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  1. The RNC is using it's resources to get Kanye West on the ballot in battleground States, in order to siphon votes away from Biden. Are you okay with that ? Aren't there rules about how many days in advance of an election you are required to file, etc. ? It seems a little late in the game to ask States to print and distribute new ballots and voter info pamphlets.
  2. Egg shells. Crush them up fine and spread them around the base of the plant. My tomatoes look like they are on steroids !
  3. It was Bannon and Faux as well. They threatened to turn on him and frame it as an "Amnesty" and turn the base against him. 48 hours later he emphatically told Dick Durbin, "No Deal"
  4. They are not the problem. It is the hard line Caucuses within the Parties that make it hard to move forward on any issue. Whether it is the AOC libs or the Tea Party. Mitch and Nancy to maintain their positions and get reelected have to play ball with them.
  5. How about background checks ? I realize the initial check is time consuming and a wait is involved. But, once you're in the system, subsequent purchases should be routine. How about legal prosecution of parents who don't properly secure their guns and ammo when their kids get hold of it and do property and/or personal damage ? I'm willing to give up Guv funded abortion except for those who are below a reasonable poverty level. Only in cases of life/health of mother and rape/incest, where the mother will receive counseling about the path she is going down and the options that are
  6. I'm others words, Phuck No. Thinking like that IS the reason why we can't reach consensus.
  7. R's would have to do more than raise taxes on the top 10% imo. I'm not a tax expert, but let's talk shop.
  8. Then, I read that Max Kennedy Jr was on Kushners virus task force. He admitted to being the Congressional Informant. What the task force did was "perfect." He was not only asked to provide falsified models, which he refused, but was also instructed to favor Trump allies. He described the program as "like a family office meets organized crime, melded with 'Lord of the Flies.' It was a government of chaos." https://www.businessinsider.com/kennedy-says-kushner-virus-taskforce-asked-him-to-distort-predictions-2020-9
  9. They did retract their story but, their mission was successful. They discredited Dem leadership and continued the narrative about the Deep State. Most who saw and we're outraged by this story will never see or hear about the retraction. Most that do see the retraction will still believe in Dem incompetence. Propaganda 101. Plant the seed.
  10. Not the right ones, obviously. The R's in the House and Senate out maneuvered Obama every step of the his presidency
  11. Wrong. Moscow Mitch chose to quash the nomination. It never saw the light of day. It was all about Mitch getting in a "Reverse Borking". He had been waiting for his moment for decades.
  12. The Dems have proven themselves incompetent when they've had power. So, it's not a stretch to believe that Mitch could run out the clock
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2018/02/07/a-house-filibuster-like-the-one-nancy-pelosi-gave-hasnt-happened-in-more-than-a-century/
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