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  1. “High ranking insiders” are wrong, misinformed, and biased all the time. This is a situation where the basic facts are all you need to know. I will leave a 5% probability that Gonzaga coaches simply lost their ever lovin’ minds and turned Jenkins down for the (chance?) at some high profile recruit. A temporary case of 5 star fever? Not. Very. Likely. Definitely not the Zags MO, as well as it would be a huge gamble that’s a long shot to pay off. Kinda like playing Blackjack and you hit on your 20 cause you have a ‘really good feeling’ the next card is an Ace.
  2. Gonzaga ain’t “passing” on a proven 20 ppg scorer that made over a hundred 3’s at a 45% clip, for an unproven”high profile” recruit. Haha, what’d they just figure on that strategy when he was in his official there? C’mon. Anyone that believes that, well....
  3. Drugs may be needed but I doubt they’re the cause.
  4. All smart people on here know that you two Nevada trolls are not up to snuff. You’re trolling is just run of the mill, unimpactful annoyance. If you guys are college graduates, I’m surprised you’ve not caught on that you’re most likely, more often than not, the two dumbest mfers in the room.
  5. Buddy, nobody said NBA factory, but I guess Aslowdipshit doesn't know Anthony Bennett was one and done and the #1 pick several years ago. Or that Rashad Vaughn was one and done and a 1st round pick. Point is, Reno is not in the discussion. Ever. That's what I want to convey to you. Have a little self awareness when you're pounding your keyboard, aka runnin' your mouth. Then maybe you won't look so foolish.
  6. Yet a more plausible scenario than UNR fan having to worry about one and dones deciding whether to go to Reno. LMFAO at Aslowtroll! One and dones might go to UNLV. One and dones never go to Reno. You're pathetic.
  7. Haha, UNR has like 4 players that want to play for your new douchebag coach. Years away? UNLV is better than UNR today. I know that’s not great, but it sure highlights how pathetic UNR fans like you are. Not only has the sun set on your wildest ride ever. No one cares or will notice.
  8. You just typed. For everyone to see. That UNR has the program I wish I had. That is the most delusional, dumbest shyte I can remember reading. I’d post a hundred gifs of people laughing at you if I didn’t have to go turn of my oven timer right now. I mean Rebel fans have to look a whole 4 years ago to remember when we had more potential than you’re wannabe program has EVER had. And a whopping 6 or so years ago to when we did something Reno has never done. And never will do,,,like make the NCAAS 5 out of 6 years. You are insignificant. You really are Aslowdipshitwhiteguy...
  9. I see Aslowdipshit does not either comprehend what he reads or just likes responding in short stories on UNLV basketball history as only he sees it. Why does Reno fan follow basketball at all from here on out? Your shitty little program has no history and no hope. You are pathetic for wasting your time. I’d say we are all laughing at you, but no one cares. Rebel nuts are tired from your constant groping.
  10. Sadly, UNR troll is comparing his programs never did anything history to ours. The best UNLV fan can hope for is another Final Four weekend. The best Adipshitwhiteguy can hope for is another swing ride on Rebel nuts.
  11. You’re doing it wrong. Must be another UNR fan....
  12. Do you two halfwits come together to form some kind of a troll tag team in this type of situation? Here are the UNR guys again, spending their days and nights swinging from Rebel nuts. Lol. Pathetic.