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  1. They're about as close to Laramie as they are Chicago just by looking at this map. So Northern Illinois is the closest team to NDSU. Northern Illinois is in a turd bowl called DeKalb right outside of Chicago. Once Boise State and Colorado State go to the AAC in March then NDSU would be the first team I'd call if I was Hair. (He will call UTEP, NMSU ,Texas State, and Rice.)
  2. Wyoming is one of the best members of the MWC. You look at what Wyoming gets done with what they have to work with compared to what BYU and their deep pockets and large fan base manages to accomplish. If anything Wyoming shows just how much BYU underachieve year after year.
  3. You said it was because the MWC couldn't afford it. That's true. But I had said all along that the MWC was waiting on the PAC-12. both were held back because of California.
  4. 8 games isn't enough. We need to schedule 10. Hell I'm up for playing MAC teams at this point but of prefer the PAC-12 or B1G... But that's wishful thinking.
  5. Worst song on the album but a little impressed you have actually heard it.
  6. No. But we will trade you for SJSU for eternity.
  7. Like I said, as soon as the B1G made an announcement we would play. @Jack Bauer @BleedRebelRed It took what? Less than 48 hours after the B1G decision for the MWC to have a plan? This was the plan all along.
  8. That is basically the same statement from the MWC over the last two months. They literally just had the secretary pull up the old email and hit send.
  9. The joke was about the Funbelt going 3-0 against the Big 12. You can't even be happy for them and let them have their day?
  10. The three P5 conferences playing this fall are the ACC, SEC, and Sunbelt.
  11. People don't realize how good Iowa State was supposed to be apparently. I remember telling Poke fans that Louisiana was a game they could lose and they laughed at me.. y'all aren't laughing now.
  12. Add a +++++ BYU emoji.
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