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  1. Hard to say and as stated already but time will tell. I think all four schools settled and all could have done much better. If comparing to only MWC coaches I would probably say Odom B/B- Miles B-/C+ Pitino C Kruger C I don't think any of them are as good as Dutcher but none are as poor as Hutson either.
  2. I think Wyoming will be good and in that second tier of teams just not as good as those too three. That is where I could put wyoming, Boise, and Utah St depending on their new coach situation . Air Force, San Jose, UNM and Fresno in the bottom part of the conference. And UNLV somewhere between the second and third tier. But overall the conference is getting better
  3. I think SDSU, CSU, and UNR will be the top of the MWC next year. With a pretty big gap between everybody else. I do think the mwc is starting to get better and in the next couple years we will see 2-3 MWC teams start getting ranked.
  4. I guess I am in the minority, I am not impressed with what he's brought in so far. Yes he's brought players from the Big 12, but they are players that were going to ride the pine with their current teams. Granted I do believe it's an upgrade of what we had this past year but I don't see them putting this in the top half of the mwc. I guess we'll just have to see how he rounds out his recruiting.
  5. I know he said he expects Kaluma to come but he also said you never know with coaching changes. It will be an interesting couple months while KK firms up the roster.
  6. Has Kaluma said he is coming? Last I saw that came from him was he has reopened his recruitment. I seriously hope he comes, that would be huge for UNLV. But until he says he is I don't know we count him in.
  7. Great, awesome he is going after some of these players but only does good is he can land some of them. I do like that he is trying we need a huge improvement just to get out of the bottom half if the MWC
  8. Don't know what they are waiting for. First off clarify the person I got my info from is probably right half the time and not so correct the other half. But stated one assistant has been offered and accepted the spot and a second assistant has been offered but hadn't heard if accepted or not. But expecting an announcement
  9. I am expecting to hear about Kruger’s assistant coaches in the next couple days. Then shortly after start hearing some recruit names coming to UNLV. Still think we lose a couple more players from the team also. Going to be an interesting summer.
  10. If you actually retire sure but if you're claiming your retire and then you go to work at a different place during which your contract would have covered you then no
  11. If Lon came over in any type of paid coaching capacity this year UNLV will owe oklahoma a buy out. As far as a special assistant that would depend on how his contact is written. But if they can't work it out through those means I expect Lon to help Kruger jr in a nonpaid role for this year. Of course Oklahoma could waive this clause and let Lon out if his buyout clause
  12. Look for quite a bit of change the next 2-3 weeks. I don't think Kruger keeps either assistant. Look for Martinez, Brown, Lindsey, Del Cadia, to transfer. I expect Jenkins and Hamilton to see what is out there probably 50/50 on leaving staying. For now Kaluma still committed and there is a good big (not great but good) seriously looking at UNLV. I fully expect Coleman, Blake, Grill, and Wood to be back. Haven't heard anything about Diong or Tillis. Of course I could see changes in this depending on who Kruger actually gets interests from. He isn't going to ask anyone to leave unless he
  13. Exactly it would have been louisville not CSU. Plus it was clearly stated how it works last Sunday.
  14. I sure hope there is no negotitation on the buyout. We need the full 3.1mil to put towards the next coach. With that maybe we could look at coaches at the $2-$2.5mil range which opens a few more possible candidates
  15. Otz gone Now how about the roster? Kaluma anounces he is reopening recruitment. Complete roster turnover? Probably not everybody but wouldnt be surprised to see the majority of them gone.
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