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  1. Don't forget this one too!
  2. Just mention BYU and the entire MWCboard will immediately set off.
  3. You could try it out when CSU plays Boise tonight. Actually, I don't if it's an hour before kickoff. But if it isn't, let me know. You're welcome.
  4. The links to the stream of the game will pop up around an hour before kickoff. So if kickoff starts at 7:00PM ET, the links to the stream of the game will pop up around 6:00PM ET. If it doesn't show up on time, give yourself 15 more minutes. After the game is over, it'll all disappear.
  5. Or you can use sportsurge.net to watch it.
  6. There's an identical post that was started yesterday.
  7. Great documentary, I can't stop watching this again and again! In a nutshell, this documents HC Bill Snyder's first few years as the head coach of, at the time, the WORST big time CFB program. From the outside it seemed like there's a 0% chance that K-State would become competitive in the Big 8 (now called the Big 12), but whatever he did, he proved everyone that you can turn a loser into a winner. It's extremely difficult, but not impossible. I would pull this shit anytime people want to bash an underdog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIkW5da-ma0
  8. Perhaps you can serve as a consultant to improving our facilities through the rest of the season.
  9. Nobody started this thread, so I'll be the first one to do it. The Game Starts at 7:30pm PST on Fox Sports 1
  10. https://themw.com/news/2020/10/13/mountain-west-announces-2020-football-national-television-package.aspx
  11. I didn't realize how important the culture towards athletics was THAT important until watching this video. Presentation starts at 09:06.
  12. From what I know so far, it's true that the stadium hasn't really been upgraded much in the past few decades and there's no denying that the stadium and the experience in it isn't great, but to claim that it was reported to be hazardous isn't something I'm not convinced because all you need to do is tell them "hey guys it's hazardous and you need to fix it". Backtracking from claim to "oh I'm just trolling you" eh?
  13. Thanks for the response, I'm going to take that as you making it up. Also, I'm not the one making the claim that it's unsafe. If you make a questionable claim, you better back it up. Like you can't seem to do here. If I was bugged, I'd probably post some cringy kneejerk reaction that you would obviously laugh at. No. The seats were torn down when I went to my very first game. If it was unsafe, the first thing they would do is report it to the athletics department. I'm not saying that that someone (who broke through the steps) isn't a liar, but my point is that showing the worst of the
  14. Well @Cincy, It's been almost 4 months since I've asked you for a source. It's either that or it's final. Meaning that this claim is just something you've completely made up.
  15. Maybe this move will inspire CSU Long Beach to restart football. If SDSU can rent it out, so can some of the other universities located within a 10-mile proximity.
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