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  1. you know what's crazy she looks just like penny wise 🦉
  2. Transfer portal couldn't come at a better time.
  3. lol it's a what have you done for me lately world, but if you really look at them games it's meeeehh
  4. They should make the Jump, they have a brand. Look at App State
  5. yes yes yes, and that's a reason Jans wanted to leave NMSU for the 200k salary increase you can do good in Conf USA and still move up, the new Wac will be more competitive than it's been. They are getting Stephan F Austin
  6. I think Menzies did fairly well at UNLV, The Canadian not as much. Jans is a great coach and won every where he's been even as assistant coach
  7. Lol a dude thinks he can become a woman lol yes people would change their gender for sports or attention
  8. They should have went with Jans, but Jans would have left quickly he's a great coach and I'm surprised he's still in Las Cruces
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