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  1. Still can't shut up. That's all you do. Just run your dick sucker over and over again. Like a nagging wife. Keep it going. No one cares except the few butt buddies you have on here.
  2. Yet you quote me all of the time so why do you bother? I had already proven I know shit. And I don't come here for you. I never have. So eat a dick.
  3. Again. I was just messing around on this thread to irritate the asshats. My friend is back in Spokane and he hasn't head nothing. Zero.. The only thing that's happening at BSU right now is Dickey is looking at adding some games on the schedule and those games are games against AAC teams. Boise State and Hawaii have also talked about a long term football schedule agreement like Boise State has with BYU. But the leak doesn't say which sport but I'd assume it's football. Have they talked? Yes. But I'm sure everyone talks to everyone. He was told mid-May could be interesting because if
  4. I said before I left the board for a while, I didn't think anything was gonna happen anytime soon. And this rumor is old. My first leak was from this crap. There is nothing happening right now. As soon as I came back the dickheads started their crap so I was just messing with them. There is a lot of chatter but it means nothing. My friend is back in Spokane so if I do have leaks they will be way more accurate like they were in the old days. There is nothing happening right now. It's been a boring off season to say the least. Maybe I shouldn't of messed with them or teased them.
  5. @renoskier didn't say anything racist or ignorant. I went to Oak ridge High School in Tennessee and most of the kids who go there I can guarantee their parents had the money to pay for the first year of school. But, my last two years I went to West High on Knoxville. I'd say almost all of these kids got in with loans and grants. Plus, older generations probably had to have their parents pay for their education.
  6. Jesus. Robert and that stupid picture is like herpes. It never seems to go away.
  7. One last thing then I'm out.. Use some common sense. Why would a frustrated Aresco say they may need to expand to 14? They only need one team according to the NCAA so why say he needs three more if they can't get the one team? Because Boise State said not without their other sports. He has said over and over that the conference will only add teams that add value to the league. BYU and Boise State are those teams that add value aside from the academies. SDSU is the best all-around choice after BYU. All of the signs are there without inside info. The Harsin emails, Aresco interviews,
  8. And since I know you all will be too lazy to do your own research: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/smu-mustangs/2021/01/25/aac-commish-1-on-1-mike-aresco-discusses-football-expansion-to-possibly-14-teams-concern-over-covid-19-impact-on-basketball-season/
  9. I never said four schools would leave. I asked what would the MWC do if four schools left. We know the AAC has talked about 14. We know Aresco wasn't thrilled when he invited BSU late last year and BSU said no to a football only invite. Army isn't gonna be an AAC member so of the AAC is gonna expand it's gonna be with the MWC teams unless BYU for whatever reason goes. I'm just saying of three MWC teams go, it's possible Hawaii or AF bails. And yes. It's such a secret that only I know. I guess those emails the actual news and sports reporters found of Harsin, the AAC, and Boise State are a
  10. But this rumor is from two years ago. I assure you CSU is very much in play. Do you know how many teams out east have the AAC 's attention? Army. That's it. And CSU just seems to be a school other Universities like.
  11. I'd rather have BYU than Gonzaga. A BYU basketball game at ECU or Tulane will have a few thousand fans in the stands. I was at the BYU vs Tennessee game last year. I bet there were 20,000 BYU fans there easily. Doesn't matter where BYU goes, they have a ton of fans in the stands. BYU is a P5 school. I'll take that over Gonzaga every time. The AAC is doing everything they can to let BYU know they are welcomed and it's the smart move.
  12. But the brother is the one with the hit girl in the backseat. You're the one waiting on the sidewalk. That's the difference.
  13. Happens in ever conference. Being from SEC country, it baffles me seeing some of the things South Carolina, Missouri, and the Mississippi schools complain about. It's like "Dude, you might wanna shut up!"
  14. UNLV bragging about the Raiders Stadium is like some kid bragging about his brother's car. Just saying...
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