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  1. Nah, it's much easier and more ego confirming to say, Phuck Them.
  2. Alex Jones, Hannity, Rush, OAN, Breitbart, etal are real sources of unvarnished and factual info. Along with FB, Twitter, and now Parler. Where have you been the last 30 years ?
  3. Pro Life LGBTQ Rights Pro 1A (Religious) Pro 2A SCOTUS "Build the Wall" "Lock Her Up" Trump speaks to them on these issues.
  4. Much like FDRs radio chats. The thing that impresses me about them, was his calm demeanor, positivity, and talking straight. Without, flame throwing the opposition. He provided a tone of, "We are all in this together. And together we'll get through this." If Fox were around then, the response would be,. "We won't come together in the way you want. You want Socialism !"
  5. Looks like Trump has a shot on Friday in PA. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pennsylvania-judge-halts-election-certification-mail-in-vote-lawsuit
  6. An over under of 50 ? He's a cinch to get to 44. What's the deadline
  7. fify. I'm not sure if a Prez Elect has the same legal protections as a sitting Prez does.
  8. Love the carnival music for a backdrop
  9. 1. Nevada 2. Sparty 3. Blase 4. Fresno 5. Carson St 6. AFA 7. Hawaii 8. CSU 9. Wyo - missing 10. Western New Mexico 11. UNLV 12. The Utags
  10. He could at least put Joe under basement arrest. For the sake of a good Authoritarian show.
  11. 1. Yes, it is. That's why UH pays travel subs 2. I didn't realize that watching Hawaii or Nevada was that important to you. I was able to find the UH Aztec game on the internet. For free. Someone in the game thread actually cast it to his Big ass tv. 3 Who cares. Possible replacements bring less to the Conference than the oft argued Sparty Personally, I like having Hawaii in the Conference for FB. UH fans are fun posters.
  12. I think we have reached Banana Republic status.
  13. Biz Leaders Tell GOP: Get Trump Out or No Georgia Donations https://www.thedailybeast.com/business-leaders-tell-gop-to-start-biden-transition-or-no-money-for-georgia-senate-run-offs
  14. Unfortunately, you own us. Also unfortunate for you is the Covid shortened season. I think you guys would have a shot at the NY6.
  15. CSU ranked #3 in FB success ? They must have excluded every season after the Sonny Lubbick era.
  16. Top Three Aztecs. Rebs. Rams Dark Horses Boise. Utags Hopeful things come together Pack. Fresno Hoping for an extended Covid pause AFA. UNM @ LV Sparty Poke - mon
  17. It seems the MW sent it's only competent crew to Reno for the high production CBS Primetime game. Good thing as the quality of play, barely noticed officiating, and lack of Smurf Turf sure made the MW look good.
  18. Have you kicked Sparty out of the Conference ?
  19. You're apparently the dumbphuck. BCS Committee is a troll as evidenced by the rofl emoji. You and @BSUTOP.25 need to get over your self inflicted superiority complexes.
  20. Pride put you on the Island of Universal Spite
  21. You ain't getting in with that schedule.
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