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  1. Loads of BYU acolytes in Hawaii. They'll represent.
  2. No, they won't. To the media, Boise is a valuable asset and possibly SDSU because of it's potential SoCal market and late night scheduling slot. All other teams are not. All I have to do is look at the broadcast outlets for the rest of the conference. It's mostly internet based or ESPN+, or EspnU. There is very little demand even regionally for MW sports. Too many professional sports and Pac-12 teams.
  3. There is no such thing as good or bad publicity. There is only publicity.
  4. How much you wanna bet ? Their d-line alone has a minumim of four and possibly 5 guys getting drafted next spring. 3 of those guys would have been drafted last year if they hadn't stayed for their senior season. That O-line is beast sized, athletic, and strong. They literally beat teams down over four quarters . Utah is the team nobody wants to play in the CFP. Even if you win, they will have beaten you down and you will have nothing left for the Championship.
  5. I would be happy to win one of the next three. Christ, this is 2018 all over again.
  6. Edited and included the full list for you
  7. Montezuma Mesa and the current Aztec nation were transplanted here just before their empire collapsed. The aliens came to rescue Quetzalcoatl, but he had passed away. So they transplanted his descendants to Sandy Eggo just before the Conquistadors arrived. 😎
  8. To the first paragraph, yes the AAC has been the better G5 conference over the last two seasons. To make the claim that it makes you deserving of permanent NY6 status, well .......... Conference strength rises and falls even within a decade. Talk to me in another five years. To the second paragraph: No, losing UConn does not make your conference better. It means one less W for the upper tier of the league. MW fans have been discussing for years losing UNLV, New Mexico, Sparty and at one time San Diego St was in that conversation about conference boat anchors. All getting rid of the weak teams does is cause the rest of the conference to finish around .500.
  9. Wow. You guys are acting like you lost to the Cowpokes. Just be glad Bob Davie is not your coach.
  10. Yeah, the Spaztecs stepped all over their dicks last night. Bye week, homie, 17 point faves............ This feels like Deja Vu all over again.
  11. We are screaming for Hortons ass. Not Rocky. Three straight seasons we have come out of the gate strong. Three straight seasons they have wasted those strong starts. The decline is about O-line play, play calling and scheme. That's on the O-line coach, Mike Schmidt, for not recruiting and developing better players. And Jeff Horton for not changing the scheme or play calling.
  12. Like I said, it took a watered down conference for SDSU to be mediocre. They have had three ten win seasons. Everything else is, meh. Especially in 2014 when we lost to a Fresno team that went 6-8, but won the division. 😢
  13. It is the reason. Boise has been the most consistent team in the MW. In the WAC, they were the top dogs. Plus, they and the Aztecs are in opposite divisions. Hell, the Aztecs needed the three big boys to leave and get a bunch of WAC teams in the conference before they could be relevant.