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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/24/opinion/second-amendment-slavery-james-madison.html ...the principal instrument for slave control was the militia. In the main, the South had refused to commit her militias to the war against the British during the American Revolution out of fear that, if the militias departed, slaves would revolt. But while the militias were effective at slave control, they had proved themselves unequal to the task of fighting a professional army. Bunker Hill was the last militia victory during the Revolution. The Continental Army (aided by the French Navy) won the war.
  2. lol @ you calling me out in the thread title. I think I reply to something like .00000000000001% of your posts but I'm in your head like a goddamned squatter.
  3. You're misstating their position. As a practical matter, yes, they need guns to fight off white racists. Killer Mike has been vocal in the same way -- but he also supports common sense gun reform so long as it applies equally across all races. the problem is that 2A has been used in the past to keep black people down. The NRA, and most 2A supporters throughout history, have been white racists.
  4. No, most gun violence victims are black and brown, in major cities. They could be protected by smart gun legislation, but the white assholes in power who use the NRA as a shield support their continued massacre. As do you.
  5. Too bad America does not. The 2nd Amendment was created in no small part to help white slave owners capture runaway slaves. You use a racist amendment's history to post-hoc justify endless massacres today.
  6. This was literally the position of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, FYI. Hope you don't use them to justify the existence of the 2nd Amendment.
  7. If I feel like it. Either way, enjoy explaining to the Pac-12 board why you banned me there for something I did here.