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  1. Money is speech. Corps are citizens. Non compete clauses for employees are legal. Gov employees are exempt from lawsuits. Yeah, The Trumpistan SCOTUS is really protecting our Civil and Constitutional Rights.
  2. https://thehill.com/regulation/499402-gop-sues-california-over-newsoms-vote-by-mail-order The Republican Party is suing California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) over his order to send every registered voter in the state a ballot by mail for the November elections. "[California's] election system is already burdened with serious issues. The disastrous Motor Voter program arbitrarily changed voter registration for thousands casting doubt on the integrity and accuracy of our voter rolls," California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said in a statement on Sunday. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, alleges the directive deprives Californians of their constitutional right to vote by making fraudulent voting inevitable.
  3. I have no doubt the imMoral Majority will be storming the Palace Gates to pass special laws and sentencing to have this turned into a hate crime.
  4. How can one look silly when he reads the CDC website and does a simple division calculation ? Please link me to articles or sources that dispute the CDC numbers. I am trying to have an earnest conversation and all you and others do is say I am wrong without proof. How very Trumpian of you.
  5. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2020/may/23/former-ua-basketball-coach-eddie-sutton-dies-84/ https://www.si.com/nba/2020/05/22/jerry-sloan-death-legendary-jazz-head-coach-parkinsons-disease Whether he has gone to Heaven hell, purgatory, or the great basketball court in the cosmos, you know Coach Sloan is setting a hard back pick somewhere.
  6. Would Spaztec fans travel to Carson or Tijuana for home games ? https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/sports-columnists/story/2020-05-23/canepa-headline-goes-here I have one word, one geographical location for J.D. Wicker to keep in his fertile mind as he scans the arid regional stadium landscape: Tijuana. If things don’t work out with City Hall in the current, voter-approved SDSU campus/stadium expansion in the valley, J.D. says he will be looking elsewhere — possibly even the 27,000-seat Carson venue the Judases/L.A. Lodgers so modestly occupied — before renewing his SDCCU lease following this year.
  7. I have absolute faith on the City Father's of Sandy Eggo fecking this up. Just like they did with the Chargers and the Qualcomm naming rights boondoggke.
  8. That was Tricky Dicks premise. Run hard to the Right in the primary, run to the middle in the General Election. Typically, VP's are chosen to try and win toss up or swing States. Hence, a Rust Belt candidate will be chosen.
  9. I agree with tour last paragraph. I'm wondering if Old Joe gets dragged down by Tara Reade or his apparent senility issues, will they try and draft Obama ?
  10. I'm certain Dems will accept that stain over four more years of The Donald.
  11. The electorate didn't seem to be bothered by Donnie's checkered history with women. They didn't seem bothered by Slick Willie's indiscretions. But, suddenly, they will be bothered by Old Joe's ?
  12. He's attacked Gold Star families, he'll have no problem going after a woman who is only a "5" with a crippled child.
  13. Tchiakovsky ain't got shot on 80's tecno pop
  14. It took you this long to figure he is a Trumpian Tool ?
  15. He was as queer as a Three Dollar Bill. When Hoover died, Pres Nixon was awakened in the night to be given the news. His reaction, "That God damned cocksucker !" He was convinced that Hoovers associates would "Tell All" upon his death.
  16. The Senate white washed the whole thing.
  17. Sounds like when LBJ believed his prowar advisors after the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Second paragraph was spot on.
  18. For once, I agree with you. Btw, about a month back, I drove a buddy down to the VA in SLC. 5th South from the University all the way into downtown was basically empty. I sat at the light near the Stadium for several minutes and only ten cars went through at 1pm. I thought I had walked into Stephen Kings book, The Stand.