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  1. That is incorrect that Navy has their own deal. Aresco sold the Navy football contract for home games to cbs sports for guarenteed saturday afternoon times. That money is included. They do get to keep their portion of the Army Navy game. More importantly Navy has pull in the conference and I doubt they are the only ones who wouldn't mind watching Boise flail about. Just as importantly they don't need Boise, you all haven't done anything to threaten their NY6. They seem to want BYU or Air Force/Army as football only. I wonder how much better the other MWC teams would have done had the playing field been even? To which you will reply oh yeah that couple 100k would really help. I would like to answer every donkey fan on here who has argued that: 1) It wouldn't hurt. 2) More importantly we all know that extra 1.8m definitely helps Boise and its loss means they are just like everyone else. 3) Boise didn't do chit with that extra 10.8m over 6 years except bitch that the conference didn't kiss their ass enough to get a NY6 bid they didn't deserve. Funny enough they didn't really even dominate the MWC. Talk about chit. Boise has no where to go but independence and Summit/WAC.
  2. I think we can stop with the Boise to the AAC talk. The AAC has no interest in Boise. Navy in particular is against them. Boise's options appear to be independece and plunking its other sports in the WAC or Summit. The WCC is unlikely to take them and the Big West ship looks to have sailed. I do believe Hair and the MWC realized they have Boise over the barrel and have taken the opportunity to put Boise back on the same footing as everyone else. Boise should probably walk carefully here.
  3. Gonna be a tough year for the MWC next year with so much coaching turnover. Half the teams have new HC? Hopefully a few hit the ground running.
  4. Sidebar Is how long this is taking a good or bad thing? Think Sinclair will put a bid in with them getting the Fox Sports Regionals?
  5. It was basically 7m a year from ESPN for 12 teams a year (just short of 84m). That does not include CBS portion that is for Navy's games and a small amount of basketball games for CBS proper. Altogether it's probably around 92m (5-6m for Navy and 3m for basketball). Full share media pay outs for 11 teams would be 8.3m. Navy reportedly gets 70% of a share WSU will get 30%. ESPN is renegotiating the terms. Likely an adjustment for UConn leaving. Unlikely to drop below the 7m per team meaning total media pay out will be roughly 86m a year. 7.8m a year. Subtract 500k for production. So about 7.3 in media pay outs with production.
  6. AAC had already announced football broadcasts will be paid by the conference. They also produce many of the events espn+ will carry, like coaches shows. The rest will be production costs transferred from the American Digital Network that they currently run to ESPN. Has there been any word back on the MW television deal? There is definitely the opportunity for ESPN to wedge itself in there, very similar to how they took down the old Big East, using Pitt/ACC to leverage what they wanted.
  7. Boise wasn't the only team who left the WAC then as I recall. In fact what did the WAC last after the exodus? 2 years? But yeah it's all Boise. Again if you're already taking a bigger piece of the pie you don't get to complain the others aren't getting their weight up or "helping" Boise. You already got your help. Hell Boise can't even win the conference with the extra it gets, how the hell are the rest of them going to win outside the conference? Boise fans claim the credit but won't take the demerit. It's all because of them by themselves when they win, but win they aren't good enough it's all their conference friends fault. Boise is the Eric Cartman of the Moutain West, complete with the "screw you guys I'm going home."
  8. Ah yes I'm a commie. Nothing like attacking the person when you can't attack the idea. Last I checked Boise wasn't playing themselves. How many access bowls has Boise had since they started taking the extra money? Then they bitch because the MWC isn't helping them to make any more. Yeah that sounds right lol. Go be independent and keep all the money. Split it even with the MW like everyone else does or tell your coach an AD to quit whining. You already got the help from the MW you take it straight from their pocket. You still just aren't good enough though are you? Whose fault is that. You have the blue turf and blend in uniforms. You have the extra money. You have the ESPN slots/promotion. Yet you still suck and blame it on your conference while you continue to be trash. Go independent if the MW is so bad. You're not even as good as BYU though so that's going to sting. Boise's greed has gotten them nothing and it's hilarious to listen to donkey fans bitch that it's their conferences fault, when they lost to BYU!
  9. Unhunh..... BSU: Help us you all suck *Stuffing face, taking food from others bowls. MW: *looks at crumbs left in bowl, ribs showing. Boise doesn't want to share the money from playing MW teams they should go independent. Then BYU and Boise could play 6 home and homes each year and just be rolling in the money and NY6 bids...Well at least BYU could.
  10. I could be wrong but I thought they took a slightly bigger cut of the media money as well?
  11. The AAC doesn't have a sweetheart deal. All media is put into one fund and doled out equally with full members getting 100%, football members get 70% and Wichita State getting 30% when the new media deal begins. Navy/Army is seperate based on the two signing the rights together for neutral purposes. Navy also has a seperate deal from the patriot conference for Olympic sports on CBSsports. Between those media deals Navy makes slightly more than a full member in media but less than a full member with all payments including cfp, bowl money, and NCAA credits although Navy's AD said their was little difference between Navy and the other AAC members for either revenue. As far as I know only two conference have a sweetheart deal with full members. Gonzaga in the WCC and Boise St in the MW. It appears that Boise is now complaining that the other programs they hamstrung in the conference can't compete.
  12. That's nice, that makes what two out of six years? Meanwhile read what I typed again. If they finish as the 5th conference ahead of the ACC it will be awful hard to spin that as anything other than separation. Has any other G conference even been close to that in the CFP era? I know A&M right? Them taking a national champion coach from Florida St, laughable. Too bad it blows up your entire point, coaches leave for other jobs for all kinds of reason including NCAA infractions, because the school is G5, for more money, for less stress, some just because they never stay anywhere for long.
  13. Wait...................where did Texas A&M hire their coach from? The AAC is a virtual equal in the Massey composite rankings with the ACC and like 17-1 vs the G5 or independents not named Notre Dame, with Navy still to play Army. Going to be awful hard to spin they aren't separated from the other G5 conferences if they finish ahead of the ACC after bowls.
  14. Ok, so next Saturday or even the one after when Memphis plays Cincy and one of them wins, they will clearly be the better team? Good point.
  15. This is dumb next week and the week after whoever the AAC champ is will have a lot more opponent wins. The other stuff at least seems to showcase the MWC, like telling a chubby girl who asks you if she's fat that she has a nice smile. It's true and a compliment.