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  1. This is the biggest bullshit statement I have read on this board since I became a member.
  2. I did ask for your opinion. I should of known better.
  3. I never said the AAC teams would lose money with UConn leaving. I said that UConn's share would not be split between the other members. Big difference. I do think UConn's basketball team was the most valuable property the AAC had. I stand by that.
  4. So UMass, Liberty, and NMSU doesn't count as free agents?
  5. What a weird way of thinking. Boise State would have to adjust to the AAC but they wouldn't have to adjust to Boise State? I always thought Boise State had a reputation for their preperation. It's always one of the first things people talk about is how they were successful right out of the gate moving from divisions and conferences. A move to the AAC from the MWC is easier than going from the WAC to the MWC.
  6. We all know news moves quickly in sports. Everyone was happy with the media deal. I said a few things I had heard before the announcement and the stuff was pretty spot on. Even said Boise wasn't thrilled to not be on ESPN. He tried to correct me. Then after four or five days the news broke that Boise State wasn't happy about Thompson. So he used that as a spring board to become an insider and know it all. As soon as he posted that link I was like "Oh God, here we go." He didn't disappoint.
  7. Thanks! Yeah he is the first person I put on ignore. He is kind of a weirdo. Seems obsessed with bringing up homosexual talk, age, and attempting to show male dominance by calling people "kid" or "son." He is like a poor version of Biff in Back To The Future. I've actually got a few personal messages about him over the last few days. He won't be here long I'm guessing. He should probably create a new profile and start over.
  8. You think SMU or Tulane beats them? You saw how easily Boise State beat up Air Force right? You think Navy does better? And I didn't bring up the east because it would be impossible to know who Boise would play. You really think SMU or Tulane would.... I needed that before I headed out this morning. You caused me to wake my wife up I laughed so hard. Thanks a lot.
  9. Boise State isn't BYU. I don't think we would be able to put a schedule together year after year. Or at least with as many P5 teams. Our schedule would be all over the place. And I don't see many P5 teams willingly going to The Blue for a home and home Also, most fans in Boise like having something to play for. Conference Championships give the season some meaning even if you lose a few games along the way.
  10. We don't want you to be concerned so we are gonna have @mugtang give him a call and let him know Boise State is in a bad mood and you need an answer.
  11. Drop it +++++tard. No one cares. I'm out of this conversation. You have cried for over a week. You have attempted to prove yourself for over a week. No one cares about you or anything you say. I'll even put you on ignore.. can't say I'll miss you. You never offered anything relevant to the message board.
  12. Men who call other men "son" have limp dick syndrome. It's embarrassing. Get over it man. No one gives a shit.
  13. Gonzaga can also be found on CBS Sports and Stadium.