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  1. Breaking news and totally unfounded. Did you listen to that weird mayday call. Nothing made sense.Sad tragedy!
  2. Cavuto=Fat little turd trying to raise the ratings on a sinking ship. Hope he takes Shep with him.
  3. Thanks. Will be there for Parents weekend. Great place to watch a dynamite program. Boise is a great town.
  4. DOA is the worst QB in Bruins history. If they can run Ucla wins. That is every play. DOA is terrible. In not the Aztecs will win.
  5. Fresno State needs a real QB to run their offense.
  6. Just been a real fan for 2-3 years since my grandson enrolled there. It is so much relief and fun to watch the excellence this team puts forth. A real escape from many years as a Ucla fan. Go Broncos.
  7. Wow the quality of this post is beyond comprehension. Did you think of this all by yourself?
  8. It came from another poster if you know what I mean.
  9. The real question here is do you take the take the anchor all the way up your azz or just the pointy parts. Aye Aye sailor.
  10. Because you are a weak azz with nothing to say. It is hard to type from your knees with a sailor cap in your mouth isn't it.