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  1. Life does not have intrinsic value in your country. It's one of those things you're going to have to learn to deal with.
  2. I know I sound like a know it all here. I actually have no ego AFA this stuff is concerned. The only reason i even discuss it is because I've never seen "my method" (adapted/stole it from black panther types in my native oakland) discussed. So If somebody has more knowledge or better ideas on how to get the government out of one's life, where i went wrong or right I'm all ears here or in PMs. You can never have too little government in your life. My plan was to completely remove any contact government has in my life. And surprisingly enough, the agenices that admitted to be federal entities were relatively easy to deal with. I wrote them notarized letters telling them to stick it, and they wrote me back to suit myself. The worst news I got was from the SSA telling me I didn't have to acknowledge their number, but I couldn't make them destroy an identity that belongs to them (20 CFR 422.103d), which kinda makes sense when you think about it. The federal agencies masquerading as "state agencies" on the other hand, OMFG.... I'm getting PTSD just typing about it, truly the worst the human race has to offer. If I don't post about it till tomorrow, it's because I'm in my safe space recovering. If it's been a few days + and I still havent posted about it's bc they goon squad hauled me off to the debtors prison again
  3. I hope Trump didn't pay a penny in income taxes. Just like I hope none of you pay any income tax.
  4. The Raitards attendance will be lower The average IQ of ppl in stadium will be MUCH higher
  5. The red and blue is cool for the softball team, but looks stupid for football. So it shd be a hit All blue is too dark All white is racist
  6. I'm glad all the ppl who've had issues with my opinions, trolling or sock puppetry have an outlet to deal with that in your way. I just hope you know in the end it's all good natured fun, no hard feelings on my part. Most of those same ppl seem to fit the "liberal", "leftist", or "democrat" description. To the best of my knowledge you guys really love government "benefits", and the bigger the better. This thread is coming from the opposite point of view, so reading on isn't going to be worthy of your time unless you're curious to learn the process. "Few men will choose freedom", and most ppl only care that the bread is on the table, not how it got there. There's a small chance a some of my patriot friends might find the info useful, if you're open minded enough to see your patriotism in its current form might be misplaced. I think govt. bennies and the process through which they are collected and redistributed really suck. What troubled me the most was the tacit approval that I felt I was giving to the infant holocaust . So I had to find a way to deal with that monstrosity somehow #MajorityOfOne. And believe you me, that ain't no easy task. Uncle Sam is nothing if not the most vicious street pimp out there, and his "firm pimp hand" is paper. He had me "hoing" 30+ years and wasn't about to let that azz free, so i had to dig through that paper to find a way out.
  7. I think to take part in this discussion you have to accept the The United States Code is a thing in your life that you have to accept/deal with it and its defintions somehow. And it is: https://www.govinfo.gov/help/uscode#:~:text=The United States Code%2C is,was first published in 1926.
  8. Or in your case, a state of denial when facts are being discussed. Don't make soupslam come in here and b-slap the few remaining teeth you have outta your mouth
  9. Here is California's, most important part bolded (IOW, anyone or thing that wants claim injury or dominion over you needs to show you've violated their freedom and independence and/or Rights, or that you waived your F&I for purposes of the claim ):
  10. You're as free as I am, so take whatever path you want. Personally, afa definitions go, I keep it simple and stick to article 1 section 1 of the state constitution, and I suggest everyone else do the same* *not legal advice just an opinion. Bar members get paid to play dumb about this sh't and would be drawn and quartered if they ever discussed this topic openly.
  11. The context is taking money outta your azz , er um uh, "Federal Debt Collection Procedure"
  12. Shout out to my dude @roswellcoug, we used to have a lot of fun with that Obama quote. Spoiler Alert: In answering the question how many "states" there are, Obama wasn't necessarily wrong at all.
  13. Boy, I tell ya what, that soupslam dude oughta change his name to SUDSSLAM after that backhand follow through, I mean that was about 50 years worth of "act right" served up in 5 seconds!!!! I never feel sorry for monte but GD even I cringed at that one You ain't at that monte's mesa echo chamber no more homey, you best put a coaster under your glass and throw in some yessirs and yesmaams when youre at that boise dude's house. #JussGD