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  1. I couldn't make it through basic today, and I'm not mocking anyone else who couldn't, either. Just mocking the obnoxious hag who probably has the worst assemblage of annoying bumper stickers in the greater Boise area.
  2. All of what you just suggested (and I'm in favor of all of it) would require money.
  3. well you seem nice
  4. Well don't +++++ up and go to college and learn whether your statement is true. Just throw out a guess. You're real helpful around here.
  5. My guess is she's more of a "let me speak to your manager" type. And I drive a Tacoma.
  6. Orange

    SEC Land

    Not a lot of black Skynyrd fans, I reckon.
  7. Orange

    SEC Land

    Sundays are free.
  8. There's actually some data out there that suggests healthier people end up costing the system more simply because they live longer than the fatties.
  9. Why can't we address both? In case you haven't noticed, I'm for reparations, free college, UBI, an increased safety net, etc.
  10. You stole this from David Cross, but it still gets a laugh from me.