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  1. ^^^^captain save a heaux!! Hey Otz turning the ship around! Nice to see the rebs winning and putting up points.
  2. That was a good pick too with Utah I see you!!!
  3. Pot Kettle beef in 2020 The more thangs change the more they ......
  4. The schedule wasn't tough at all... But I dig what y'all saying.
  5. This is gonna be a tuff game for the rebels
  6. I guarantee the athletic department and people with in the program definitely care about the streak. Even down to program donors(not the boosters).
  7. I dunno they played Robert Morris thats like playing Meac or Swac team.
  8. Anyone need tickets to the Vegas bowl? Two for 160$
  9. Pac 12 having a decent year. Too bad those teams are going to cannibalize each other.
  10. I feel bad for the dude though. JH looks like he can't play, he had a few talented pieces to work with and they can't score. The energy is flat. All bad smh, stands empty. I never hear commercials for Rebel basketball they're never in the inner city communities. Instead of advertising they are offering cheap stuff to accommodate who do come. I know they're waiting until next year but.... .... ....