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  1. You might want to compare it to a covid map, that might show a remarkable similarity.
  2. NPR is now reporting it Beyond that the comment from the BIG could be absolutely correct, that no official vote has been taken. We all know how board voting goes. They know the count because they already did it before they officially called for the vote. But good dig, except I didn't claim it, I said Dan Patrick reported that. Different.
  3. There is Aussie Rules boys. Live games happen late Friday and Saturday night. Hard tackling, crazy bounces. They have limited crowds right now as well. Back half of the season, play offs in October, games on ESPNs and FS1/2. Play offs have the top four seeds play a game to start winner gets a week off loser plays the winners of the 5-8. Teams 5-8 play elimination game.
  4. My post was longer so you beat me to it 🙂 Dan Patrick is reporting that a source informed him the BIG 10 voted 12-2(Nebraska/Iowa) to shut down the season. The PAC also will shut down their season. The SEC is still for playing and is trying to get people to go along with it. ACC is on the fence and the Big XII is leaning towards playing. Before we get too sports bubble just a reminder that optics and potential liability are going to weigh heavy in any decisions. AAC is being flexible at the moment. Appears the MWC is to. Sunbelt has cash strapped programs and only about 50% of CUSA could feasibly make the season work. MAC is already done. Looks like this will be wrapped up by next monday. Expect big slashes to athletic budgets, between lost athletic revenue and budget cuts at state institutions this is going to get real bad for some.
  5. Ummm, the whole deal is a lot more than that. Did you not pay attention? The money transfering hands to take possession of the stadium means very little. Are they going to let you knock down a stadium that is fine to build a new one, no. Again let's see how the California legislature handles these budget cuts as their revenue continues decimated. I'll check in when California finishes the budget. Otherwise this is the sports bubble echo chamber on this subject. By next weekend football and fall sports will be cancelled something many of you said wouldn't happen. Then we'll be staring down the winter and spring sports getting cancelled. New world.
  6. Or maybe the likelyhood is that College football model that makes this stadium feasible won't last past the pandemic. Some of you think that some future tomorrow things are going back to what they were. That ain't happening and college sports is just another one of those things permanently changed, like kids being on campus.
  7. How do you get that property to build the stadium on? I can't believe I have to explain this but athletics are part of the college, your 300m in bonds (not sold yet by the way) covers the stadium. You need to be able to come through on the rest of the money for the west campus, of which the stadium is a part. Believe what you want as I said this board is very bubble like.
  8. Always good to talk about the intricate details of a complicated issue with such well informed people who have a profound amount of knowledge on the subject and can offer up simple easy answers that will prove effective. FBS permits 85 scholarships FCS permits 63 divided up by not more than 85 individual players.
  9. Again they want a percentage, they aren't asking for the same pay. Also that revenue doesn't take into account the economic driver that is high level athletics in alum donations beyond the individual sports or athletic departments. Nor does it include the commercial value Texas gets with an almost four hour commercial on fox national tv, on the weekend when lots of potential students could see it. They didn't even hint at wanting some of that.
  10. When people don't understand how the budgetary process works. That budgeted money assigned was before the pandemic, it was made on the basis of what revenue the state thought it would have. When the state does not get the revenue it thought it would the state will cut the budget. Which is exactly what the article said, now explain to me where you think they are going to cut that missing money from, what's getting chopped? Will money be spent to knock down a perfectly functioning football stadium to build a different one? A stadium that is based on an expansion of campus and kids on said campus that they can't afford to teach as they cut the instruction budget which was also in that original budget. How many presidents of universities are going to choose a new stadium over academics right now, again with a perfectly acceptable and functioning one already? What politician will vote for that spending, or in the governor's case leave it up and cut other places? Too be fair it isn't just going to be SDSU's campus expansion, it is literally any major capital project that isn't currently past the midway point. They are easy to stop and save lots of money with little negative effect. When you are staring down 100s of millions in loss revenue that stuff is easy fruit to pick.
  11. https://edsource.org/2020/newsoms-proposed-budget-cuts-to-higher-education-force-difficult-choices-ahead/631681 This is in May, the budget issues are only getting worse the cuts will only get worse. In the non-sports world a nice shiny new stadium isn't even on the list. In the political world funding a new stadium for a team who we don't even know will be able to play ever again, that's not happening. Imagine telling people across the state they have fewer classes and instructors so SDSU can knock down a pro stadium and build a brand new stadium it may never be able to play in 🤯 and to expand a campus they don't have the money to staff for or the students to fill it. There is a ton of denial on this board about what is going on in the world. Things that you could slide by won't be happening we have 30m people food insecure across the country. Vanity projects won't be happening.
  12. Come talk to me after Cali finishes the new budget from covid. Putting a shovel in the ground is pretty though.
  13. This reminds me of when the NFL ran around telling everyone they couldn't meet the players demands. Or the NBA. Or MLB. This is exactly what they always say, meanwhile we got presidents, coaches, etc making millions. All while seeing boosts in applications and students from sports performances. Everyone realizes none of that with out the kids right?
  14. Lol very sports oriented in here. Very pro exploitation. Very fire them all kill the union from you. Watch how this works out for Rolo pulling those two kids scholarships, because I know a lot of athletes who will be hurrying up to sign with coaches like that. Never mind the public back lash when people learn why, or the issues that the institution will have to deal with internally. You think yelling and calling players names are bad, how is Joe and Jill Suburb going to feel about a college pulling scholarships because kids felt unsafe playing in a pandemic. Are they going to send their kids to that sort of place? What leverage do they have? Lol have you read this board? The sports world is losing its mind they may not be able to play this year. Did you forget the billions of dollars they generate in little college towns every saturday? Also taking a year off will only make this worse, the kids will talk, connect, plan over that year. People will be desperate for college football, look how bad it is now. Imagine when fall practices start and none of the athletes show up. Not in football or any other sport. The old method of exploiting is over.
  15. Yes, they were ruled against by the labor board. They intended to take it to court but never got it there. The labor board union lawyer was quoted as saying it seemed unlikely the court would decide in the boards favor if it went to court. I also love when people talk about unreasonable demands from players who are asking for less than they would get if the contract resembled the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB deals. All while paying 100s of dollars to watch kids who don't have the cash in their pocket to buy their own Jersey off the online store. It you can't keep your business running with out blatantly exploiting people maybe you shouldn't be in business. Those kids are producing billions in economic impact between media, game day money, the surrounding business in the community, the bars across this country where people watch, etc. Risking injury and life long complications in exchange for one year of education since scholarships are year to year. Yeah they sound very unreasonable.