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  1. Why not ? They always do. Unless a gazillion urban refugees with cash move into your town.
  2. Great man and cyclist. I did know he helped to harbor Jewish fugitives. Didn't know he kept mum about it. Fear of retribution ? Humility ? A little of both ?
  3. All excellent points. China was still Japan's Russia. They were hopelessly bogged down in China and over extended. That war probably would have gone on another decade had it not been for Japan bringing the US into the Pacific War.
  4. If Ted, The Splinter, Williams not had his baseball career shortened by five years due to Military Service, three years in WW2 and two in the Korean War, he would have owned every major offensive record in the books. I have seen more than one analysis of his projected career stats and they would have been astounding. He would have finished with 713 Home Runs, surely he would have surpassed the Babe with that milestone in sight. The most amazing stat is that he would still be the career RBI leader with 2,465. Hammerin' Hank Aaron would be a distant second at 2,297.
  5. The Soviets took the brunt of the Nazi war machine and Stalinism. I've read accounts where some historians believe Stalin killed more of his people than did the Nazis. Even if the US had not provided lend lease aid, the Soviets would have won the war. It just would have taken a few more years and tens of million more souls would have died and suffered.
  6. China did the heavy lifting in the Pacific Theater. It was Japan's, Soviet Union. The Japanese war in China was where the vast majority of their resources and elite Military Units were utilized. The US Navy beat up on the Japanese Imperial Navy.
  7. Are you speaking of the great Italian cyclist who bookended WW2 with multiple wins in Il Giro and Le Grande Boucle ?
  8. If the tranny reports prove to be true, I have no doubt he/she ? was being harassed by the local kids. Probably brought the gun to school to get them to back off.
  9. Back in the 70's and 80's after the RR pulled out and turned Ogden into a dying community, the City Father's has a grand idea to build a lot of rehab facilities here along with probation and early release parole facilities. Most communities in Utah were passing ordinances to restrict them, so Ogden decided to be ground zero and cash in. The problem is most of these ex cons and pedophiles stuck around after their sentences ended. I have friends who told me stories of going down to Two Bit street just to harass the drug addicts and hookers for the fun of it. When I arrived in '94, most
  10. I guess I started smoking at conception. My parents and every adult I knew smoked. I had an Uncle Kent who smoked Kents. An Uncle Phil who smoked Phillip Morris. I started at 16 and thankfully put the cigs behind me 15-20 years ago. I watched my father die from lung cancer caused by smoking and asbestos exposure in the Navy. What a Horrible way to go. Many of my parents friends and now my friends, while dying from the effects of smoking, with their dying puff off a cig while connected to an oxygen tank say, "Smoking is my best friend." I remember going to the doctor in the mid sixtie
  11. Me and my sisters were raised by a single mom. She's tough as nails and won't take chit from anyone. She even restrained herself from choking me out on several, well deserved, occasions Her 84th is two weeks away. She still walks two miles to the Post Office a couple days a week. Just to stretch her legs.
  12. You can't tell by the denizens of Ogden nor by the apartment hunting my friend is attempting. All the so called No smoking places are worse than a Nevada saloon on Friday Night. More and more youth, like my dumass grandkids are vaping now. So, yes, tobacco smoking may be going down, but vaping is on the rise.
  13. You're cherry picking Maynard. Do you wear OSHA or company mandated PPE at work ? How about a swimsuit at the local pool or beach ? Do you obey "No smoking" signs in public areas ? Then you're a lemming who goes along with being mandated.
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