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  1. Baldwin's taken to social media to score relevancy points standing on the backs of people who were shot. Like the song says: "Two wrongs don't make a right, but it damn sure makes us even!"
  2. PM me all your Paypal info I can fix it for you.
  3. My first birthday present was a beagle my dad's best friend saved from Lawrence Livermore Lab, where he worked.
  4. "just" is a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think?
  5. dead horse I wasn't trying to beat = Norvell decision not dead horse = continued reliance upon analytics in coaching decisions.
  6. All these feel good opinions and sjw gasbaggery, but not one answer to a simple question: what is the IRS's legal right to ask? I know there are ppl on here who've read Titles 26 of the USC and CFR from front to back and back to front again. If there is mutual assent written into those codes, I'm sure someone will post it.
  7. Stop wondering about that stuff, and start worrying about paying me the money you owe me. Same goes for the rest of you guys.
  8. Black ppl in China see "No Blacks Allowed" signs on the front door of buildings they wanted to enter. Shouldn't BLM be joining in with Kanter?
  9. Ok, appreciate the response, and the honesty. To be fair, I don't know why you owe me a million bucks, either. I just know you better pay me a million bucks, er else!
  10. Welp, looks like one of the board comedians doesn't know the answer to the questions I'm asking. @bornontheblue, @mugtang, any of the other pros, what is/are the I.R.S.'s legal right(s) to inquire into one's alleged gain, or any other way that someone makes a living? Is/are there specific codes? Is it written on their badges? Darth Vader said so?
  11. Right, and after Saturday. the next time some stats nerd talks that stuff to Norvell or Pack ppl they'll tell them to shove it. But it doesn't change the fact that analytics is replacing analysis in the game as a whole. That's really reckless, IMO.
  12. I hear you guys, and I'm not trying to beat a dead horse. Just trying to point out the inherent flaw of the analytics approach. Analytics is a card some in the hand of a coach who may or may not have passed 8th grade math Analysis allows logic (common sense, hopefully) processing of the data by the man who is paid to know WTF is going on, not hold a card. "We're down by five points to the opponent. I can run the play that will most likely get my team a point, and see how the rest of the game plays out. That way, if the opponent gets another FG, it's still a 7 point game. Or, I can g
  13. Players are being potty trained, it's excusable when they shit themselves. It's a lot worse when the coach drops a hot steaming pant load that melts down his leg and pours out his shoes. So Norvell costing the team a chance at ot is rly bad, would normally take TotW. But this week it's CS, Addazio U-idiot all the way. He should have been screaming and motioning spike it after 1st down. And even when the kick team had run on, holder could have still run up, took snap, and spiked it to give the kicker a chance.
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