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  1. That's how it copy and pasted. No offense or rudeness intended. Fixed it
  2. Donny seems to think he smart because he has taken advantage of tax loopholes.
  3. So, why can't public Unions be reformed so those things don't happen ?
  4. The ruling has a number of significant consequences for criminal law in the relevant portion of Oklahoma. The first is that going forward, certain major crimes committed within the boundaries of reservations must be prosecuted in federal court rather than state court, if a Native American is involved. So if a Native American is accused of a major crime in downtown Tulsa, the federal government rather than the state government will prosecute it. Less serious crimes involving Native Americans on American Indian land will be handled in tribal courts. This arrangement is already common in Western states like Arizona, New Mexico and Montana, said Washburn. Then there's the issue of past decisions — many of them are now considered wrongful convictions because the state lacked jurisdiction. A number of criminal defendants who have been convicted in the past will now have grounds to challenge their convictions, arguing that the state never had jurisdiction to try them. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/09/889562040/supreme-court-rules-that-about-half-of-oklahoma-is-indian-land Sorry NPR haters but this was the most comprehensive article I have come across
  5. You have presented a good well researched and linked argument. I have read two of the three articles. The first article from the Mayo Clinic links me to their home page. Haven't taken the time to hunt it down. The other two articles definitely point out the horrors of yesteryear treatments. I felt they glossed over how current treatments are applied, what side effects there may or may not be, and their long term effectiveness. Aside from patients were more content or more manageable. Those are important factors, but what do family members say. What about the patients views. ? If these current treatments do show not only effectiveness but are also safe and humane treatments, then it is a big step.
  6. I do see what on the surface appears to be hypocrisy. He believes the laws need changing. Even if it has a negative impact on his taxes. I'm no fan of Bernie's agenda, but he is far less disingenuine than The Donald.
  7. He follows the tax laws like everyone else. Would you willingly pay more taxes then required ? I didn't think so.
  8. Ahhh, a return to an era when things were simpler, clearer, and more well defined. A return to a Leave it to Beaver world. Please, I am earnest in my request, post links to info that show how lobotomies and electro shock therapy work and are humane treatments. Or how the Institutions and Nazi style research on mental patients has improved. Cause everything I've read and heard is exactly the opposite. See One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for my viewpoint.
  9. Post of the Week @mugtang This should be on the the MWC Board Wall of Fame.
  10. This is a dishonest poll. The choices, like our politics is an exercise in black/white or right/wrong extremism. We are constantly offered dualistic solutions even though we all live and operate in a grey world. How about options like: o reform Police Unions through removing the protections and privacy rules that shield bad cops. o reform City oversight of Policing Agencies o Demilitarizing the Police Forces and their military style weaponry. o Change our Police Forces into policing Agencies
  11. So it's okay to be a White RW Extremist Punk running City streets brandishing/intimidating people with their weapons in volatile situations because they are Patriots exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights ? Got It.
  12. No. The White Right will scream and yell that these are Antifa Terrorists, and like the black Panthers, our Guv will go over the top to shut them down. History always repeats itself.
  13. It's about Gawd Damned time we stopped tossing the mentally ill into prison cells. In my mind, this is one of the outcomes of extreme tax cutting. The mentally ill and drug addicted need to be in treatment and care facilities with the end goal of reintegration into society. Tossing them in prisons where they are victimized by sociopathic predators and poorly trained prison guards who are making $10 bucks an hour in a private facility that only cares about maximizing profits, leads to what we have today.