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  1. And you cry when I say that SJSU needs to drop down. Nimrod. It's fair to say most teams in the MAC, as well as several teams from the other G5 need to drop to the FCS. SJSU, possibly New Mexico, Tulsa, LA Monroe, Coastal Carolina,Texas State, New Mexico State, Nevada? I don't say what I say to be mean. The gap has just became too large.
  2. They are just gonna give the football championship to Boise State. Everything else is hearsay.
  3. Can't really judge it that way. The MWC has a winning record over the AAC since the existence of the AAC. Not sure I'd say that makes the Mountain West a better football conference. Especially when the AAC is in the east which gives them a huge advantage.
  4. The thing with ODU and Liberty is all of the resources and money they have spent just to play in the FBS. They put in the time and effort so they deserve the chance to succeed. And Liberty is an Independent. EEK! If I was a Liberty fan I'd Iike to see Liberty and ODU join the Sunbelt. Gives the Sunbelt 12. Then NMSU can join C-USA getting them back to 14 again.
  5. Just something to read if anyone gets bored. Talks about the struggles of being a D1, cutting sports, losing cash, and problems with C-USA. https://www.pilotonline.com/sports/college/old-dominion/vp-sp-odu-athletics-study-20200403-akwhwiad2zfmrbvob7j6dlzcjy-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  6. Well that's a cutdown from middle school. Good job. But no, I wouldn't want anyone to be your kid. There's already too many worthless dumbasses running around Idaho. We don't need you making more.
  7. That was before I found out the truth. You're a liar. Your story was a lie, who you claim to know was a lie. There is nothing about you that's genuine. Just one lie or dumb lists after another. You try so hard to be a big shit because for whatever reason mug made you a mod, and all you have done is become a bigger asshole. It's not even cute or clever any more. No one likes you and you serve no purpose unless you get lucky with a joke. And said joke usually invoves something that happened on the board years ago. That's the only time you get noticed anymore. Tapping into people's nostalgia. That's all you've got. You were making fun of me for not being born in the USA.That told me everything I needed to know. Cheers.
  8. He is an idiot. A big mouth. Mugtang told me to ignore him because his only purpose as of late is to annoy anyone and everyone. That's his new schtick. Prick #1. And he isn't even that good at that. Go take a walk on that gorgeous Orlando beach (Watch for syringes) or climb Mt. Disney and come back and put him on ignore. It'll be worth it.
  9. Not at all sarcastic. Hank is erratic, our defense is losing everyone up front, and our offensive line is gonna be the worst on paper since before Pete was coach.
  10. I literally just said that this would of been the perfect time for EA's NCAA Football to come back. Now it looks like the PS5 and XBOX Series X might not launch this year. One good thing about living out west, the great outdoors will keep most of us busy.
  11. If there was a ever a time for EA's NCAA Football to come back it's this year. Ed O'Bannon ruined it for everyone.
  12. I'll agree with a lot of this. I don't think we will have a football season and right now football isn't really important. But this is a sports forum for the MWC. We have another forum for everything else. So, what are we gonna talk about for the next 18 months in here?
  13. No. He is collecting seashells in a Walmart parking lot.
  14. And we are favored over Florida State and BYU. Yeah, I don't think so. We are looking at 8-4 and a second place finish behind Wyoming in the Mountain.