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  1. Right after my youngest sister was born, my older sister brought home Chicken Pox, measles, and mumps within two months. And we caught those ailments in succession. As soon as we got over one, we started another round of the next disease. That was a rough two months for my Mom. I was fortunate my kids got the Chicken Pox at the same time and it was all over in two weeks.
  2. That's surprising Chicago can find that many College Educated folk who want to be Cops. Most with that much Education usually opt for less dangerous and stressful career paths. Im also guessing that Ed requirements are for Leadership positions
  3. Thisis about Religious and Political pre-eminence for White Nationalist Christians. Pay attention !
  4. Here's an Education kicker for you all. The Utah Leg has approved a Voucher plan for all students up to $8K per year. Sounds great on the surface, until you find out the State is only putting up $4750 per year for Public School Students. Instead of enriching Private Schools, why doesn't the State invest more in their own Public School System ? Why is the State of Utah willing to pass billions if our Tax dollars along to swindlers like Betsy DeVoss ? Have our Legislators caved to the Private Ed Industries demands ? Do they not want to deal with fixing the problems of their own School System ? Is it really a good idea for our kids to attend Private Schools where these Schools are not responsible to the State for curriculum standards, hiring practices, etc. ? What about kids who live in areas where there are no Private Schools? Their only option is a financially reduced Public Education. What if the only Private Schools are LDS based and your kids are not LdS ? So many pins to poke holes at this Politically and Emotionally tinged subject. Personally, I believe the current push towards vouchers is parents wanting their kids to be Patriotically and Religiously Indoctrinated, coupled with CRT mania, not wanting their kids in Schools with large minority populations, and the parents LGBTQ phobias.
  5. I just love the crowd that complains about how our kids have fallen behind, yet refuse to properly fund their Local Schools because of "muh Taxes are to high !" They insist their kids move to the grade they are supposed to chronologically be in. Wouldn't it be smarter if the kids started back where they left off ? If the parents are so concerned about their kids Education, why aren't they more involved in their local School outside of the anti- CRT freak shows ? If the parents were truly concerned they would visit with their kids Teachers 2-3 times per month to see how things were going. I did. There was no gap between what my kids were saying about homework/projects/grades and the report cards coming home. I made damned sure myself, my kids, and their Teachers were on the same page The Result ? My kids did quite well in School.
  6. In the world of the Elite you live in, you are correct. You ain't seeing the world that has fallen behind inflation and in wages. Loads and loads of people in my world are still suffering. More will with the coming downturn. More and more homeless camps everywhere you bother to look. A society that looks down upon and victimizes those who have been left behind. It's pretty obvious you wear First World blinders so you don't have to see the real world.
  7. Your position and data on RO/TRO's may be accurate. However, using it as an argument against some level of gun control allows these crazies to keep their arsenals. Even if these gun control Laws save one life. It was worth it.
  8. No. We do need to take a look at these issues. @Slapdad wants to eliminate them. Like i said, we are more emotionally attached to and will fight to the death for our guns, but not innocent lives. What a messed up Society.
  9. Talk about your Marxist Policies.......
  10. This will be a soft landing for Corporate America. Much of working class America is still suffering from the 2008 Depression.
  11. Yes, he is. The Rights of mentally insane gun owners supercede the Rights of their potential victims.
  12. And here you are advocating for crazy phucks to keep their guns ? roflmao. Like i said you care more about your precious guns than you do innocent women and children. And every post you've made defends that stance. Your arguments are exactly why crazy white folk are gunning down Minorities for having the temerity to pass through White neighborhoods. You're arguments also enable crazy white men who gun down their women for not having their dinner on the table when they get home. It's obvious you're all in on the the four G spots.
  13. The money from that Athletic Alliance is paltry compared to the Academic and Research side of the House. I and other Salt Lakers have witnessed the exponential Academic and Research growth of the U since joining the PAC. Yea, the Sports side of the House has grown with new facilities and increased Coaches Salaries. However, the big money growth has been on the Academic and Research side. In multitudes. Because of the Academic Alliances. The PAC simply doesn't want to associate with a measly Cal State or have said Cal State play in their recruiting sand box.
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