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  1. This is my favorite Thompson moment BY FAR!! IT'S CLASSIC!!
  2. I agree. All of this begs the question... WHAT WOULD THE MWC COMMAND WITH BOTH BYU AND BOISE STATE (equal shares)? ***If Hair could bring that to the table, then everyone could eat.
  3. Hair Thompson wanted to be a P6 BEFORE being P6 was cool.
  4. I like the guy. You can tell he likes to make moves. lol And that he will, at times, decide not to pull the trigger He’s fun to watch The Boise move with Kustra will forever define him.
  5. It was a bad miscalculation to drive the stake through the heart of the WAC. Thompson should’ve let them stay on life support as a FB conference. By going too WAC heavy, Thompson made the MWC the defacto worst FBS conference in the West, which took away prestige for recruits.
  6. This. (its time to bump this poll) I am convinced that "The Project" would have worked. Keeping BYU Olympics as an asset was a crucial must. BYU Olympics was more important than some of the all-sports teams that were added. Don't @ me. Under the WAC banner the conference would be much further along (it also could have claimed Boises 2006-2010 run as a conference achievement) Keeping the MWC brand without TCU and Utah was a mistake. The present MWC membership has played in just 1 New Years Bowl as a member of the MWC. The one positive about Craig Thompson is that he's not Larry Scott.