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  1. Well...I guess I need to create a new name. Damnit Muss!!
  2. Ahh the classic "noob" response. Always a go to when you really don't have anything good to say. I did answer your question. After posting almost 6,000 posts on this board maybe you forget what you type. I can see that happening when you are trying to troll us noobs. Here is your question: "doesn't the fact that even this thread - a derivative thread on how the UNLV-has-no-coach-again-thread has way more interest than the Nevada tournament thread - has nearly as much traffic as your tournament thread bother you?" Answering your question again...no it does not bother me and dare I answer for all Pack fans "us."
  3. No it does not bother us. That would make us insecure. Like the fans of teams that are not playing right now. These other threads are a good distraction for a few days until our team plays again.
  4. If I were an Aggie fan I would be more worried about the women on campus than an opposing teams player losing his cool. But Aggie's kinda set the tone when they allowed a convicted rapist to play on their basketball team. Then their football player took it to a whole different level. That campus has to be scary for women!! Some bad dudes at that school...talk about jack wagons! But seriously Aggiesox....maybe worry about your own before throwing those rocks from your glass house. Don't taint what your school did this year by being one of "those fans." Aggies had a great year this year and that seems more of something to talk about than a player losing his temper.
  5. You have to admit that it is pretty amazing that a basketball powerhouse that once was has fallen so far. It is amazing the revolving door that job at UNLV has become. This is what happens when you can't pay players like you used to.
  6. https://www.rgj.com/story/news/2019/03/18/caleb-and-cody-martin-do-touching-interview-cbs-evening-news/3208077002/
  7. Watched these guys in the exhibition game against Nevada. They are pretty athletic and can shoot well. Seemed like they couldn't miss when I watched them. If Aggies play like they did in the tournament then this should be a W.
  8. I'm debating this -13 spread for USU. That is a big line for a tournament game.
  9. looking like a Nevada V Boise game.
  10. USU fans got more upset at Caroline losing his temper than they did when one of their own raped 6 women. Breaking glass on a fire extinguisher is a worse crime than rape per USU fan standards. I sure hope we meet up with USU in the finals. It would be good for the conference to have the two top teams playing for the tourney championship. With Saint Mary's taking another bubble spot away it is probably the only way USU can get into the NCAA's.