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  1. All this does is makes you realize just how far back and useless SJSU is for this conference. It makes me mad that our Presidents don't have the balls to boot their ass.
  2. 38-20 Sparta. I think they catch someone on an off day and win two this year. Hopefully, they beat Tulsa.
  3. They share a market with Arizona State. Not Arizona.
  4. Why do you care? Shouldn't you be on the realignment board talking about how lucky you are that the top of the AAC hasn't gave ECU the boot?
  5. Actually, I'm surprised Mike Aresco hasn't tried to copyright Power 6 yet. It would be a typical JV move that the AAC seems good at doing. Kind of like their fake national championships and their belief that they will play mostly Power 5 teams in bowl games.
  6. Doesnt change the fact it is completely stupid. Typical from the B1G or AAC.
  7. Why did I click on this shit? Reminds me of what it's like to hang out in Laramie.
  8. When I am thinking about MWC members New Mexico is always the one school I can never seem to remember. I don't hate them. They just never seen to give me a reason to think about them for anything they have done.
  9. My dad said it for years so, yeah, I guess I agree.
  10. You guys could win the west. How great would that be? And it would shut TheTedfordTrain and Cincy up as well. Do it for your conference mates!!
  11. My God, I am agreeing with Warbow. This is a first....
  12. Football. I went to a basketball game there a few years ago. There were maybe 200 people there. When I watch highlights of SJSU's games on YouTube, it is embarrassing. It looks way less than 200 people are going to the games these days. How is this possible?
  13. So, back when SJSU sports was relevant? I do like them though...
  14. 2023: Terry Gawlik has announced the University of Idaho will be leaving the Big Sky and joining the Frontier Conference.