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  1. Whataboutism actually deflects attention away from the matter at hand. That's what Trumpistan has been about from the get-go. (Look over there ! Not at what is relevant right now.) The entire Senate hearing is nothing but a whitewash and proves that the R's are more interested in getting reelected by a populist movement then they are about protecting the Constitution and the over stepping of executive power.
  2. I was perusing the AAC board on this topic. Seems most posters do not want Boise in their conference. Most base their objections on the last go around with the Big Least. While I would be sad that Boise left the MW, esp in fb. I also feel like, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  3. It's not an excuse for gunning someone down. The charge should have been manslaughter.
  4. The Repubicans have slandered, attacked, and tried to initiate investigations into HRC and Billy Bob for 30+ years and haven't been able to pin anything on them in all that time. Either they are untouchable or perhaps, the R's have created a whole bunch of smoke where there is no fire.
  5. An interesting read: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2020/01/15/college-football-season-grades-all-130-teams-lsu-clemson/2834986001/ A Air Force A- Boise B+ Hawaii SDSU B Sparty Pokes B- Nevada C+ Utags D+ CSU Fresno UNLV D UNM
  6. Nevada, Fresno, USU, Wyoming, and CSU will keep playing Boise.
  7. Hopefully, SDSU learned their lesson the last time they tried to partner up with Boise. No more chasing prima donnas from conference to conference. The Aztecs belong in a western fb conference. Even playing teams from Texas is far to expensive for travel. Especially in the Olys. Stay in the MW, please ! Feck Boise.
  8. No shit, Sherlock. Couldn't resist pulling your leg. It seems to have worked.
  9. FB wise they bring very little to the table. What's the point of having schools in your conference that very few follow ? I wasn't looking at pop centers, but more which teams have a solid fan following and on field success.
  10. "If Christ was to return, one thing he wouldn't be is a Christian." Mark Twain
  11. Both SDSU and Fresno have plenty of late kickoffs to accommodate the networks.
  12. fify. CSU and UNLV bring nothing in fb. Nada, zip, zero, zilch.
  13. Hair will not allow video streaming or witnesses to be called. He will subvert the process and turn it into a partisan brawl.