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  1. If y'all want to see some real mountains you ain't seen nothing till you seen the Azores. My daddy was stationed there in the Air Force. There a dwmn sight bigger better and warmer than anything on the west coast
  2. They filmed Broke back Mountain where you live for a reason I reckon. What a bunch if weirdos.
  3. So we can bot agree on the fact the biggest mountains in the country are not in Arkansas or Wyoming. Now it's just a question of preferences. I like the Ozarks because if the rich bio diversity and accessibility to nature. You like Wyoming because....Broke back Mountain?
  4. Priests abused the trust of their parishioners. And the Catholic Church is rightfully paying the consequences. The federal government pays state and local government to abuse children both directly and indirectly. Yet somehow none of the three ever seem to lose business. I can tell you how to get the church out of your family's life. Can you tell me how to get the government out of mine?
  5. If you're a follower of Christ, then Christ is your standard, not Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Joe Paterno, Oprah or any other hu-man. If your an American Christian, you have to go with the best choice available for president. If I had my way I'd have already voted for Mike Huckabee in a presidential election. Judging how not only he but his daughter were treated by the feminist movement , that ain't happenin'! If you don't believe in God, government will fill the void. I think that is what is creating the confusion.
  6. Women do sexually abuse children quite often, unfortunately.
  7. Portland's mayor is a modern day Bull Connor. He might as well stand on the steps of city hall and pronounce "Antifa now! Antifa forever!"
  8. I said I like the Ozarks You wyoming dudes figured you'd put old pig boy in place with your size queen stuff. So is the highest mountain in the country in wyoming, or us it so.ewhete else?
  9. Psycho babble relationship mumbo jumbo is always wrong And the customer is ALWAYS right. Now reread OP and you will answer your own question. PS It wouldn't hurt to grow a pair
  10. So since Republicans can own as many guns as they want, Dems should get to vote as many times as they want?! Bless your liberal hearts every one of you!
  11. The good news is those "SEC" dudes got put in their place about 50 years ago. The bad news is it took over 100 years. Let's pray it doesn't take as long to roust your thug politicians out, or we're all in big trouble.
  12. Boy I tell ya, you west coast people sure can be a sensitive bunch. Suing each other over your hurt feelings on the internet seriously?! It's no wonder you're beating up women and gay guys all the time cmon dude.
  13. "Tough guys" hell, y'all are a bunch of "Size Queens"! Because, if you search "highest elevation point in the mainland United States" wyoming will be the results, right?
  14. You have to love when some slick knows everything about an entire state because he was on an interstate once. They're usually internet tough guys too.