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  1. It's coo if the other posters don't agree with you or even pick on you. It's life they probably where lame in highschool or their early years of living. It's their time to shine... But no really don't even worry about that you gotta do your thing. Not everyone is the same. Sometimes you have rebels, sometimes you have captain save a heauxs, sometimes people want to be the villan. You gotta do you.
  2. Yeah man that's optimistic to my opinion I hope you're right bro.
  3. How long y'all think they'll cancel sports for?
  4. People are insecure that's all it really it is,
  5. And it’s different. Norfolk getting one on Alabama was nice...
  6. It’d be dope if they had games in specific places before taking it to the Garden. Like you know Vegas, maybe ATL... then you can hype it and sell tickets to sports fans ?!? I
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