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  1. I prefer running naked knowing that I won't have to pay a $100 ER copay when I accidentally trip on my enormous cock.
  2. I realize my post was more or less repeating this. Except for that horrific remark about Goldwater, but you do you, naked forest runner.
  3. Bernie's job was done. He put his ideas into the mainstream, and I am one of those you've mentioned that, while I support Bernie in the primaries, will vote D no matter who we nominate. Apart from Biden, most of those candidates you mentioned have more or less incorporated his platform.
  4. Our election season is excruciatingly long, and it's all the fault of for-profit news networks, IMO. Well...and to some degree Citizens United.
  5. It's entertaining as hell. 70-year-old ladies posting their "observations" of people walking on the sidewalk suspiciously. It's like weaponizing busybodies.
  6. Pac 12 has an Oregon fan named @glduck who's pretty GD funny. Other than that, I think I'm the cream of the crop. Come on over, see how you do, tho.
  7. There is an interesting mishmash of crossover partisan as concerns PC culture, I'll say that. The best barometer for that, I think, is age. Liberals over 40 are annoyed by PC culture the same way conservatives of any age are.
  8. I can think of things to complain about concerning Warren, but age isn't really one of them. She's incredibly sharp, she's 3 years younger than Trump, and about 7 years younger than Biden, and she's a woman. They live longer, and usually keep their wits about them longer than the average man.
  9. Every sheriff's deputy in my county is anti-weed, made only worse by the Sheriff himself being an ignorant, reefer-madness zealot. I'd bet a majority of cops are against it, nationwide, en masse.
  10. I was rereading Hunter Thompson's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72" last night. The conversations among democrats in 47 years haven't changed much. That, or history is on a half-century repeat cycle. Thompson noted that putting up another milquetoast moderate like Humphrey would result in another beating for Dems. But then he rightly predicted that the youth vote coming up can't be counted on, and McGovern could very well be destroyed. There's nothing new under the sun. Still, I feel 2020 is diifferent, and young people are more engaged. We need at least one Sanders/Warren type on the ticket.
  11. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/26/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-joe-biden-poll-1475440 Poll: Bernie, Warren surge to tie Biden atop Democratic field And the trend is not in Uncle Joe's favor.