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  1. According to this article: "That rule is bylaw in the SEC Bylaws and Commissioner Regulations handbook. It states an athlete transferring from one four-year institution to another must meet certain requirements. One is that the athlete must have two years of eligibility remaining unless he has already graduated. Walker does not have his degree from San Jose State and only has one year of eligibility remaining, so he is not eligible to enroll at Mississippi State or any other SEC institution."
  2. Someone forgot to properly lock the cellphone.
  3. I know this is late but SJSU got LB Christian Tago from Oregon State. https://247sports.com/player/matthew-tago-94567/
  4. And that's why I don't follow the basketball team because I already follow a football team that's has been awful.
  5. I like the matchup though. The tale of two underdogs that, coincidentally, went from zero to hero. You had two opponents that had been awful in the past 5 years or so. Ball State hasn't had a winning season since '13. For both coaches (Brennan and Neu), this year is their first winning season. Both opponents didn't have a lot of fan support and people going to the games either. I remember reading about how Ball State has the lowest avg. attendance in the FBS for consecutive years.
  6. Ball State is not ranked. Yes. #19 in the AP Poll #20 in the Coaches Poll #22 in the CFB Poll https://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings
  7. I tuned into the press conference for BSU. I got the sense they weren't really motivated even though they said they want to go bowling.
  8. I'm going to assume that you want NDSU to join as a football-only member. I'm not an expert on intercollegiate athletics but if they do make the jump you have to spend the same amount on women's sports to comply with Title IX. If you're spending X amount of dollars towards the football team in scholarships, equipment, etc. You should also invest the same amount or amount that's proportional to the male-female NDSU student body radio to the women's sports as well (Adding new women's teams or cutting some men's teams). This means that you have to not only get money from subsidies (university and
  9. Not an official poll, but hey it's nice to see us on there. You guys should also check r/cfbball. Those balls are extremely cute!
  10. Is there a chance that the game could be on CBS?
  11. Just mention BYU and the entire MWCboard will immediately set off.
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