Your correct, I apologize I miss read the description on the NCAA site a team can play a 25 game season plus a 2 game tourney or a 24 game season plus a 3 game tourney. But still I would rather an 18 game conference as a max and try and boost a teams resume for the tourney through a couple extra ooc games.
  11. Only 25 games can be played this year. I am glad they stayed at 18 and didn't go to 20 conf games. Play 18 conf games, three games for preseason tourney this only leaves 4 other ooc games to be played.
  12. I was reading Blue Ribbon and it was talking of Jenkins and Hamilton saying no MWC team will feature a more dominant guard duo than UNLV. Which I think we pretty much knew but then I was a little surprised when they ranked UNLV with the third best front court behind Utah St as #1 and SDSU as #2. I was thinking our front court would be our weak spot. If they have it correct and UMLV can stay healthy UNLV will have a very good shot to challenge SDSU for conf champs this year.
  13. Blue Ribbon came out with their preview. They have it right protected so I cant copy and paste or link it here but this is their prediction of order for MWC 1 SDSU 2 Utah St 3. UNLV 4. Boise 5. CSU 6. UNR 7. UNM 8. Wyoming 9. Fresno 10. SJSU 11. AirForce
  14. That's good, I love it when MWC teams play actual teams in ooc games and not team ranked 300 or below like a few love playing! Hopefully BSU can make a game out of it.
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