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  1. Agreed! I think he’ll gain traction though. Man shout out my boy Spicy PPPPP! I see you boy !!!
  2. What I like about TJO is that he’s branding the program all about Vegas. For natives and 2nd generation Las Vegas and so on it’s inspirational.... Hope all his plans come into fruition!
  3. Not sure why, or not from me. My point pretty much proven; all of his recruits moved on to better pastures... and Siakam(not a UNLV player) is about to get maxed and is one game away from a championship... so I’m sitting back
  4. He said if himself so what more do you need!?
  5. Yeah but Marv have few more years on him, rebuild two programs and have had many of his players go on to play professionally. Also if we’re comparing like that, you could say his first year at UNLV had better players come in compared to OTJ first year( but they haven’t played yet so we have to see how these guys turn out).... You see how the ratings for NMSU are identical but with fewer wins to losses!?!? It shows how bad the summit league really was!!!!
  6. I think you’re talking about Cal Poly, and that wasn’t even a real report it was a rumor. And I won’t talk about anyone’s personal business so I’ll only talk about things that’s been reported in the media. It’s not even about being a critical thinker or being smart. It’s common sense. But you don’t pay an assistant coach at a WAC school more than you would a head coach at a school like Fresno State, Or more than any coach in the big sky, pioneer, SWAC,meac, summit league, sun belt, Ohio valley; leagues then it should tell you how competitive the market is and he may be a head coach in waiting for GCU. The metrics is in his favor, I’m speaking in reality not in emotions like you are and the guy who didn’t want to address any of the facts I stated in a post he asked about recruiting in. But you chose to stick your nose in this because you can’t wrap your head around the fact that Marvin has options (you’re personally invested lmao emotional even). Anyway he could have been a head coach at a lot of places but he probably loved the position he will be in at GCU and he’s compensated very well... and trust me that cal poly thing was never a thing the guy that “broke “ the story is a troll kinda like .....
  7. It’s cool to have opinions but when you appoint your opinion as fact that’s when it gets dangerous and a person with a fair mind will start to look at you as delusional. You replied to my facts with opinions and passed a judgment based on that opinion lmao wow!!!!!!! Just remember that.... Anyway I’m glad UNLV is scheduling better schools it’s about money at the end of the day and Id much rather watch UCLA and UNLV vs Pacific lmao!!!!!!
  8. Maybe the educators use different variables considering he’s not native to this country.
  9. Hey bro comment on the post, I left some facts in reply to you. Stay on topic tho!!!
  10. Aye, nah Uche was very decent and should have gotten more touches he was like Juiston dude was like 50% from the floor I think he even went to the gleague.... Dude from St.Johns was poo edit: looking back at the numbers he wasn’t that poo but watching the ball slip through his hands and other lil stuff used to piss me off. its really no comparison so far if we’re comparing their first seasons recruiting 👀
  11. Some people make millions some people make memes. Go listen to J.Cole he talking about you!!!