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  1. Dude is creative and thinking outside of the box. I give him credit. But, the Aztecs still won't be able to recruit a quarterback He forgot one thing, The Pac Presidents and AD's will be like:
  2. Hey, if the NewMags can hang in for 60+ years with horrible football, you can get your foot in the door. With all the cash flow you have spoken of, budgets, fan base and sponsors, I would think the NCAA can make a second exception. You're in far better shape than ~40 of the G5 bottom feeders.
  3. I would add to that the boatload of Vegas kids playing ball in the MW, PAC, and FCS level just not at UNLV. Why are they leaving Vegas to play ball ?
  4. And they would bail for a P5 program the first chance they had.
  5. How about this scenario, thw MW acts pre-emptively and takes: The Bison for FB. Tulsa all Sports SMU all North Texas all CSU stays AFA FB only. Gonzaga BB only Wichita Olys The other three Conferences can cannibalize each other.
  6. You gotta get your foot in the door somehow. Liberty has played in some bowl games. They will find a Conference before 2024.
  7. The WAC 3.0 or the Belt would be a good starting spot.
  8. They do it for Hockey and probably LaCrosse as well. Why not Football ?
  9. No, they're not. The B1G Network is now in the NY Metro Market.
  10. Maybe NDSU should go Indy, play an NMSU type schedule, a couple of body bag paydays, playing the same teams twice, filling out your schedule with the other G5 Indies. Whatever it takes. See how you hold up. If you show a pulse, like Liberty, a Conference will come calling. I wish your program well. They remind me of San Diego State in the 60's and 70's. Albeit we went Indy in the early 70's leaving the PCAA behind, we still played the PCAA teams and 3-4 WAC teams until we got into the WAC.
  11. Your post was going well and was humorous until this point. The further up the food chain you go, the more important quality depth, size, and speed matter. At the FCS level, there is a huuuuuuuge shortage of those attributes. I know, I follow Weber St football. They're a pretty good, but those three attributes are missing when i go watch a game. When you're schedule reads @Sparty, Boise, Nevada, @Wyoming, SUDS, @ Fresno. You're going to be pretty beat up halfway into that stretch. Even beating UNLV or CSU in that stretch will be a difficult W.
  12. Dead on. Both Utah, Colorado, BYU and TCU have struggled since moving up. They have had their moments, but they are mostly middlin' to good. The only teams I have seen succeed after steppping up in class are Boise and Penn St. Everyone else struggles for 5-10 years. Its not about your starters being good. Its about having quality depth to back it up.
  13. What's with the roadies to Seattle ? wtf ? These kinds of Conferences are what's killing 80% of the G5.
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