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  1. OP, did you vote in the 2016 presidential election? If yes,who did you vote for?
  2. TDS is affecting your ability to process simple logic. There is undeniable proof that Governor coonman IS a vile racist. The only "evidence" that President Donald J Trump is a racist originates from TDS induced delusions. There is no comparison to be made. Nothing new here either. The Democrat party always has been and always will be the party of institutionalized racism. In more news, water seeks its own level.
  3. August 12 2017 statement from the Democrat party's then nominee for governor, Ralph "coonman" Northam “White supremacists have descended upon Charlottesville again to evoke a reaction as ugly and violent as their beliefs — just as they did before, I am urging Virginians to deny them the satisfaction" Does the term "Full Disclosure" not mean anything to governor coonman?!
  4. What does Richard Spencer say about Virginia's Democrat governor Ralph "coonman" Northam?
  5. Dear Muller and the Democrats have declared our President guilty until proven innocent. Wake the hell up everyone.
  6. Hey, rest of the West, see what we have to put up with from these brain dead California Democrats?! "We're going to take away your guns. But don't worry, the racist corrupt cops will protect you!"
  7. I like Judge Nap alright. He's just pissed at Trump for not considering him for SCOTUS. Dersh is cool too.
  8. Global Warming is their faith based religion. Al Gore is their creator/god figure. And OcrazyO Cortex is their Virgin Mary.
  9. Frisco is to lefty douchebags what Vegas is to normal Americans.
  10. You're wrong. There is no comparison between President Donald J Trump and Democrat governor of Virginia Ralph Northam. There is damning evidence Ralph "coonman" Northam is a vile racist. There is zero evidence President Trump is racist. Only fake news spin from logically illiterate libtards.
  11. If UVA wanted to make a statement against racism, they would have refused to take the court again until their WHITE SUPREMACIST GOVERNOR resigned. "Ralph Northam, left, and the racist photo from his medical school yearbook that was revealed Friday.AP"
  12. Babylon's Youth University