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  1. I finally got a chance to watch the Fleche Finale. On the steepest section of the Mur, he accelerated away from the bunch like he was shot out of a cannon. Over the last 350 meters everybody else looked as if they were riding through tar. Just an amazing acceleration on a ~12% slope. The guy that finished second did close some ground on him over the last 75 meters, but look how far back everyone else is.
  2. I thought the racing was good despite the weather and cold. It seemed every lap riders were withdrawing. Only 44 riders finished. The last rider finished over seven minutes behind. Despite the weather, there were massive crowds on the Mur de Huy. Hopefully, there will be some better weather for the L-B-L. I also caught Stage 3 of the Tour of the Alps. Juan Pe Lopez got his first ever win at age 26 in impressive fashion. He and a Bardiani Rider went clear on the second climb and kept increasing their advantage. The climbs were slightly longer than the Fleche climbs but much steeper ascents and the descents were dicey. There were more than a few wheels that slipped on the descent, fortunately, no one went down. Today is the Queen Stage of the Alps. It should be good. Btw, since last year's Giro, Gerraint Thomas has sadly become a highly paid domestique. There's not much left in the tank for him.
  3. I watched a replay of the Womens IHF Gold Medal game between Canada and the US. It was an excellent match. Not going to spoil it, but the match went into OT and it was an excellent Hockey game. You can find it on Max .
  4. Are you a sock for the poster who used to come here and brag about his predictions and sources ?
  5. His senior moments though, are becoming quite pronounced I've love the fact he keeps confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi
  6. Good for Joe. Lose the dress black shoes and still be comfy and professional. I have bo doubt the RW Media sphere is losing their shit over this one. Now, tan shoes ?
  7. It's amazing how he has bought into the RW propaganda about Biden being gone. Compare Biden taking to Trump and you see who really is losing it.
  8. Fingers crossed. https://x.com/marksouthall_/status/1780482323387146695
  9. A good omen for Aztec fans ? https://x.com/AztecTracker/status/1780319760439492993
  10. Anybody who would accept that job with the removal criteria is obviously into masochism.
  11. He's been completely propagandized by Centrist Media. I'll bet he believes Pizza Gate is a real thing.
  12. How ? Only the bottom level teams move up and down. Historical Dogs like Indiana and Vandy stay elevated.
  13. This is the thing that pisses me off about the Magats. No one is forcing them to have an abortion, give up their guns, stop going to Church, enter into a gay marriage, or become transgendered. Yet, they sure act as if that is happening and want to enforce their "Biblical Code" upon the rest of us. Just go away and leave the rest of us alone
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