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  1. I don't think he's going anywhere this year even if he wins one game but I can see them winning more than that, alot more
  2. he's such a bum a rich bum man DFR decision was wack and the timing was even worst like how the fook they let her do that.
  3. Rebels had some hot players over the years that could have stayed and contributed. Juice, Hardy, TT, NTambwe, like we really had some studs. But I like the players we have now as well
  4. they just out of shape and small, they also weak on defense. they play flat as well
  5. yeah right they won their games the second year what you smokin
  6. lol DFR sucks man, totally took the energy out of the football program paid this guy triple the money of a home grown coach for less return value. went the cheap route with the basketball coach could have kept Menzies on that lesser contract currently 0-8 with the new coaches UNLV broke the bank with pfff
  7. HBCUs used to take the check but Texas Southern has other aspirations, I think they got the old Pepperdine coach now their old coach went to Detroit or something like that.
  8. UNLV still scored 70 though, line only at 12.5, Tarheels haven't looked all that and I'm sure the pressure on TJO, 99-90 full time lol
  9. dude sounds like Marvin Menzies when a fan asked him about winning a rivalry game with New Mexico. lmfao
  10. And it’s different. Norfolk getting one on Alabama was nice...
  11. It’d be dope if they had games in specific places before taking it to the Garden. Like you know Vegas, maybe ATL... then you can hype it and sell tickets to sports fans ?!? I
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