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  1. That's ok. Kapernick doesn't even know what side he's on. Shine on UNR.
  2. Like UNM wasn't a big enough PITA before all this garbage.... Anybody with NM STATE's phone number plz pass it on to hair, time to upgrade.
  3. Another sucker suffering from buyers remorse after she realized the snake oil didn't work. Maybe if she picked up a Bible on her own she would have realized religion isn't biblical, it's a govt. classification. "The Lord is my shepherd" Not Pat Robertson, or the satanist in the pointy hat and staph, or anyone else.
  4. So the Republicans are the values party? "...................................." are the party of fiscal responsibility? Why did Mr. Prosecutor Trey Gowdy spend a decade plus investigating the Hildabeast, then withdrew from politics when it was time "lock 'er up!!!"? When are Lindsey Graham's hearing going to start? When is Planned Parenthood going to be prosecuted/shut down?
  5. Islam is The Religion of Peace. Muslims would be peaceful if it wasn't for those snobby frenchmen. And other Europeans. And Israelis. And Americans. And Chinese. And Russians. And Nigerians. And Australians. And Canadians. And infidel Arabs. And other muslims who don't believe exactly like them. And etc, etc, etc....
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