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  1. The Aztecs are to high. They lost a lot of quality and experience from the 2021 squad. Even if they are in reload mode, it's hard to replace that much and not take a step back. Then again, it's the bettors that drive the odds. I've seen early over/under predictions that have them at 7.5. If the Vegas lines follow that trend, take the over ! They have a decent QB and ten wins is doable.
  2. Isn't that why they have Vanderbilt and SC ? Auto wins for most squads.
  3. Yes, they are fun. Your belief system would cancel Mrs Doubtfire and Madea.
  4. Both he and Nixon were Narcissists. Nixon had the class to walk away, quietly and stay out of the public eye. Not, this shit stain.
  5. Grand Old Party my ass. If their further drift from the Political Center doesn't cause the creation of a Centrist Party, we're screwed.
  6. According to WalletHub, they are. They measured Military Service, Voting Rates, and Volunteerism. 2022's Most Patriotic States in America (wallethub.com)
  7. I've noticed a significant uptick in empty, yet reserved State Park campsites when we visit. We have a Utah State Parks Pass, and go a lot. Even in winter months, there are lots of unused sites. I wouldn't be surprised if Utah is having similar problems to Colorado with poor training and/or their employees poaching the sites. https://www.rvtravel.com/campsite-state-park-1057b/
  8. Maybe, just maybe, Nick Saban is one of the greatest Recruiters and CFB Coaches of all time ? Dude could make New Mexico State a powerhouse.
  9. They will still get into Rotating Sponsor lower level Bowl Game. And, they still get their Socialized cut of of a Big10 Media and Bowl Rights Check they didn't earn. That's all that matters. Google Vanderbilt FB and BB history and tell me if they've carried their weight for the SEC.
  10. I agree on the first statement. On the second, he is keeping the G5 relevant by calling for 10.
  11. In this world, Big Talk works. See Mike Aresco and Donald Trump.
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