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  1. Great move Craig. The MWC is perfect just the way it is.
  2. I wonder what their scoreboard and intro graphics + music are gonna look like. Would it look like this? or would it look like this?
  3. We need to do something about our shooty hoops program first before anything like that ever happens.
  4. Why the hell should we? We don't need those schools and I think they're gonna be fine even if Cincy, UCF, and/or Houston leave the AAC. If I were Aresco, I'd rather go after the C-USA, Sun Belt, or MAC schools since they could potentially bring just as much value to the point where they wouldn't want to poach MWC schools anyways.
  5. He sure taught Tulsa that they're not playing DIVISION I FOOTBALL. They're playing INTRAMURALS, BROTHA.
  6. If UC Davis can beef up their budgets (particularly their Non-subsidies category), win more games in Football and/or Basketball, invest in their athletic facilities, and perhaps get entire city of Sacramento rallying behind them they can be a wonderful asset to the MWC. Add it or NMSU into the MWC if Boise ever goes the Indy.
  7. I know this is late but SJSU got LB Christian Tago from Oregon State. https://247sports.com/player/matthew-tago-94567/
  8. Perhaps you can serve as a consultant to improving our facilities through the rest of the season.
  9. I can only speak for SJSU, but they've decided to suspend courses starting today 3/10-3/13 because the first person from Santa Clara County died of the coronavirus. From March 16-27, the classes will either resume as distributed or fully online instruction. After those dates, they'll make a decision on whether on not in-person classes will resume. Distributed: A class may include aspects, such as synchronous live lectures delivered from one’s office or distributed materials that are returned to the instructor via a variety of modalities. Fully Online: means that all course mater
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