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  1. I can see it now. Asshole #1: "We need a game. Get UNLV, New Mexico, and Utah State on the line!" Asshole #2: Sir, San Jose State, Boise State and those dickwads in Reno, Nevada are calling." Asshole #1: "Are you insane?" I see how this works.
  2. I like How Boise State played BYU and CSU with half of our team missing while everyone else is cancelling games. Wonder who made that choice for us?
  3. The WCC wouldn't want Boise State for a variety of reasons. BYU and Boise are friends but they aren't that damn close. Now if you would of said Boise State dropping baseball was to make it easier to get into the Big Sky (Which BSU has been linked to having conversations with....) That would of been a quality troll. Another problem is these types of conversations don't happen in the middle of football season. It happens in the off season or right after the championship games and bowl games.
  4. I feel like Gary has set Utah State at least three years back. It's gonna take a few seasons to fix his mess. 5th and 6th place in the Mountain for the foreseeable future and I doubt they win a game this year.
  5. Nevada Boise San Jose San Diego Fresno Hawaii Air Force Colorado State  Wyoming New Mexico UNLV Utah State I think this should cover it.
  6. He has been trying way to hard recently. He has lost his touch.
  7. Utah State got rid of Gary pretty damn quick.
  8. Coastal Carolina. But out of all the G5 schools Liberty has been the most impressive. Also, this was a shit attempt to bring up Cincy and the P6. You know as well as I do they won't drop a couple of games. Your trolling game has really went to shit as of late.
  9. This Rocky fella can coach some defense. New Mexico has been competitive all year. I'm impressed anyway...
  10. Hey @Warbow, do you think we should kick Hawaii out? Just curious.
  11. Hoke heard your mom was giving hand jobs.
  12. That's not true. SJSU, Colorado State, Wyoming, and Utah State have spent millions on stadium upgrades.
  13. I have said nowhere for years.
  14. BYU will go to a P5 or nowhere. They have too much pride.
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