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  1. There's no law that says only white people can be racist. @Uncle Juan says racist shit, I'll call him a racist. It's that simple.
  2. You always have these pithy answers whenever ANYONE suggests a solution to the crazy gun violence. "That's only 300 dead per year!" Or "3D printers will be in every household!" I don't know a single +++++ing person who owns a 3D printer. Not one. Is it possible that, with all the energy you use to defend against any allegation that guns are any part of the problem, some of that energy could go toward solving the problem? Once you're done taking a small bite out of every gun law with your "logic", you have to admit that a lot of those lives could be saved.
  3. Maybe I'll only include "bowling alley shootings" or some shit so I can feel good for 5 minutes after posting my graph. Wouldn't that be funny?
  4. I forgot I restricted it just to schools.
  5. Your statements about Omar were enough to tell me what you must think whenever anyone says "Chicago shooting".
  6. This settles it. Unless I have, right now, the description for an invention that will earn me a Nobel Prize, you clowns think it can never be done, ever. That's how +++++ing intellectually dishonest you both are. The point of my posts is that PEOPLE ARE WORKING ON THIS SHIT and there is zero reason to think the technology for storage won't get better, and that a method for scaling up won't present itself in the coming decades. Just wow.
  7. Maybe this isn't the place for this, but why do Keira Knightley and what's-her-name from GoT look EXACTLY the same? Are they related?
  8. From 94-04, there were a tiny fraction of the mass shootings that took place from 04-14. Why? Assault weapons ban. But despite this, righties are still all about MOAR GUNZ!
  9. I never realized how stupid you were until this moment. Wow. There's certainly no IQ test for the Marines.
  10. Trump revoked the Obama-era mental health laws. Trump is fat, and feeds WH visitors fast food. (His rallies are obesity B-roll footage) Trump has gutted the EPA, so air and water are not his thing. We're all on board with trying to treat mental health, address unhealthy eating (remember Michelle Obama's crusade that all you righties hated her for?), and we're for clean air, water, and soil. The Republicans? They want to arm up the crazies, blast carbon into the air, and shove cheeseburgers into every man, woman and child in the country. How about you shut the +++++ up?
  11. That's maybe the worst +++++ing meme I've ever seen.
  12. Har. We all know precisely who @soupslam and @Broncomare and @Uncle Juan mean when they say the "gangbangers" and the "criminals". It's time for some very ignorant people to become acquainted with the very dirty, racial history behind the 2nd Amendment. The only reason the NRA allows those laws preventing felons from owning guns is because it disproportionately affects black people.
  13. The "base" in the GOP is code for "Pro life." That's really it. Abortion has been wagging the GOP dog for about 40 years. I feel like the Dems could make marijuana its wedge-issue "base" and do very well, scooping up all libertarian and independent/moderate GOP votes, but, as usual, primary candidates are too stuck on kissing Grandma-the-Jay-Leno-fan's ass in Iowa to actually put forth some real change on an issue that almost ALL reasonable Americans agree on.
  14. Insert "murder" for "gun" and then you might understand how +++++ing stupid your reasoning is.