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  1. Akot. The Canadian who transferred from Arizona. But apparently BSU lost the appeal to get him on this season. Not sure how I didn't hear about that. Welp. That stings a bit.
  2. I think the conference is much improved this year. Last year it was two good teams and one mediocre team. This year we have two great teams and at least four good ones that could get hot. Not to mention our bottom clubs are improved even if it's not where we want them to be. But come tourney time Nevaduh!, New Mexico, and Boise could be right up there. Pack has Alford, New Mexico has the most talent in the league, and Boise has two transfers about to become eligible.
  3. I believe SDSU and Utah State are tourney teams barring some midseason meltdown. Hopefully someone gets hot come MWC Tourney time and we get three in the field. Nevada, NM, or BSU can improve enough to make a run. Nevaduh! has already started to gel.
  4. Well I am from out east. And you do come off as full of yourself. Maybe it isn't intentional, but that is how it is.
  5. Nothing to do with the TV deal. Its who the TV deal is with. But, if Cincy wins and Boise Stste goes to the Cotton are you gonna come on here and admit you were wrong? No. Of course not. You will jist move on to talking about basketball til you find some new ammo.
  6. I honestly don't care what you think. Really, I don't. I guess you think the media deal is going just fine. And Boise State is happy never going to another NY6 Bowl as long as the AAC gets special treatment. It's all good. You might wanna ask some of our sports reporters on Twitter (The real ones) of BSU is happy with our situation. And yes, the Presidents make the final decisions but Curt is the one who will be doing the work. You know this.
  7. No. No point. I wouldn't troll another board. And the chance of us going anywhere are remote for now.
  8. Actually if I am honest, Curt Apsey can only do so much. If ESPN tells Aresco to add one team or three teams he is gonna do it. Since UConn left the AAC and could still technically take some of their payout, Areaco doesn't have a lot of wiggle room to pick and choose. And BSU isn't getting into the Big West or WCC by themselves. Our Olympic sports aren't good enough. So in a way SDSU or maybe Air Force and BYU controls are future as much as we do. Our fan base would never admit it though.
  9. Yes. I have heard a few rumblings that if a two loss AAC team gets in over a one loss MWC team, it will set the MWC even farther back than the AAC perception wise. Plus the TV contract isn't panning out the way we have hoped. If the AAC adds ea school, AF will get the first invite. But Boise State will take it assuming the invite is there. Not sure SDSU can still put their sports in the Big West since they will add a San Diego school next year. Of course Aresco says he isn't calling anyone so there is that. I am involved in Boise Athletics enough to know that they are not gonna sit back and see how things play out. Right or wrong they are only looking out for themselves. If Cincy gets an invite or if we are told we had no chance at a new years six bowl, I 100% know for a fact Aresco gets called if he hasnt already.
  10. If not then the MWC is gonna look a lot different in two years I am guessing.
  11. He actually looks like a malnourished Brian Harsin.
  12. SJSU has someone playing on their pajamas. But they are really showing well in this game.
  13. Fat white guy throwing up gang signs behind the commentators. Must of drove up from Fresno.