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  1. The R's who opposed The Donald caved because of their core issues. They not only held their noses, but they also squeezed their butt cheeks when they voted for him. Like the German Conservative leadership that thought they would be able to restrain Herr Hitler, so did the recently sidelined Moderate Conservative core of the party.
  2. Was reading the parameters of the projections and one thing stood out. FCS wins do not count in the over/under line.
  3. NewMags - 4 BY-WHO 6.5 UTEP 1.5 The NewMags get more wins than the Lobos ? Say it ain't so.
  4. My opinion is the Sun Belt and CUSA divide themselves east and west. These smaller low budget schools need to look at being bus leagues and reducing the number of sports. No, I'm not going to hijack this into a realignment thread. I know the alumni, administrators, faculty and students all want to have good sports teams. But, for most, it will never happen. They just need to get over their hopes and dreams of being in the FBS. Where's the money coming from when you average 2,000 for b-ball games, but you have to travel a 1000 miles to play a conference game on a Tuesday in January ?
  5. I remember that. And the voice of Don Criqui. I recall Alex Karras saying the D-line was laughing so hard at the thought of the seemingly impossible, they didn't bother to try and block the kick. It's sad to hear he suffered from the Corona virus before passing.
  6. Yes. It will be. As soon as things get back to normal, BYU turns their noses up at us and goes Indy again. Start a conference with Boise and the other G5 Indies. Outside of Army, you all deserve each other.
  7. We are of one mind. When the Dems 'Screw the Pooch', I am on that as well. Heck, last week I started a thread raking Little Fancy Nancy over the iron hot coals of the MWCBoard.
  8. Nor do you. You have decided that everytime The Donald farts, you'll be there to wipe his ass and freshen the room. So, what is the issue ? Seems to pretty cut and dried to the rest of America. Trump tells the States to come up with their own solutions, so they do. Mass buys PPE. Feds have already muscled in on 3 shipments. So, Mass literally had to work a back door deal with the ChiComs, lean on a benificent backer to give up his plane and fuel. Make arrangements with a fellow Guv to refuel in order to get the supplies the Feds seized. But the Donald is looking out for America.
  9. Faux News and Breitbart have been and will continue to hail them as shining lights of democracy, freedom, and great American Patriots for standing up to the leftist media and fear mongers.
  10. I support your Civil Liberties. I support your right to freedom of movement and speech. You have the absolute right to contract the Corona virus and spread it to others. But, did you respect the rights of others when you made that boneheaded decision ? What those who are screaming about their Constitutional Rights forget is that those Rights also come with responsibility.