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  1. No Mammoth for Ole Kuz. It's easier to get from SJ to Snowbird than SJ -> Mammoth during the season #passclosed
  2. Southern Santa Clara County ---> Monterey Bay is even more of a pronounced difference. 109 ° in Gilroy ----> 64° in Salinas 30 minutes later
  3. Progressives complaining about catholics is like Ohio State people complaining about slap on the wrist sanctions from NCAA.
  4. IIRC, you just missed the Rose Festival. IOW, you missed pretty much everything Portland has to offer. Better luck next year. #snoozeville
  5. The government never has standing to make us buy their sh't. Chief Satanist Roberts had to rewrite their legislation to give them standing. Since the chief justices have legislative powers, they could have also rewritten Texas' motions to give them standing, if that was what they wanted.
  6. I hear there aren't any more wolverines in Michigan, either. There are in the Sierra though.
  7. When I was in Satan's forces, the German military had their own labor union.
  8. The guys numbers don't lie Trumponomics worked for KKKalifornia
  9. 22% GDP from 2015 to 2019 = Trumponomics >>> Obamanomics
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