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  1. Any 4 star recruit leaving Fresno to play for any other team should be exiled. This includes Kendall Milton and Adrian Martinez!
  2. Rypien is one of the most garbage QBs I've seen play at Boise. If Mike Bell and Jaron Bryant had better hands, Rypien would've thrown 2 picks in the MW title game -- Bell's would've been a pick-6 and Bryant's would've taken 7pts away from Boise -- eliminating any need for overtime. All of your undefeated or near perfect seasons and all you have to show for it are 15 players? Many of whom won't be around in 2022 hahaha On the other hand, Fresno has players who teams build around. Ever heard of Quality over Quantity? Lobo Amor you should excuse yourself until UNM wins a conference title. Till then, you can help every team pack before getting on the plane after beating yall in that ugly new stadium.
  3. 1: Truth hurts. Facts are facts. 2: This isn't high school, I'm not a girl nor am I gay, and this isn't a popularity contest. IDGAF which one of you idiots like me. 3: You're clearly expending energy on me and what I say/do.
  4. You're not a comedian and I didn't laugh in the least bit, don't quit your day job (assuming that you actually have one).
  5. You clearly don't understand the premise of kicking SJSU out of the conference: It has nothing to do with one game or one season, it has everything to do with season after season of being below mediocre. Sure, Fresno isn't having a good year but we are the defending MW champs and also won the MW in '12 and '13 and won the West Division in '14 and '17. We recently had Paul George come thru to get his jersey retired and posted multiple 20-win seasons in basketball the last several years. The baseball team won the CWS in 2008 and had a good run last yr and are currently #25 in the country. Again, this thread is about perpetual seasonal losing, got it? I swear you guys are idiots and I'm considering leaving this forum altogether because you all are incapable of any critical thinking! For shits n giggles: New Mexico hasn't won any conference games this season in fb, so there's that...
  6. Pretty funny how you guys are claiming that I'm this guy or that guy. Idk who any of these ppl are, I just found this forum after watching Fresno and the USU debacle at home. Wtf is a sock? You guys are lame, almost as lame as Fresno's season. #GoDogs #BeatSDSU. And Boise doesn't know what real football is, relying on trick plays their entire FBS existence to get a W. I guess this is why I can count on one hand how many BSU players have successful careers in the NFL. Go cry me a river and keep pondering who tf I am.
  7. I don't follow Wyo basketball at all but their football program alone is enough to keep them in the conference. SJSU on the other hand sucks at basketball and football (I'm sure they suck at other sports too, but I don't ever see those mishaps)
  8. Here's another article for you to chew on https://bustingbrackets.com/2018/03/21/mountain-west-basketball-conference-vote-san-jose-state/ Be sure not to glance over the fact that SJSU has never been more than two games over .500 in their 30 years in D-1 basketball.
  9. Winning records in the last 7 years... 5 winning seasons: Fresno 0 winning seasons: San Jose FS is a school with winning traditions and SJSU is a school known for losing. No one cares about your pointless head-to-head stats. Your own ppl in Reno agree https://thespun.com/mountain-west/san-jose-state/sjsu-spartans-mwc-kicked-out But hey, you can argue with yourself on this one.
  10. These guys couldn't even score 40pts in 40min. Will the MW ever kick these losers out of the conference?
  11. If I were Jalen Cropper, I'd do what Jalen Saunders did and transfer to Oklahoma after this season
  12. Every MWC game is an old WAC game