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  1. Episode 6 now available! We talk Rice and Conference USA football with Matthew from The Roost and preview Hawaii’s Week Zero game against Arizona. #Hawaii #Arizona #Rice https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-6-the-roost-brings-in-week-zero
  2. If you guys like us can you subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave us a 5 star review? We’re also on Twitter @TheG5Beat 🍻
  3. Thanks for giving us a listen! Later down the road we might look at getting sponsors
  4. Mountain West preview podcast now available: https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-5-mountain-west-preview
  5. If you get a chance please follow us on Twitter @TheG5Beat and let us know any MW podcasts/fan pages to follow.
  6. Really good question...offense wasn’t really good in parts of the games I saw last year. Thanks for the questions!
  7. I’m a UAB fan but there was no option to pick them as my favorite team on here. Josh (my cohost) is a big Alabama fan but loves G5 football like me. We both actually graduated from Alabama.
  8. Thanks! Let me know what you think about our podcast. The CUSA episode was our first but I feel that we’ve gotten a lot better since then. Don’t take shots every time we say “umm” in the episode.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a fun message board