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  1. I tend to think the December weather has also been brutal to MWC Championship Game crowds. It doesn’t help the quality of play either. Considering that the crowd in Boise was so small to begin with, would it help the league to find a domed stadium to host the game? It would probably more media friendly as well.
  2. Exactly. Playing a mediocre Washington team is a disaster scenario for the conference. Washington players are going to fight for their coach and - if they torch MWC Champion Boise - that will be an awful statement on the SOS of the league (and of Boise as a viable alternative to a 2-win Cincinnati) which won’t help future NY6 selections.
  3. Boise State coming back to the MWC was engineered by Craig Thompson. I am so glad he got that done. Bryan Harsin was asked about dominating the MWC in the post game presser and he was very complimentary of the level of competition in the MWC. He made a point to say that it wasn’t cake.
  4. Thompson was asked a lot of questions about the TV Deal in his Championship Game briefing. Apparently a deal is getting closer, as more potential suitors for the content are becoming familiar with issues surrounding college sports, like player pay. He said a potential home for MWC Sports wants to know if California’s position on player pay will influence anything on their platform if they enter into a deal with the MWC. I think that’s a great sign for the league. Losing the access Bowl was a kick to the groin but Thompson was NOT selling it. He put up a very composed front and said he would not politic. i don’t know how that came off on MWC twitter BUT they were praising him on the news. All in all, these are good signs that the MWCs future media partner is asking the more in-depth questions about college sports programming AND Thompson feels good about where the MWC stands with the committee. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ST0bi_DNLwU
  5. Just wanted to congratulate the league on another season of MWC ball... My Wolverines gave it all we had today. I felt like Colorado State giving it the old college try against Boise yesterday.. The reason I’m here is that I’ve been looking up info on the new MWC TV deal. I thought I read somewhere that Thompson would announce in early fall.. There must be some peculiarities for the deal not being struck, to date. I caught some of your basketball games on Stadium and they were of good quality. Do you think Craig Thompson will announce the deal in Boise? Or when the MWC champ plays their bowl game? Or perhaps Hawaii? Either one of those sites (Boise, Vegas, Hawaii) could be tied into the “At The Peak” motto, when the MWC announces this momentous deal. I’m sure “#1Stunner” would love for Thompson to announce the deal in Hawaii.
  6. Conference constriction is the future. It started with the Big 12. Who knew that adding TCU and WVU would support such a stout 10 team basketball league? I just don’t see the AAC bumping up another team again. Maybe a FB only but I think that would be stretching it as I believe that divisionless football is the future. In basketball, 11 teams seems to be the magic number. Enjoy the weekends games my friends.
  7. I understand @mugtang and I will go there. I may check in sometime just to say hello and give a random opinion.
  8. I think it’s good for everyone to see the AAC do well. The fear of them being a part of “the establishment” shouldn’t make a MWC fan lose perspective. Even if they were embraced by the establishment, that would just make it easier for the MWC to become the regular NY6 participant against the CUSA/MAC/Sunbelt. Things like Gameday being at Memphis-SMU tomorrow actually help the MWC and places like BYU. If BYU thinks UConn is valuable, then they should add them to their schedules. I think Holmoe would be smart to do that (and try to get hoops games while they are still ‘down’) as high RPI/Massey/Sagarin games are being harder to come by, and the WCC isn’t much stronger than the MWC. Its all relative. For some conferences, eliminating the riff raff is more realistic because their metrics contain more Top 100 programs. But when there are more bottom 10 programs, you have to give more consideration to historical accomplishments.
  9. Cincinnati off the top of my head. However, the Big O and Jim Calhoun aren’t at those schools. UConns value these last few years has been in putting other teams over. And there’s a lot to be said for that. Think about it.. If you’re building a basketball program, beating the champion in 2014 is certainly a carrot. The AAC got their mileage out of that. That being said, the AAC wasn’t getting the Kansas or Kentucky type production you’d associate with a great program. That’s why Penny taking over Memphis and landing the #1 class was big for them. That’s the type of signature program they were in great need of. That’s not to say that Mike Aresco will still not whip out the conference’s copy of that 2014 trophy. They’ll still market that.
  10. Conference SOS/Sagarin/Massey is gonna factor in heavily. I can’t see any team that lost to a Georgia Southern gettin in.
  11. I don’t know you, but I’m a huge numbers guy. The predominant discussion right now centering on scheduling, both for CFP access in football and 20 game scheduling in hoops, means that conferences will be judged from top-to-bottom. it won’t pay to keep dregs around. With 20 game schedules being publicly acknowledged as inevitable for the MWC, this thread is germane to this board.
  12. Going back to the point of this thread... Anyone who studies analytics can see the AAC metrics this year are much superior for the 11 team configuration. I can see why AAC fans are excited. Divisionless play will only enhance that. The fact that the AAC was so well compensated losing their worst sagarin team by far is definitely a fluke of realignment. I believe it was reported that Mike Aresco was trying to sway an uncooperative membership to give up divisions prior to that. That resistance was erased. Surprisingly, Basketball isn’t so impacted either it seems. UConn hoops has been shown to be a coach-dependent program and more of a liability once their great coach retired. They were the 9th ranked AAC team last year. Not sure how theyll miss a team that is coming off 3 straight losing years. As I said, it’s more of an anomaly in modern realignment, where selections are usually based on performance. The UConn move was more of an Army-type move, combined with a conference that wanted to strengthen their claim to the old record book. AAC fans should be optimistic about this waiver. (Judging by the current seasons sagarin)
  13. Do you think that ESPN discriminates against the MWC for things like College Gameday?
  14. Can someone compliment what another conference has done without insecure dudes getting lathered up? No one is calling out underperformers.
  15. Check all of the ESPN Bottom 10 lists from way back. Those types of programs (in FB & Hoops) cripple conference ratings. The waiver to conduct a CCG with fewer than 12 is a paradigm shift. The old MWC was effective because it kept its ranks relatively exclusive. Just eliminating the worst rated programs provides a big boost. The MWCs eventual 20 game schedule is emblematic of why untethering from RPI anchors will be important to our league.