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  1. Championship Week https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-20...nship-week
  2. Week 14 https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-19-week-14‬ Thank you everyone that has listened to me. I hope y’all have a great thanksgiving and holidays. I’m thankful for all of you guys that have listened.
  3. Week 13: https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-18-week-13
  4. Week 9 Episode! We talk WKU/Marshall, Tulane/Navy, Miami (OH)/Kent State, Troy/Georgia State, Utah State/Air Force, and more! https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-15-week-9
  5. Week 8 Episode is here! I talk Tulane/Memphis, Temple/SMU, Southern Miss/Louisiana Tech, Air Force/Hawaii, Ark State/Ragin Cajuns, and a lot more. https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-14
  6. Hey guys, we’d love to have more MW followers on Twitter. Please follow us if you haven’t already on Twitter @TheG5Beat
  7. ‪Week 7 episode now available! We talk North Texas/Southern Miss, App State/Ragin Cajuns, Fresno State/Air Force, Hawaii/Boise State, Wyoming/SDSU, Cincinnati/Houston, and a lot more. https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-13-week-7‬
  8. Week 6 episode is now available! We talk about my trip to WKU, preview these games: UCF/Cincinnati, Tulane/Army, WMU/Toledo, Marshall/MTSU, Air Force/Navy, Troy/Missouri, and a lot more. https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-12-week-6
  9. I’m not sure why it’s not letting me copy and paste the link to the episode...
  10. Https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-11-week-5-preview
  11. Only if it’s one of our game of the week against a G5 team. Next week we’ll probably preview BYU at Toledo.
  12. Week 4 episode is now available! We talk Houston/Tulane, South Alabama/UAB, Temple/Buffalo, Western Michigan/Syracuse, Air Force/Boise State, Utah State/SDSU, App State/UNC, UTSA/North Texas, and a whole lot more: https://soundcloud.com/g5beat/episode-10-week-4