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  1. "Show me the man, and I'll show you the thought crime"
  2. There are Cracker Barrels in Sacramento and Victorville areas now too. My fave is the Herschel with sweet tea
  3. Ranking traditional on the bone fried chicken, Church's > Popeye's. But Popeye's owns Church's in every other aspect. I grew up on fried chicken and soul food but where I live there isn't much offered ( Poor House Bistro and Southern Kitchen are closest things to soul food places in SJ). There are no Church's in south bay either, so i really lean on Popeye's. I have not had the chance to try their new sandwich yet but I love their spicy chicken is money on the bone or strips. I often eat a family size container of RBnR all by myself, and I wish they still offered their Jambalaya as an entrée. Has anyone mentioned Chick Fil-A chicken biscuits yes? if no, then you guys have no place in this discussion. There is no better FF breakfast item period. Rest of rankings Best strips = Raising Cane's Best sides = Popeye's Best Drinks = CFA Best sauce = Zaxby's Best sandwich = CFA but have not tried Popeye's yet
  4. Trump DERANGMENET SYNDROME SUFFERERS' mental state is deteriorating dangerously due to impeachment with potentially ‘catastrophic outcomes’, psychiatrists urgently warn Congress #FFA
  5. "The Tedford Train"? More like The Retreadford Trainwreck! Enjoy that prolonged "camping trip" old friend!
  6. Wow, Chair Force ppl are douchebags, who knew?! In more news, water seeks its own level. /sarcasm Say what you want, but Howdy is the perfect man for the job at the Chair Force Academy.
  7. Way to go Rebels, shove that red cannon up where the sun don't shine and fire! #NuckFevada
  8. I consider myself a passwordologist. Since most of my socks are based on school affiliation, my passwords are all the same combination of the same key phrase and a prominent figure associated with that school. For as many socks as I have it's the only way to go. Or maybe all my passwords are "P@ssword123" I forget
  9. Professional Wrestling is seeing a Renaissance that has already surpassed the Monday Night Wars of the late 90's early 2000's. WWE has three shows on during the week: RAW, NXT & Smackdown!, And there are other promotions airing weekly, New Japan, IMPACT! both on AXS, and All Elite on TNT