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  1. Scott Peterson, thousands of California inmates carried out 'staggering' Covid fraud, officials say https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/scott-peterson-thousands-california-inmates-carried-out-staggering-covid-fraud-n1248900 How is it that the Internet activity of Inmates is not regulated or censored ? W T F ?
  2. The Utags played really well for what ? 25 - 30 minutes ? Then their defense and shooting disappeared. That was a stunning circle of the drain.
  3. Not likely. It seems UNR and Boise will consistently be Top Tier squads.
  4. Then UNLV must really suck. You never know though. Weber State was the best offer Damian Lilliard got. Whooda thunk it ?
  5. Poorly played by Fox to schedule THIS game in THIS time slot. Any positives for the Conference that was garnered via the UNR- Aztec game, will disappear quicker than a drunks money on payday. I'm not bagging on Utah or UNM fb, but this was not the ideal game to schedule on prime time.
  6. Perhaps that Big Sky team is really good.
  7. What next ? Christmas ? That's not Liberalism, that's, that's, Socialism !
  8. Sad for him Q ? Why would you want to work for a Business that forced you to pray ? Or any other mandated requirement that has zero to do with your ability to perform your job ?
  9. Whatever is on the menu, enjoy your day !
  10. Without Liberals we would be living living in a world where we all work 90+ hours a week, with little pay, benefits, work place protections, and other things we take for granted. We would live in a world where we have few Civil Liberties. Our nation would be a Police State run by Evangelical Conservatives who believe in slavery and Public Executions because, "It's in the Bible."
  11. Yes. One of the reasons I supported a candidate for Guv with whom I don't politically agree with. Albeit, he lost. In spite of his being a Trump supporter, the former House Speaker was supportive of not just rural economic development, but getting education funding into these communities and has been a force in getting the various players to the bargaining table to work on the bigger issues facing Utah. Without all the political rancor and Isolationism. I wish we had more leaders who were interested in that and not scoring political points by owning the other party
  12. Nah, it's much easier and more ego confirming to say, Phuck Them.
  13. Alex Jones, Hannity, Rush, OAN, Breitbart, etal are real sources of unvarnished and factual info. Along with FB, Twitter, and now Parler. Where have you been the last 30 years ?
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