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  1. When that happens most schools west of the mississippi, and every P5 west of the front range not named USC, is going to be on the chopping block. #contraction
  2. My CC professors were really good too. From CC i transferred to CAL, man what a shock. All the profs in my major were far worse than the stereotypes. It was just horrible, I only lasted a year. Tom Barnes (R.I.P.) was excellent though #hitormiss
  3. Stop looting Targets Start rioting at the universities that robbed you blind. "I paid for some faculty lounge lizards teslas and retirements, and all they taught me was plantation gate keeping and gender dysphoria" - everyone younger than 40
  4. Borrrrrring more zia vs lobo, less tbsuf v. wolfpuke #notentertained
  5. Dont start the ^^^^^^^^^^^^ before there's a stadium to shoot them off in yet
  6. The dem nominee President has $hit HIS SHORTS Fart Check: TRUE
  7. keyword "homosexual offenders" #dontshootthemessenger
  8. FactCheck: False https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/opinion/racism-white-women.html
  9. "All sex is rape! Except sex with sheep, that is 'stress relief'" - Fresno
  10. I believe they are confusing "money" with "medium of exchange", as there is no money in this country. Keep on keepin' it real though AA