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  1. Our Bronco and Bulldog Brothers are welcome to attend. Its a chance for you guys to get the inside scoop on a momentous moment in the History of San Diego State.
  2. A lot of families are expected to attend so I trust some shopping will get done once we move on from the group debate stage of the evening.
  3. Bulldog Fans fear Aztec Power. The San Diego Community WILL come together.
  4. WHAT: Establishing a New Order for San Diego State WHERE: Vista Costco Food Court, California WHEN: FRIDAY MAY 17TH at 7:00-10:00+ PM local time WHO: Aztec Fans, Aztec Boosters, Aztec Allies, the AztecWarriorFoundation MESSAGE: Were calling upon all Aztec Fans(and Aztec Allies) to join the remnants of the AztecWarriorFoundation(AWF) to attend the inaugural meeting of a new force which will change the game at SDSU and remake us into a National Power Athletically, Academically, & Spiritually by establishing THE ORDER OF THE FLAMING SPEAR. By bringing back Monty Montezuma in his iconic getup with the Flaming Spear back in Hand!!! SDSU Icon SteveAztec, SDSU's very own Tlatoani, will be giving a Speech regarding the perilous situation facing the San Diego State Aztecs and the need for the Aztec Community to come together and rally around a majestic Monty Montezuma with the Flaming Spear back in Hand. A new Foundation will be launched which will raise awareness and support about Aztec Athletics and raise tremendously for the Aztec Athletic Department all the meanwhile pursuing more "Orthodox" policies at SDSU. Following the ceremony there will be group chat and friendly debate at the tables and after Costco closes a good Convoy of us can Hit the Bars. So Please come and join SteveAztec, AztecBruce, the GreatAztecJoe, the AztecWarriorFoundation on a momentous and Special Friday Night.