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  1. I was in Reno last week when the police pulled me over for speeding. I quickly told the Gomer Pyle looking officer that the Russians cyber attacked my speedometer and he let me go. No wonder Muss stuck around so long.
  2. Do the Tigers and Grizzlies share the same fan base and Is the relationship between the two entities cooperative or adversarial ? In your opinion, will the ascension of Tigers hoops under Penny hurt attendance at Grizzly games and is Memphis a large enough market to support both ? Inevitably, Las Vegas will have an NBA franchise along with our NHL one and fan support for UNLV will be tenuous at best.
  3. Stop it! As horrendous as UNLV football has looked, we are still the " Entertainment Capital Of the World," getting ready to debut a world class stadium and therefore our potential ceiling dwarfs yours. People just don't move to your town voluntarily, they get sentenced there. It seems as if one third of Fresno's population is in the witness protection program. Sammy the Bull could even be working at a Foot Locker near you. What do your high school grads have to look forward to besides being accepted into Pelican Bay? You reside in the " Raisin Capital of the World " and are throwing stones at us. Get a life !!!
  4. Hiring Penny Hardaway helped Memphis increase it's attendance by over 10k per game from Tubby Smiths final year. We should see an uptick of at least five to seven thousand per game. Then again, Memphis didn't p[ay and lose to Valpo, Bucknell, Trump Univ. etc.
  5. Another possibility would be LV Aces coach Bill Laimbeer. Wouldn't you love to see the Wolf Pack bring back the" Bad Boys ?" Seriously, the man can coach and wouldn't command a ridiculous salary.