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  1. These are going to become regular things. Most teams are stoping for a week or so then when everyone else tests negative they go back to practice.
  2. I thought I was a UTEP fan? Poor stunner, you seem really upset BYU is lucky enough to play Texas St
  3. I didn't rip on them, my addition was factual and accurate, delivered with out judgement. Why are you hating on CUSA/Sunbelt the only schools who want to play with you? Your ripping comment implies you think I added their saving of your season as an insult. Thinking so little of the people literally saving your program is very unbecoming and dare I say anti-Christian. BYU's 11 years wandering in the desert and nearly to the promise land only for Stunner (their own internet Moses) to strike the rock. Pride cometh before the fall little cougar.
  4. As I posted, the excessive deaths this year are up by 200k+. When they look at how many people died last year, compared to how many have died this year, there are a lot more this year. The latest study took like a three or five year. It only counted deaths once they reached over 105% of the average. We had just over 150k deaths from covid reported, but when they looked we had over 200k extra dead. This means that we are under reporting covid deaths by 50k so far. If people were being counted as Covid and dying of something else we would not have 200k+ deaths over average and gr
  5. The latest deaths per month show that rather than over counting covid deaths we are undercounting. We were over 200k if you used only the monthly death count using a 5% margin of error as a normal out come in comparison of months year to year.
  6. Don't worry, he thinks Washington St, Oregon St, Virginia, and horrible Florida St teams are good p5 games. They dream of UCLA and SEC games.
  7. TL:DR I thought you were done with me? Yet you keep @ me your hilarious. I'm sure this was mostly about how hurt and correct you are. Boise's stuck bro...
  8. Which is why the WCC is better, they will get more credit money, more media money, the sports besides basketball will be very competitive puts them in California a lot. Similar high standard institutions with small enrollments.
  9. But you weren't responding to me anymore. That list is like 8 years old too, is this where you got your Boise to the AAC scoop? Quit listening to BYU fans, I'm not a UTEP fan 🤣 You letting stunner lead you around is perhaps the funniest thing of a hilarious run of stupidity.
  10. Its is a lot more if you pull out the privates. Tulsa is 4k, SMU and Tulane are twice that size maybe a bit bigger. Those are the three lowest by far now UConn is gone. They also have struggled. Tulane just had its first back to back bowls in decades. Tulsa has a recent ten win season buy has been bad 6/8 years now. SMU had its first good season in forever. They depend on community support with lower alumni bases than the 60k+ Florida schools.
  11. Tulane is like a secondary choice for the east coast kids who don't make Ivy. They have a substantial alumni base in the mega cities over there. They fit well with the C7 in being high academic small privates. New Orleans is a solid football market. The only thing they didn't check was athletic competitiveness.
  12. Well Boise has no shot so why are you worried about it? BYU's biggest issue is it has no access to the NY6 once it has a loss, being in the AAC changes that. BYU is by far the best program not in the P5 or the AAC. Olympic only adds are cheap, good ones more than pay for themselves with NCAA bids, at 800k a game for 6 years the money adds up quick with a sweet sixteen run basically paying for the 2m they will get in conference media money. They make two of those type runs in six years and they make the conference money or pay off another Olympic only. But again you all are not
  13. You are the second most full of bullshit poster on here, right after Stunner. I keep trying to tell you not to listen to BYU fans, you keep doing it, ask Wyoming and CSU about listening to BYU. You have constantly been wrong and admited a week ago that your source was a reporter (which again isn't a source) who moved away. In this thread itself you have talked hell of trash and had zero you said verified. I called out the Cox tweet when you and stunner @ me earlier in the thread. Since then I have just been calling you on your bullshitting, it's hilarious to watch you try and claim s
  14. Well you're not Air Force to start with, who is right next to Denver, which means it's not really an expansion west anyway. Boise has no where to go, it's been several days and not one word besides your throw shit against the wall theory and a C. Austin Cox tweet which is worth less than your throw it against the wall strategy. BOISE IS STUCK IN THE MW, and will be forever now. You can either learn to play nice or look forward to taking beatings in the conference votes on anything that matters. Personally I saw SDSU passing out pillow cases with bars of soap, so take that for wh
  15. I think they go WCC. Its pretty close to what Army and Navy have in patriot. Small private high academic school. Lots of games in California so they can recruit there. The football puts them in Texas for recruiting. Colorado is a nice in between spot for that sort of thing. WCC gets a team with national band, who sponsors a ton of sports to shore up some of those where WCC is just making it or can't quite get there. No worry about AFA trying to bully with the Academies limitations. Can expect the AFA to be a stand up member. Not a bad match imo. Air Force would be able to compete fai
  16. Stunner over here arguing for BYU to end up with no season 🤣 Highly likely that they go 10+2 in the AAC if they just take AFA. Navy and AFA would be able to play Army and Navy could push back the BYU game if they end up reworking the ND game like SMU and TCU did. Most of the AAC schools have lost ooc games anyway, a bunch have ACC and Big XII games so they would only need to find one more. They already have a waiver for divisions. At that point BYU is stuck with Army, Liberty, Houston, maybe AFA takes them for the second ooc game. Otherwise its pretty much locked out.
