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  1. I don't understand Texas period. But fill me in. (I'd argue American politics are a joke but that is a bag I don't wanna open.)
  2. I agree as well. If 6-8 schools are left they are gonna take the top 4-6 based off TV draws, recent success, and location. BYU is a given. SDSU is a given. After that I think they look at Boise State, Colorado State, SMU, Houston, UNLV, and Air Force. But I think Covid has taught teams to keep conference at tight as possible. So The PAC-12 and MWC are probably what they are. The Big 12 is the conference that really needs blown up. Texas and Kansas to the Big 12 West Virginia and Oklahoma to the SEC TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor, and BYU to the MWC. Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State to the American. Done. Move the MWC and American to join the other Power Conferences, move the playoff to eight teams and we are good. That's what should happen anyway...
  3. What makes you so sure the Big 12 is gonna crumble and not the PAC-12? If the SEC expands, I can guarantee you they are taking Virginia Tech. There were rumors when I lived in Knoxville about them eyeballing NC State before they went with Missouri. I think the Oklahoma schools would have to be a group deal. So some of those AAC schools have a point. But some schools in the PAC-12 know they are losing viewers and money. They may try and leave first. I know USC wants B1G type of money. They won't get it in the PAC-12.
  4. Every time I see this post I am reminded how either.. Dumb Boise State was for backing out of the Big East (No blame to SDSU, this one is on Boise State and.... How stupid Aresco was for inviting Tulsa, East Carolina, and Tulane. Honestly, why would they invite Tulsa and Tulane? Made no sense. At least ECU has fans in the stands and they have been bloody awful in football for a while now. I know @UofMTigers wants nothing to do with Boise State in his conference but at the end of the day Boise is a top four choice for AAC expansion with BYU, Air Force, and Army. I'm counting the +++++ing days til realignment unless the world ends first.
  5. That has nothing to do with Reno's schedule.
  6. Doubt it. Wresting doesn't cost much. We were looking to build a park for baseball. But, never know.
  7. Yeah I know. But @Warbow will be the first to tell you. Our secret underground facilities don't run on solar. Its expensive to keep something like that going.
  8. Welp. Didn't see this coming. Bring back wrestling. Shouldn't of been cut for baseball in the first place.
  9. As someone who grew up with some of those rednecks, yep, your right. But I don't think they will travel. I half expect Boise State to play in Tallahassee again for a paycheck. Its gonna be too late to find another home game.
  10. Yeah the $1.8 is the original agreement. From what I understand Boise State basically wanted their payment prorated to match the new contract. Meanwhile the rest of the MWC wanted the $1.8 bonus gone. They settled on the original $1.8 million for this media cycle. So in four years we will all be fighting again. I know the deal is for six years but negotiations start a few years in advance. I know the MWC was discussing another bonus structure but it won't be based off of TV appearances. I think it's gonna be based off of championships, and bowl / tourney appearances but we will make more from NCAA Tournament credits than our conference bonuses. And most MWC teams lose money by going to bowl games. But.... What most people don't realize is even though the contract is for $270 million for six years, the teams in the conference will make more. They get paid by the networks depending on the TV ratings. That gives Boise State a big advantage and that is why the seperate negotiations was so important to Boise State and why the other teams hate it. Teams stuck on Facebook and Stadium don't get that extra money. And Utah State has gotten the short end when it comes to TV. They have been one of the better teams in the conference but ESPN just wouldn't show them. Another reason those P5 games are important. But hey, the Aggies made some bank on the Michigan State and LSU games.
  11. No. I don't think anyone is happy in this conference except the teams on the bottom.
  12. I still think certain conferences will not play and some others will play conference games only. Playing in spring is a dumb move. I don't know why they would do that. By the time the season is over you're already starting a new season in a few months. How do teams even recruit when they are trying to prepare for the game that week?
  13. Yep. Usually you can watched stuff for free a few days after it's been aired on TV except for the original content.
  14. Hey, I got news! FOX and CBS has agreed to pay the extra $1.8 million to Boise State over the next six years. However it is not taken from the $270 of the original TV contract. So the other 10 teams won't see a pay decrease. That's old news but worth mentioning. Pre-Covid the MWC and CBS were close to inking a deal. CBS All Access would stream one football game per week and a set number of men's and women's basketball games. No other sports were mentioned. They streams would use the full resources of CBS and CBS would pay production cost and advertising. The MWC would of been paid $570,000 per year. Yep, not very much. The rest of the games and sports would of been back under the MWC Network, Stadium, and Facebook streams. So, that's about $50,000 a year per team on a streaming site you don't hear much about (assuming the teams even get it.) I guess it's worth it for the production cost alone. Not sure what to think of this if it happened. This seems to help CBS advertise their service more than the conference. I could also see CBS giving C-USA a deal like this.
  15. Nah. I think it's pretty clear MWC would need to be full members, at least on the main sports. Boise State already shopped around, conferences won't let anyone in cheap. Well, maybe the big West would want SDSU and Fresno... I just don't see it happening and it probably wouldn't be worth it unless they either 1- Become a legitimate P6 and 2- Air Force and BYU come. Boise State and SDSU are probably the two candidates with Colorado State the backup if AF or BYU decline. Bit again, I don't see it. I still think what is gonna happen is the PAC-12 or Big 12 get poached. Either a few of this group (TCU, Baylor, K-State, Iowa State) will be looking for homes or inviting the best G5's to join a broken Big 12 or PAC-12 leftovers (Oregon State, Washington State, Utah) will be joining the MWC or more likely, joining BYU Houston SMU and a grab bag of MWC teams. One thing I know is BYU, TCU, SMU, and Baylor will not be in a conference with USC, UCLA, Stanford, and Cal. However, from what I understand, USC and UCLA really don't care about Stanford and Cal. So it's possible Cal and/or Stanford gets left behind as well.