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  1. I told you they were the next ex. I've been traveling and haven't kept up, I have no idea who's left. Give me a few.
  2. ugh..I'll take Oregon State if they're still available. My future ex-wives @ph90702 is up then @BestintheWest
  3. Middle Tennessee State @ph90702 you're up. @BestintheWest is on deck.
  4. I'll go with Marshall @ph90702 is up
  5. I'll take Virginia. @BSUTOP25 is up, @madmartigan on deck.
  6. Nah, it's going the other way this time. @BestintheWest is next.
  7. I'll take Toledo @ph90702 you're up.
  8. Ah, then I'll take San Diego State.
  9. I picked Army without puking (I was a navy fmf corpsman) @BSUTOP25
  10. Appalachian State @ph90702 is up
  11. I’ll take Boise. I’ll add a pic a little later. @BSUTOP25 is up.
  12. What was his name? Just pick already...