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  1. Does that mean you're leaving and talking your ignorant takes and backhanded compliments with you? Oh no!!
  2. Buckeye Scoop reports what the B1G, USC, and FOX are discussing in terms or a merger and the financial benefits. USC and the B1G wanna make something happen and it's NOT a schedule agreement. Washington State, Oregon State, and Utah to the MWC!
  3. Buckeye scoop reported part of the Jersey Guy scoop. He was partly right. FOX, the B1G, and USC are discussing expansion and the financial benefits. https://youtu.be/fcMp1EJeb-I
  4. You still think the Big 12 is gonna go to the AAC? They won't nothing to do with you. Just like UConn wanted nothing to do with you. Just like the Big East wanted nothing to do with you. And just like Boise State was told not to go because it wouldn't be worth it. The AAC and MWC are gonna look the same for a good while unless FOX, not ESPN tells the Big 8 they need 2-4-6-8 members. That's it. End of story. If you wanna keep talking about the hopes and dreams of the AAC I'd suggest this: https://www.csnbbs.com/forum-409.html
  5. You're the same dipshit who thinks ECU, Tulane, Temple, And Tulsa rival Boise State, San Diego State, Fresno State, and Hawaii. So.......
  6. West Virginia fans claim there new 4* QB leaked on a podcast the West Virginia was going to the ACC. Don't know how he would know or why but there ya go. Plus there is a Hillbilly named Gold And Blue Dude who claimed the same thing on his YouTube channel today. He gets some BIG guest and supposedly knows things. Happening on less than two weeks. I don't care either way. https://twitter.com/smokingmusket/status/1421105830821306374?s=19
  7. Boise is a national brand and a known brand that gets watched. Do they have to bring a market when they still attract viewers?
  8. Houston will. Boise State will beg. And I don't wanna hear media market bullshit. Ames? Manhatten? Morgantown? UCF, USF, Cincy...they're gonna be fine. If the AAC teams turn them down? Well then it gets interesting. But they will roll with eight for a few years. And the AAC will pass them up.
  9. What is the progress on your stadium? Are there still gonna be seating on the one side? Looked like they were building a sports complex on the other side where they took out the hill. Definitely a different look.
  10. If everything goes the way it seems to with the SEC, B1G, PAC-12, ACC, and Big 12 staying firm the Big 12 won't add anyone til they have too. I think that's why Dickey sounded a bit desperate on the letter. Big 12 (I think) will just add two. UCF and Cincinnati. I honestly don't know if that helps them. If they go to four it will be USF and Memphis. I don't see them adding Houston unless they have too. And I'm not even sure the AAC teams would even go at that point. Depends on the Big 12 contract. I think the probably outcome is the AAC and MWC both getting a chunk out of the Big 8.
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