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  1. They are all slipping. Trump in 2020! The next debate will be as big a farce as the last 2.
  2. Give it away and love will solve all. Nice platform cream!
  3. Breaking news. She would be a great VP for Pocahontas.
  4. And therefore I rest mine that you are a total fraud. Law clerk.
  5. He is a joke not funny at all he is just a clone of org.
  6. Cream of the crop?. Let's just ask about 100 posters who have been maligned by this evil trash monger. Just go back to the boys at College fanatics who banned him . Cream of the crop my azz. He is what floats in the bowl after the first flush. Most all of the posters at Pac 12 are glad he is here and spending less time here.
  7. He won't win the primary? On what planet do you live on now. He will win in 2020 whether you like it or not.
  8. He will never lose to any of these so called candidates.
  9. Pochahontas will never make it unless Indian casinos are involved. Her opinions twist with the wind. One day she is a Bernie the next Hitlary. The Democraps are in sad shape. Trump in a landslide.
  10. I disagree. Forget all the others and your racism call. He was the worst president in American History.
  11. No for causing this investigation in the first place with his last days in the White House..
  12. Oblama needs to be investigated! Please don't use the bumbling stumbling Mueller.
  13. And what team are you on again. Still sending admiring letters to Manson are you?
  14. Also the name of the most ruthless leader in the history of the middle east. I guess to you that was beautiful and handsome. Thanks for the definition though.
  15. Please remember the Hussein. Named after his family idol.
  16. Add to it his dissing of Israel His support of terrorist countries His hatred of law enforcement His Fake birth certificate Barack Hussein Obama was the worst stain on the American Presidency ever.
  17. this next debate should be interesting. Maybe they should let the Squad moderate. Anything would be better than the softball throwing CNN lobbies.