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  1. I can see why your salty because your administration gambled and lost! like TCU you should ALWAYS climb up the ladder of conference affiliation when there’s a branch. When you don’t you get leapfrogged by Tulsa.
  2. Money tells which teams in the old leagues HAD VALUE $$$$$ Youre closer to the current CUSA now and your not as valuable as the former MWC. Thats the economics of life.
  3. Lol UCF has already sold out its regular season allotment. The TV deal reflects the audience the league has drawn. Perhaps Hair should try a heavy exposure deal to try and build an audience. The blueprint has been laid down. Take those Tuesday and Wednesday games. YOU GOT NO CHOICE, little Jimmy.
  4. MWC is a New CUSA West. Until it makes money, like Gregory Hines told Sammy Davis, “You got no legs”
  5. The budgets are basically the coaches salaries. Those have been posted. Do your homework lil buddy.
  6. Lol CUSA is CUSA. just like the MWC is the MWAC now that they ate them.
  7. MWC is old WAC. Just like CUSA is old Sunbelt. The OGs of the MWC (Utah, TCU) were the ones who matched up with Houston, et al. Combine the OGs like Houston with UConn et al and it’s an animal you can’t relate to.
  8. BS BS. The new Big East makes 4 million. They pay their coaches a fraction of what the AACs coaches make. They have Jay Wright. That’s all. No murderous row like Kelvin Sampson, Gregg Marshall, Penny Hardaway, Dan Hurley, etc
  9. The MWC is on CUSA’s level. The current generation of MWC is based on WAC teams; just like the current generation of CUSA is Sunbelt teams. All the old power teams of the MWC and CUSA moved on to higher tier conferences. So what you have now are depleted CUSA/MWC, who tried in the past to form an alliance AGAINST the Big East/AAC. Thats why the MWC makes scraps. It’s like the current CUSA. Same generation of depleted conference leftovers.
  10. Lol How much does the MWC make in revenue? 😂😂😂 Who is committed to MWC MBB (recruits)?
  11. With Dixie State now bringing the WAC to 9 teams, might we see those last WAC spots become coveted by Western programs trying to cut their own INDEPENDENT FOOTBALL media deals and get a greater financial return by putting their Olympics in the WAC? The current MWC negotiations could spawn a new era in WAC history; especially if Boise State tries to eat up any profits. The WAC went neck&neck with MWC basketball this year, so its not out of the realm of probability.
  12. Lmao.. I’ll always feel bad for San Diego State in all this.. Keep firin guys.. I would too... I would too.. 🤜🤛