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  1. Neither the Nazi web or the Stasi's methods required a lot of manpower. They relied on neighbors, family members, etc, to snitch on each other. Quite effectively at that.
  2. No, it's an attack on Education they don't approve of. Namely anything that would cause someone to not believe in Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, or that White Slave Owners were good people.
  3. I don't know about 7th grade class. My 10th grade history teacher pointed out that the Cotton Gin led to an expansion of slavery instead of Whitney's desire to eliminate slavery. I'll bet he would have been ratted out.
  4. I used to have a bumper sticker that said, "Skiing makes me happy." I'll bet GQPers will set up a snitch hotline because I excluded snowboarders.
  5. Faux News celebrated her and brought her on live tv. STFU
  6. Zactly my point in the post. But, I'm guessing the Cons who told the rest of the world to Phuck your feelings, are getting their feelings hurt for being called out about it. "Phuck your Feelings GQPers"
  7. Did you get your feewings hurt too ? To bad. Being a Minority female is exactly the grounds the GQP will oppose any Minority Female on. They just disguise it as being to Librul.
  8. I see, the GQP can make the claims, but I can't point out their idiocy via sarcasm. I hope you got your feewings hurt..
  9. No. Just calling out GQP bullshit. And I am a registerd R. Voted in every GOP primary for close to fifteen years. I hate, despise, and loathe Trumpism.
  10. Just repeating horrid GQP talking points. FauxNews rode that one for awhile over her wearing a sleeveless dress. Quit trying to pull your faux sensitivity bullshit on me. You know for a fact that any Black female nominee is going to get dragged through the racist mud by the right Trying to pull reverse racist crap on me is lame, weak, and disingenuous at best. Phuck you and your fake outrage.
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