  17. 8. Mountain West Attendance 5-Year Average: 23,880.77 1 San Diego State 5-Year Average: 33407.40 2019 National Ranking: 65 2 Boise State 5-Year Average: 32829.80 2019 National Ranking: 68 3 Fresno State 5-Year Average: 29643.20 2019 National Ranking: 75 4 Air Force 5-Year Average: 27910.40 2019 National Ranking: 76 5 Colorado State 5-Year Average: 27484.20 2019 National Ranking: 77 6 Hawaii 5-Year Average: 24228.20 2019 National Ranking: 82 7 Wyoming 5-Year Average: 20365.40 2019 National Ranking: 93 8 Utah State 5-Year
  18. Except that's game 7 if every series goes 7 games. Sweeps will accelerate that pretty quick. So you could see the world series finish right around the 20th-21st with a few 4-1 or 4-0 series. That's not me assuming, the NHL commissioner just said after thanksgiving is their target to start back up. The NBA is just math, they already complain about the offseason being short, in particular if there is FIBA or Olympics. Include that they will likely have to start the season in a bubble again and there will be no hurry. Them being back the second week of December is actually like two week
  19. Aresco has said Olympics need to be in the footprint. Which means UNLV is out. I could see you all take a flyer though if say the WCC would take your Olympics. Basically swing the WCC into a near PAC like basketball league and easily the best football non p5. Distance is huge though not sure the politics would be right with the pandemic.
  20. What has been explained? And to me about what? I know how the BE history went down, I watched it live. I wasn't in this conversation though. Pesik is providing some links about actual facts in the time line. The post you quoted is all conjecture that literally says I will never be able to prove. Pesik quoted emails. Boise was told they were not welcome in the AAC, they will not be invited back. The MW basically kissed their ass. Now Boise isn't as good and they used the MW to keep money once the new deal was signed. Boise is stuck and now not playing as well, finishin
  21. *Sigh No because we don't know what the SEC made for that same time period. They report differently, my link gives the last two years both had reports on. Which is a direct comparison, your link is what the BIG has reported most recently. This isn't hard lol I have explained this multiple times. The SEC will release their numbers in January for the last year, then you can compare it. Also that average is a moving number, for example it gives the mid-forty million dollar range for the Mississippi schools, that's because they take the pay outs given to each team, add them up and then d
  22. Well surprise surprise. I wonder if they are looking at the AAC deal and the general good will and equal support and thinking #$*$*% donkeys. I said before that Boise is still playing the big bully, that it would hurt you. Trust me as soon as they can the rest of the MW will beat on anything Boise wants. Think hell in a cell, because the rockies and the pacific are the cage. Boise is very short term in thinking, you have already lost your dominance and any legitimate claim you had to extra money. You had a lever with the AAC and you broke it. So now you're trapped in the MW and
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