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  1. Stop pretending you care about Rights. You might care about teams n sh't, like farming, being the smartest guy on the mwcboard, trolling, whatever But you don't care about Rights.
  2. Nah, I've phaigged up the fauci worship thread enough for one day (if that's possible).
  3. No vaccine. But I plan on getting a vaccine passport, and keeping some place for when I need it
  4. Hopefully, he's lying. Dont want to think what kind of action was going in a ford frckn pinto if he's not.
  5. I knew there was a reason I didn't trust that @woo pig sooie dude when he posted here.
  6. Uh-oh, hard question time. Is this where I am supposed to change the subject? Nah, I'm a big time liar and sinner. The biggest sin would be to pretend otherwise. I'm going to stick to my guns on the baby killing stuff though.
  7. No. Fecal matter evacuating from your bowels and point A to point B transportation are two separate things. If sh't floated, and you sailed around the world on a ship built from all the sh't you've posted over the years, you might be on to something
  8. Your beloved Supreme Court ruled that each man is sovereign in relation to the state. Since you're a using a non sensical term to mock their decision, you must hate the supreme court. shame on you. I guess since catlick priests sleep with roofs over their heads, I have to tear mine off. Still doesn't change the definition of satan, or any of the wrong bombs you're dropping.
  9. The ancient languages the Bible was written in didn't have a word for Religion, so, deny.
  10. Not surprising, maybe that's why the Bible I read doesn't acknowledge Religion, only God. Thus, clergy isn't a thing. And it has no special status or privilege in relation to God. So not sure what that or your history books have to do with that or the definition of Satan: The chief evil spirit, the adversary of God. Encouraging the destruction of on God's creations is evil, and adversarial to God, pretty simple stuff.
  11. God is fantastic. And I'm one of his creations, so it makes sense my arguments would follow suit. And don't go getting all butthurt, the only reason I bother to devote my precious time to reply to you is b/c you've shown me you're not a zombie.
  12. You're a pretty decent wordsmith, so I'm going to assume you're pretty handy with a dictionary.
  13. You called Bob a fascie. Maybe he is, maybe not. I know you've said a lot more fascie things. I was just raised to focus on the sin/topic than the sinner/man. We were taught this at Bible study, when I was six. Yet, after countless hours and funds devoted to your education, you're still struggling with the concept. The satan's authority thing is a perfect example. It's pretty easy for me to point out the satanic nature of murdering a child in its mother's womb. That wouldn't stop team fascie from shouting me down about how it's a woman's "Right" to murder a child. And the problem isn't mu
  14. Stunner's been known to poke at Wyo ppl a time or two, but they get this one right https://law.justia.com/constitution/wyoming/
  15. Happy, this is your mirror. Mirror, this is happy.
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