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  1. No because Menzies was never her hire. She’s not from Vegas, what connections she has to UNLV other than furthering her career. Not looking like a winning gamble though.
  2. Because she thought this would be the best time, if she did it next season she’d look bad because the Rebels was projected to be a competing team... they thought they had a good foundation with the Africans but now Jtambwe stock has risen and so has Hardy’s and even Juistons. Waters not so calm now!!!
  3. Let’s not put him under the dirt yet, even Menzies had a time when he was Marvelous Menzies (#12 recruiting class) we may be calling him The Burger on some Inn and Out after the game type ish ... the optimist in me
  4. Congrats bro we got the coach you guys all wanted 👏🏿 🎊
  5. He gets as long as the new AD gets. This was an ego move I don’t even think he’s a better coach then Menzies but as long as she’s here she’s going to on it. Buahahahhaha lol unlv
  6. Texas Southern wasn’t bad made some noise got paid triple at Detroit now otw back to the top!!!
  7. Those food schemes where so amateur I thought it was a set up. I’m like you replace radio and tv advertising with freakin hot dawgs. Lmao wtf
  8. There was a meac team scoring a gang of points one season!!
  9. My boy from Clark gonna have break out season, I know Clark grads shed a tear when they went on that little tear !!!
  10. hahaaaaa UNLV is funny. this coach lasts as long as the ad lasts. So she’s owning this if it goes left or right or down the middle...
  11. He came from SouthDakota they used to always cover out of conference.... lol UNLV wanna be like USU I see haha
  12. That bs doesn’t even make sense.... that’s the crap we dealing with lmao
  13. UVU has been playing hard lately, does BYU only hire lds coaches?
  14. Nice observations, you fit the requirements to be an unarmed security guard. I mean I know it’s easy for someone to say something and everyone else follow and that’s what was going on a lot. A lot of irrational circle jerking fake news Donald Trump like things happening. I follow basketball so when I see people posts things like he can’t recruit or he hasn’t beat a top 100 team I have to point out the facts. Just because facts clash with your opinion doesn’t mean you have to paw patrol my every post because since I’ve signed up here I’ve provided dialogue along with facts and lol MM isn’t even the coach any more lol y’all trollin a dude that’s been doing what you want our team to do and that’s win their conference and get a share of that tourney money and what comes with all that lmao....