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  1. The rest of the home games will be broadcasted on ESPN+ per the Big Sky deal w/ ESPN.
  2. Big Sky has an agreement w/ ESPN to air all their football games on ESPN+, and 2 games on ESPNU per year. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/06/espn-reaches-multi-year-multi-platform-rights-agreement-with-big-sky-conference/
  3. Not sure if it's appropriate to put a message like that in public. If you have any issues regarding me personally, I'd be happy to discuss it in private PMs. Check your PM I sent you.
  4. Yes. In fact, the 2 RSNs usually select games (only for SJSU home games in FB and MBB) several weeks/months after FOX and CBS make their selections on which games to air for FB and MBB for the entire conference.
  5. The Atlantic 10 is the only other conference in college athletics that currently has a long-term deal to air their games nationally on USA Network and Peacock.
  6. Cal and Stanford used to air their football and men's basketball games whenever the home games aren't selected by national networks until the founding of the PAC-12 Network, both teams moved them over there. Currently they broadcast St. Mary's, San Francisco, and SCU Men's Hoops in case the home games aren't selected by ESPN, CBSSN, and Stadium. The games will air on either one of the 2 RSNs, and hopefully, like the SJSU-NMSU game last year, fans will be able to tune in through the Mountain West Network.
  7. For those who don't know, these 2 networks are the broadcast home for all SF Bay Area professional sports teams (SF Giants, Oakland A's, SJ Sharks, SJ Earthquakes, Sacramento Kings, and the Golden State Warriors). SJSU had been in a partnership with these 2 RSNs starting last year and both have not only broadcasted SJSU Football and some SJSU Men's Basketball games, but have also posted content related to SJSU Athletics through its series called: The Charge. All of the content is created SJSU Athletics, then either 2 of the RSN's are responsible for broadcasting that content. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2022/7/26/general-san-jos-state-enhances-partnership-with-nbc-sports-bay-area-california.aspx
  8. What a thumbnail from Kasim Hill (St. John's High School (DC))'s highlights playing against Gonzaga College High School (DC). Kasim initially enrolled at Maryland and then transferred to Rhode Island.
  9. Wanna increase your chances? Resurrect Gonzaga Football with a goal of playing in the FBS!!!
  10. Where do you think teams like SJSU would belong @jeremymauss?
  11. I wonder if Stadium will release their broadcast schedule this year.
  12. Good luck trying to convince an Australian to at least pay attention to MWC Basketball and Football over the pro leagues here in America and in their home country (Ex: Rugby, Cricket, Aussie Rules Football, etc.). Same here, but the Chinese love their ping pong. Same here, but with Baseball, Kendo, Sumo, etc. The point is why would anyone from the Asia Pacific want to root for a college that they no "ties" with when they have all the popular sports they can watch (in addition to the pro leagues here in the US) back in the home country?
  13. What countries do you have in mind? Japan is the only country in Asia that borders the Pacific Ocean. Now you could say China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, but they're all bordered by the East China Sea, South China Sea, Celebes Sea, etc. Also, imagine a Filipino being interested in College Sports in America. Not saying it's not possible, but I don't see the purpose of this.
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