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    Tulsa! The greatest city on Earth!
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    I am a Christian American and lifelong University of Tulsa fan and booster. I am a member of the Tulsa Rotary Club and participate in various charitable activities and community events. I am here to discuss Intercollegiate athletics with some of my friends from the defunct Scout.com community.

    Jesus Christ, University of Tulsa athletics, fishing, firearms, Rotary Club

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  1. It's Larry, Friend. Despite your handicap, I will still forgive you. Hate the sin, love the sinner, as I always say!
  2. Friend, There are some of the finest views of motor parks in the greater Tulsa area at those fine establishments. Please don't be a Happy Gilmore, Friend.
  3. Friend, Since it seems that you are a "Happy Camper", and hopefully not a Happy Gilmore, I would like to extend you an invitaton from the Tulsa Rotary Club to come visit our fair city. We have many camp grons to stay at, including the Canyon Creek RV Park, or my favorite, the Mingo RV Pafk. My friend Charlie there will set you up with the best place on God's green earth, Friend!
  4. Friend, Though Orange seemed like a good God feering Christian man, I am in communioin with him as a fellow Christian. Are you free for chicken fried steak at Gram's Kitchen? Ethel will fix one up real good for you.
  5. Friend, I take that as insulting, but since I'm a good Christian man, I will forgive you. After all, we need to first hate the sin, but love the sinner! Next time you're in Tulsa, let's go to Gram's!
  6. Friend, Dysleksia is a big issue, my three sons all had a form of it. I know how hard it is. I'm Larry, not Gary. It is an honor to be mistaken for the future savior (second to God and Jesus) of our country, Gary Bauer, but I'm just simple old Larry from Tulsa. I'm a very simpla man, I have no need for material items. Just my wife Patsy and our three cats. We're empty nesters, all of our sons have moved on to bigger things, bu talso serve the Lord. Next time you're in Tulsa, meet me at Gram's!
  7. Friend, Would you like to come and visit the Redbud Valley nature Preseve the next time you visit? We can go have breakfast at Gram's afterwurs. Best deal in town, Friend!
  8. As long as it's praising the Good Lord, you're ala-wite with me, too, Friend!
  9. No, Friend. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of the Earth? Ever hear of him? You are from a far-off land, but we can still make a good Christian out of yu yet, Friend.
  10. Friend, As long as you love the Good Lord Jesus Christ, you are ala-wite with me! I would like to invite you to our Men's Bible Study, Friend. We talk about all of the issues in today's fallen wold and discuss how they relate to what Scripture tells us. It's at 7:30 in the Rotary Club meeting house.
  11. I'm Larry from Tulsa, Friend. I wouldn't expect anything else from perennial malcontents such as yourself.
  12. Friend, I'd like to share with you the Good News and the Gospels. There are many other Good Christians on this board, such as the Orange, even though he may support a morally bankrupt shrew in the White House. If you woulud like, I can arange for you to meet with a Worship Associate, and we can put you on the road to good news. I hate the sin, but love the sinner, Friend, and I think you would be a good member to our community. We have a wall raising for Habitat for Humanity coming up soon, and I would also like to invite all of you to come and help us build something beautiful! Let's make it happen!
  13. It's Larry, but I'll bite. You got me there, fella. Our gas stations, such as Quicktrip, Shell, and man others, have the finest assortment of Haribo candy around, I can tell you that much. There cinnamon bears are to die for, Fiend.
  14. Friend, I do know that Wyoming is a nice place. My nephew is a sheriff's deputy in Cody. Have you ever been to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center? I took my wife Patsy up there for a long weekend this summer. It truly is a great American monument. If you are still living in Wyoming, we should get together for the Pancake Breakfast at Granny's the next time that Patsy and I visit. Let's make it happen, Friend.
  15. Friend, I wouldn't expect you to say anything different. We're a good wholesome people in Tulsa, unlike your morally (and financially) bankrupt state of California. Friend, if you would like to talk over a few chicken fried steaks at Gram's, I'm sure Ethel will make it happen!