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  1. I prefer running naked knowing that I won't have to pay a $100 ER copay when I accidentally trip on my enormous cock.
  2. I realize my post was more or less repeating this. Except for that horrific remark about Goldwater, but you do you, naked forest runner.
  3. Bernie's job was done. He put his ideas into the mainstream, and I am one of those you've mentioned that, while I support Bernie in the primaries, will vote D no matter who we nominate. Apart from Biden, most of those candidates you mentioned have more or less incorporated his platform.
  4. Our election season is excruciatingly long, and it's all the fault of for-profit news networks, IMO. Well...and to some degree Citizens United.
  5. It's entertaining as hell. 70-year-old ladies posting their "observations" of people walking on the sidewalk suspiciously. It's like weaponizing busybodies.