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  1. Looking back to this post, I think Jim Calhoun’s prediction is how a lot of people presently see the current configuration of the Big 12. By not reaching out to UTEP, I feel that Hair Thompson has “left the light on” for TCU to return, once UT & OU seek a better institutional fit. Of course, Calhoun was right. The BE/AAC did split. And, ironically it was Jim Calhoun’s retirement (much like Tarkanian at UNLV) that torpedoed UConn Basketball, so that after 6 years they sought a more regional home to try and build up again after sustained losing. Similarly, TCU could be seeking to come back to a new MWC in 4 years once the B12 TV deal gets addressed and UT has to account for the changing media landscape. (It doesn’t help TCU that UT has underperformed. Not nearly as terrible as UConn but Shaka & Herman are not long for the 40 Acres) So, at that point, does the MWC grow beyond 12, or do we see an airport meeting?
  2. I think it would help the league to combine the record books of the MWC to the old WAC football conference record book. its basically the same teams. Just integrate those 2 record books already.
  3. Just prior to BYU MBB leaving (against their wishes) the MWC was a stout MBB league. (Mind you, this was before this latest CFP marketing campaign. But putting that aside...) The additions, subtractions, and then the revenue distribution, altered the formula that made the MWC a multiple bid league. It was an unfortunate chain of events that started with “The Project”.. got exacerbated by BSU/SDSU to the BE/AAC (which triggered more additions that watered down the SOS... and proceeded to devolve as unequal revenue distribution ravaged all the pinched pennies in the MWC Olympic sports (which were further spread thin by cost of attendance). Pretty soon an MWC 20 game schedule will be put in place. All these forces could have been prevented. The MWC has no business being at 11 teams in MBB for a 20 game schedule. It could’ve stayed a top flight smaller league. Furthermore, Gonzaga was a very real possibility that didn’t happen. Such Self-inflicted wounds have given Dutcher no other choice but to take a hard line with his verbiage.
  4. The AAC is trolling the system. Anyone mocking them for that are mindless marks
  5. Dutcher is doing the right thing here. College sports is a big PR game. Anyone that doesn’t realize that by now is an idiot.
  6. First, the whole notion of “power” in a collegiate sport was retarded to begin with. Second, the notion that it’s the money that changes hands (beyond the reach of the actual athletes) that decides what teams are considered “power” - and supersedes actual performances by the athletes themselves - is why college sports are mocked.
  7. All that said, the biggest ancillary effect of poaching the WAC to death, was that the MWC killed off the underclass of Western FBS football... which then made the MWC the lower class by default. Letting the WAC live was essential to propping up the MWC. Without the WAC, the MWC has to battle the MAC in bowl games, which holds no regional interest. The PAC12 and AAC have little to gain by playing MWC teams.
  8. I’ve always been resolute that Hair’s fatal flaw in reconstituting the MWC was that he didn’t “double up” in the fertile recruiting grounds of California and Texas. The problem was that none of the Texas schools at that time (except maybe Texas State) were biting at the new MWC. UTSA turned down Hair, as did Stull at UTEP, preferring to stay with the Texas schools. So, the MWC had to give up on having that dual CA/TX league, and picked up redundant schools in Utah and San Jose. That absolutely killed the bowl tie-ins and viewership timezone flexibility. In the process, a layer of fat in the conferences metrics (minus the fertile territories) grew more and more.
  9. I still see this ending up in an “airport meeting”... There is simply too much fat in the membership that will always kill Conference metrics... and the leadership knows, deep down, that it needs to procure a greater presence to the East. When the AAC/BE was formed, the MWC’s attempt to join the CUSA leftovers was actually a good move. If SDSU could pull 5 confederates, such as: SDSU FSU UNLV UNM CSU And align with, UTEP, Rice, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss, and UAB, The reborn ALLIANCE concept could surely pull better bowl tie-ins than Hair is getting with the WAC Part Deaux Redux. I also think you should use “Alliance” in the name to harken back to the history you share with those teams. I’d call the new conference the NWA. The National Western Alliance, which denotes it as the much needed challenger Western brand, but at the same time recognize its ability to put on games IN ALL THE MAJOR VIEWERSHIP WINDOWS. Perhaps hire away the WCC commish. I like her.
  10. I was wondering.. if Boise might be amenable to forfeiting it’s unequal revenue share advantage, if the MWC would agree to ditch all the purple branding for blue and orange. Now that TCU is out of the league, all of that purple themed branding just looks too retro... and too tied to the “here and gone”. When the conference starts punching the time card at Fox, the blue and orange conference branding scheme would make the MWC games more recognizable to a viewership that is not very familiar with MWCaction
  11. I have no idea what you are saying. but if this were a debate, that’s game. You’re a child. You can’t just present your side.
  12. I agree. I just read this thread and FF seemed to be saying exactly what a lot of people on here have been saying... about trimming the conference fat... and a lot of folks couldn’t deal w it at that time. FF was ahead of his time. This guy is prolly looking down from a cloud right now eating cherry pie.. cuz he was proven right.
  13. Tree condom was awesome and WHO CARES if it’s a sock???! You didn’t like his ideas. So what? It is a message board, not a church. Debate is allowed. Expecting message board posters to espouse a party line defeats the purpose of a forum. Whether you’re mugtang, Tree condom, former frog, or Shack (aka RSF). Every one of us is “Former Frog” 🐸
  14. Hair Thompson has often talked about the legendary coaches who were in the MWC at its founding... Well, the MWC needs THAT back. IMO, SJSU, NM, UNLV, etc, can ALL stay, but every school needs to surrender their autonomy in coaching hiring, and allow Hair to construct a coaching advisory committee that will place the best experienced coaches at EVERY school. The advantages to doing this are multi-folded. 1, You already know what “retread” coaches can do. AND while some MAY have nothing left in the tank, if the MWC allows the conference to go full retread, enough of them will hit. 2. Secondly, it’s doubtful that the MWC will EVER lose so many coaches to poachers again if the MWC Coach Hiring Advisory Board hits the sweet spot in the ages of the coaches they place. This would be my new New MWC: Boise State - HC Art Briles SJSU - HC Houston Nutt San Diego State - HC Brady Hoke Hawaii - HC June Jones Colorado State - HC Bob Stoops New Mexico - HC Dennis Francione Fresno State - HC Butch Jones Nevada - HC Hal Mumme Wyoming - HC Mike Shula Utah State - HC Ruffin McNeill UNLV - HC Tyrone Willingham These are obviously good choices, as some of them already have MWC jobs. Nevertheless, this group is known and they would provide stability for years to come. They are probably as much (or more) well known than the schools themselves. its just smart to get coaches that already have a brand, and let the conference vote on who should go where. The MWC Coach Hiring advisory committee should consist of: Dennis Erickson, Chuck Neinas, Bob Kustra, Brittan Banowski, and Steve Logan