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  1. I'm thinking this is a rehash of last January's poll.
  2. This news, coupled with rumours of bringing in another xfer RB, tell me the Coaching Staff isn't happy with the RB room
  3. If he's faster than Jordan Byrd, that will be something. As to his past, one or two incidents can be a blip on the radar. According the article, there are several violations. Whether they are all from the same incident or others is what concerns me. Let's hope he can overcome his past and get another opportunity on the field and in the classroom. Let's also hope he holds onto the ball better than Greg Bell.
  4. Pass. The kid has a history of getting into fights. I can't imagine the RB room being so bereft of talent that they would roll the dice on someone with these issues.
  5. The Big Ten has three Conference tilts in Week 0/1. Northwestern/Neb, Indy/Illini and PennSt/Purdue. The AAC has two Clemson/GaTech and Louisville/Syracuse Wtf ? That's just brutal. ! I can't understand these schools willingly playing a Conference game right out of the gate.
  6. Yes, I see your point as well. Therein lies another comparative difference. Because of low tax and small Guv politics, we refuse to properly staff, supply, and build the appropriate infrastructure for our Borders. Build up the so called Southern Wall all you want. Traffickers of humans, contraband, drugs, or whatever have already figured out how to go over, under, around, and through our borders. Stop the real source of the problem. Americans wanting cheap drugs, cheap labor, cheap products, and cheap sex.
  7. Yes, they are. Temple and Annapolis are aways off.
  8. Beating Fresno in of itself is impetus to get better. Since joining the MW, but for 2012, Fresno wins when they have a winning record. SDSU wins when Fresno has a losing record. But, yes getting Brady Hoke and Rocky Long as HC was the most important step. Whoever, the next Coach is, will come from the Culture they built there.
  9. Cincinnati and Syracuse ? They had good seasons.
  10. It makes sense to break ties via head to head first, followed by common opponents.
  11. I've felt that as well. The Aztecs got more competetive via subtraction. Yes, improved Coaching and funding has helped. If the defectors had stuck around, they would be middlin' in FB. Probably would have added a couple of Texas Schools as well. The WAC would still be alive !
  12. I've never taken a "Cultural View" of our Conference mates. I like playing the Utags, AFA, and the Pokes simply because the games are competitive. Not because there is a Regional affiliation/rivalry.
  13. That's exactly what we do now, just without official Divisions. Personally, I like 3 pods of 4 teams. Playing against out of pod teams 5/8 beats 4/8. I would miss playing Nevada yearly as that has become a good and competitive rivalry. But, UNLV is pretty much a guaranteed W. Meh
  14. It's nice to see many of our members in the top half. I'm hopeful those lagging behind, have the resources to get themselves into the top half. I love MWFB, but seeing our member Institutions provide a quality and affordable education is a far more important function.
  15. With an 8 game schedule a 3-5-5 a schedule is ideal. You get to maintain your biggest Rivalries and play the old cross Division games one extra time in 8 seasons. With a nine game schedule a 4-5-5 is best.
  16. In 2014 a 6-6 and 5-3 Fresno, got in over a 10-2 and 6-2 CSU squad. In 2016 SDSU won the West at 6-2. Boise also went 6-2. Since they didn't play each other that year, the next tie-breaker, I assume, is common opponents. In that case, Both beat common opponents except CSU. Boise beat CSU. CSU beat SUDS. Boise should have been in the CCG.
  17. This Bio/Medical threat will not be ignored by the Religious and Political Right. It has all the hallmarks. At this point it's mostly a gay-male-casual sex thing. They can scapegoat the gays without saying gays are evil out loud. They can also use this to further the closed borders rhetoric.
  18. You, as a Man have no clue as to how difficult that is for a Mother. Even when she knows it is in the best interest of the child. It is agonizingly difficult to let her child go.
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