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  1. who gives a crap--he is at unlv--all else is pointless--he said, she said--blah blah blah blah blah-move on--get a life
  2. dont really get it--small high school gyms etc etc--dont really care if its gonzaga and few--he will miss vegas and the 24 hr town--probably one and done anyway
  3. ""And anybody that says, "I play hard as shit, bro!" is ok in my book. "" This will set the standard and work ethic for the returning players..this kid wants to play!! I like him already
  4. unlv cant afford to have menzies stay for any reason--win or not--doesnt matter
  5. time to move on---quit talking and comparing rice--who cares--quit comparing period--marv is on his own--he has done nothing--the stands are empty--me included--i quit donating when he was hired--we went from so so to worse so i baled. tired of the post tark years--tired of waiting for a real hire--get the money out and hire a real coach--takes money to make money--come on unlv--make the hire or quit the program--the fans are leaving faster than the leaves