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  1. Let's just see when Ilhar and Talib want to visit Jordan. With their huge humanitarian hearts why not.
  2. How would you know oh board genius.
  3. Did you finally run smack into that ambulance you were chasing. Oh yeah rich one. Well off is not living in a mobile home in a trash city like Bend Genius.
  4. You are correct. I read it too fast. I apologize.
  5. I just noticed you are a moderator. OMG!
  6. By the way genius's that is not wishing harm on anyone that is just stating an opinion if you can figure that out.
  7. Wow the 2 really equate with you do they. Are you one of the intelligent ones here because you sure could have fooled me.
  8. Just wait till he wishes you and your family devastating illness as he has done before. It will not take him long.
  9. The treatment they deserve for letting their people being run by the terrorist group Hamas.
  10. Says who! I am so impressed with your posts.
  11. This the kind of talk the fuhrer started with in Germany. Congratulations. You have taken the first step to becoming a Nazi. By the way the state I live in is a disgrace politically and morally.
  12. The biggest fraud ever to hit any board. He lives alone with his mistreated dog. He is no lawyer unless you call a moronic process server in an old Pinto a lawyer. Wait a minute he is the Pinto lawyer. He hates and threatens all with his keyboard coward mentality. He has been outed everywhere for the fraud he is. He is an evil stain on any board.