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  1. All you "smart dudes" like to criticize cops. A couple of reasons for that is one it's easy. And two, being a law enforcement officer is not a "smart" career choice. Thus, as it would stand to reason, ppl who make "dumb" career choices are not going to stop doing dumb sh't. Personally, I'm the exact opposite of AOC in regards to LE. I say keep ICE, and abolish the rest of the cops. I'm perfectly fine with protecting myself and dont need help from any "heroes". Then all you anti 2A ppl can hang "Gun Free Zone" signs in front of your propoerty and one problem would take care of the other. #dreamsofadreamer
  2. Could everyone please stop putting an adjective in front of the word "Justice"? Justice is an absolute. It can only be served, denied, or delayed. It's not social, economic, climate or whatever other community organizing BS was pumped into your brainwashed skull at city state u. #wordsmeanthings
  3. Tell us more about about the path to clean living and virtuosity, oh he with a gazillion posts on an internet message board.
  4. What about MOSQUES that do not support guay marriage? Will Robert Francis O'Rourke make Muslims pay the Guay Tax?
  5. Tex ReCruyter is actually a heckuva defensive guy as evidenced by the results at my not so beloved alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley. #CalReCruyter
  6. I intended to troll the UNR ppl with this sock but it turns out the WYO and Boise dudes and dudettes had the biggest reaction. Maynard plans and God Laughs I reckon. Yours Truly Hugh Pig Sooie
  7. @TheTedfordTrain is busy with his new magician gig #TheAmazingDisappearingAlan
  8. Welp, looks like the Sheep Unit is back to being the most popular "train" location in Fresno.
  9. I hope the announcers are schooled in proper pronunciation and nomenclature #NuhVAHHHduh #UNR
  10. One "basketball school" resting on its decades old laurels is already one too many. But at least UNLV gives us access to fertile recruiting grounds, something resembling a media market, easy travel, and an event based city. ABQ offers none of those. The smart thing to do is to reach out to NM STATE. Let's see what they would offer in travel subsidies. If we had NMst n UNM's spot there would have been four MW softball teams in the Regionals last year, and at least one more bball team dancing.
  11. Say what you want abt me, but old Hugh Pig Sooie don't mind turning down the open tre and taking the assist instead
  12. Unm has some solid posters on the forum. My dude Sean is easily a top 5 guy on the politics board. But losing at home to a team that lost to lowly Arkansas is the last of many straws. Clearly, a realistic top end for Lobo football is bowl eligibility once every ten years or so. In the two other revenue sports, basketball and softball, UNM brings nothing (bball) or worse than nothing (the batting practice for opposing teams disguised as a softball team that is a concrete mooring dragging the rest of MW softball down) The Mountain West can and MUST do better. Personally I'd like to see Sacramento State take the Lobos' place. The Hornets have a big potential upside for football and good softball, don't ask me abt bball but can't be any worse what UNM has put the conference through.
  13. The Miwok Reservation community access channel is going to JIP the SJS @ UNR game. All depends how long the gas huffing competition goes #OT