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  1. It takes a lot to put yourself out there like that, I know. I've been bullied with the best of them. So, from the heart, haflman, thank you. Thank you for making this a safe space for real talk, and real feelings. I love you man, truly the best of the best. You guys may think you know everything you need to know about ole kuz. But you don't know a sliver of it. Everyone here is human, including me, believe it or not. I've suffered pain and loss just like everyone else. I hold stuff in like everyone else, until it becomes too much. I need to lighten the baggage I've been carrying around the same as you all have. I'm doing it from a place of love, I hope it's met with the same. I was having a really hard adjusting to life abroad as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Everyone was talking about Nil-Nil draws, Bob's your uncle, "smoking f*gs" (their slang for smoking cigarettes, turns out) and bunch of other crap I didn't understand. Then, out of nowhere, I met "the one". She took me from a place of discomfort and despair to happiness the moment we laid eyes on one another. After I got my degrees in Neurosurgery and Climate Justice, she came back home with me to Santa Clara County. Man talk about "living your best life"! After we'd get done working our awesome tech jobs, we'd help every victim group imaginable at our more PC than thou non-profit. I should have known it was all too good to be true. But I didn't figure it out until that fateful day I took her to the Notre Dame football game, and she dumped my sorry azz for some dumb jock! I never saw it coming! How can someone be so ruthlessly cold hearted?! I was in really bad state. She pretty much broke me. But it turned out that what comes around goes around. Things didn't work out for her as she'd planned. Things got so low, she ended up in a 12-step program in Boise. And some creep who smelled like stale Fritos and feet, and posted on obscure internet message boards all day was threatening that if she didn't put out, he was going to expose her publicly. This was the last I ever heard of her BABY, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
  2. Start another Women's College Golf thread with it #GDLUVVIT #AsianWomen
  3. HAHAHAHAHAH You can disparage any political group you want and it would be on point. But don't accuse dems, or republicans of being stupid. They've created a system where, in a normal year, they control five trillion dollars/year for standing at a microphone and saying a bunch of sh't you dummies want to hear. It's more like 15 trillion/year since 2020, a good portion of which will end up back in their pockets. So yeah, things are going swimmingly for them. Why eff it up with controversial legislation? That would be stupid, as stupid as you thinking then nature of politics will somehow change Let the courts legislate, that's what they're there for.
  4. You might wanna change the batteries in your calculator. You owe me 1,000,000.00. My proof of debt is the same as the govt's: Because I effin said so, now pay up.
  5. Hot Take Alert: Western Mythology sucks, especially Norse mythology. It's what Ren Faire would look like with a Hollywood casting call: a bunch of close ups of some dingbat's best Sharon Stone stare.
  6. WWE moved the July 4th weekend Money in the Bank PPV from Allegiant to the arena inside the MGM https://mgmgrand.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/wwe-money-in-the-bank.html
  7. XBOX Series S Elden Ring for $320 at Amazon And Series S for $280
  8. Alabama to the Small 12 is going to be the first domino to fall. Everyone wants to be behind a paywall dontcha know!
  9. It's going really well for you too, Al. LOL.
  10. My bad, I didn't realize the new show and old show are combined on the same site (never seen it before)
  11. I went to high school in the same town as Rachel Maddow. She had long bleached blonde hair.
  12. If you want to call the most accomplished MW team in a P5 dominated sport "nothing" then sure! That makes Sheepfcker State > nothing, which means we've reached a consensus. Time to shut this MF down
  13. I'm not giving any extra money to ESPN Minus. They in turn would give it to the Small 12 Conference, and the AAC, eff that! All of those games to stream for free on ESPN 3, btw.
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