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  1. AmeriKKKa, where any boy or girl who is born there can grow up to be president. He or she better start wars when the generals tell him to start wars though.
  2. The only things I/my socks vote on are the occasional MWCBOARD poll. I don't consent to mob rule in RL #RightsNot4Sale But if I get your drift, because there is a power struggle amongst the top mafiosos, that is supposed to mean they respect my Rights somehow?
  3. I know someone who got the second dose on Friday. Same conditions that Alan describes, had to take it easy on Saturday. Still has the chills. No championship ring from ebay. Yet.
  4. No opinion/answers from me hear. Just the titular question. "titular" lol
  5. Not an inaccurate synopsis at all, unfortunately Fusion is a cool concept for food trucks. It's proven pretty much impossible to fuse Democracy with the Rights bestowed upon each man by his creator, however.
  6. The best way to debunk all the religion hustlers and their "hot takes" on the word of Jehovah is to logically study the Bible.
  7. Nintendo consoles are the only ones I buy/try to buy Day One. I did just pick up a PS4 Pro cheap, my gamer card is in my sig. I've been playing so much PS4 that I pressed the B button on my Switch to select...
  8. very few lawyers in ameriKKKa. Way too many attorneys #FundementalDistinction
  9. New A.D. was highly recommended by Ukuwachu.
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