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  1. Didn't think it would be this bad
  2. So she's going with someone with no head coaching experience?
  3. They should be bussing in inner city and youth
  4. Clay Helton is nice but he may have better options
  5. She did say UNLV coaches should stand out with the Grudens or some shiiiieeee like that.
  6. Yeah but Cincinnati is going to blow them out. They have an offense.
  7. You can tell Rosegreen was lame in highschool 👀
  8. That interview had me rolling.... Lol.
  9. Wait .... Wait wait. What part was funny or not the truth 👀
  10. What's wrong with an FCS coach?
  11. Vegas is unique but there's a community of people that's been here for generations vs all the transplant so that's only a little true... As far as the culture of the city goes. I think the AD goes for a coach winning in a smaller program. She will probably over pay like she did for Otzberger