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  1. Bye........ you obstinate, meany.........I am aggravated & shall take my leave - good day sir !!!
  2. @mugtang Permanently Ban me as well. I'm done too.
  3. No. I'm done sharing shit and then getting called a liar no matter how many times I'm right. I'm pretty much done here completely since spring is coming up and I'll be working more. That should make you guys happy! I'll ask for a permanent ban as well since I'm an attention whore.
  4. Same ole shit. Internet tough guy.
  5. Are you just a prick to everybody?
  6. Blah blah blah...... It's a good thing you're never right.
  7. Sure. I've never been right about anything.
  8. I wanna share something with you but I don't feel like listening to everyone's BS today. But I will say Boise State can basically join the AAC at anytime now. And their other sports aren't exactly getting put in a bad spot. That's all I'll say.
  9. We might not be as good as everyone thinks we are.
  10. Mug should should expand this board and add an AAC board to it. A lot of those folks would flock over here. That board is a bunch of vaginas.
  11. I get upset about it. I'll think about it while I'm at work and shake my head a bit. I might complain about it to one of the guys at work. But no, I'm not gonna lay in bed at night and have a big hissy fit in the parking lot. Not over basketball. Football? Maybe I'll have a hard time getting good sleep that night. Basketball? No.
  12. I liked it better after you pouted about giving up and said you were leaving. I feel like that's the only time I have ever agreed with you.
  13. Boise State really dropped after that loss to Colorado State and I'm not sure why. The Rams are a solid team. They are gonna be a legit great team next year as long as nobody leaves. And I love that SDSU is not getting a lot of respect. Aztecs are still the class of the MWC and I'm gonna enjoy seeing them beat a higher seed in the tournament. Hell they may be the highest rated MWC team in the dance before the regular season is over. Boise's remaining schedule is brutal.
  14. That's definitely true. UConn's relationship with the AAC was definitely broken. Not sure if it's as bad as Boise and the MWC. But you're 100% correct. That AAC Board isn't near as bad as it was.
  15. We were waiting for you to bring up that $17 million. That's how bad UConn wanted out if it.
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