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  1. How social-emotional learning became a frontline in the battle against CRT https://www.npr.org/2022/09/26/1124082878/how-social-emotional-learning-became-a-frontline-in-the-battle-against-crt
  2. The Aztec blitzing schemes are going to leave Greene dazed, confused, and bruised. Howevet, the inept Aztec offense will keep you in the game with a shot to win. See the 2018 tilt.
  3. The Aztecs went the distance because Toledo went prevent. They had been stacking the box all day and blitzing. Going prevent gave BB lanes to run. It was nice to see two pass completions on the drive. Somehow, we overcame two false starts that put us in 2nd and goal from the 17. Yet, still scored. Despite another offensive disaster, there is some hope for them.
  4. This is a big game and a season hanging in the balance feel in week five. Boise changes their OC, you know there will be some wrinkles in their scheme and play calling there is no way to prep for. I also expect to see both QB's. The Aztec offense showed some life for a total of 12(?) plays last week. The Defense seems to have come back to life. For a game that looked big on paper a mere month ago, it has become an early season elimination game for both squads.
  5. UNLV fans We're number #52 !
  6. Holy shit UNLV finally has a winning September and fans are acting like a P5 invite is coming coupled with five million dollar Coaches, five star recruiting and a full Stadium..
  7. Amateur Clowns We get you don't know how to act. Just remember, those whom you ball drag on the way up, will skull phuck you on the way down.
  8. All MW fans thinking about watching the Boise - Aztec tilt.
  9. You will find us a welcoming, understanding, and supportive group of fans without a quarterback. We'll help you learn to appreciate defense and love Special Teams play. We'll even help you to learn to appreciate a W you eked out when you were favored by three scores. We're here for you.
  10. Somehow, someway, they managed to score despite consecutive false start penalties.
  11. They haven't tried cause of Secret Service and Y'all Queda. If someone did succeed, half the Country would celebrate and the other half would lose its mind.
  12. That pretty much sums up Trumps political strategy pre Coup. Now, it's trying to convince the Electorate how big a victim he is.
  13. The fact that he is allowed near Elementary Schools is concerning
  14. It's absolutely disgusting that our Schools have to teach kids to be kind to one another and accept others for being different. Shouldn't the parents be doing that at home ? You and your crowd are phucktards
  15. Your fear of these abstract boogeymen boggles the mind.
  16. I am certain they drank what beer there was to be had in Provo and surrounding towns.
  17. Being a prohibitive road favorite at UTEP. You are the Turd.
  18. It's a crazy landscape for Coaches. Blake Anderson shows up in Logan wins a Conference Title and gets a pay raise/extension. Now, He may not last until the end of this season
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