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  1. It's coo if the other posters don't agree with you or even pick on you. It's life they probably where lame in highschool or their early years of living. It's their time to shine... But no really don't even worry about that you gotta do your thing. Not everyone is the same. Sometimes you have rebels, sometimes you have captain save a heauxs, sometimes people want to be the villan. You gotta do you.
  2. Yeah he was wack after first year at Vandy, the conference got really good. At least his only competition is NMSU.
  3. He won his tournament games and win during the season. Looks like a solid coach.
  4. I mean kinda, well yeah pretty much.
  5. Lmao look two jokes in one post. Buahahahaaaaaass
  6. That's great, and great for basketball.
  7. Nah you right. It's going to take the right school but I think there's going to be a higher level institution that hires him. He could be back in the States coaching next season ­čĹÇ
  8. People are saying Pitino is not going to be the next coach of GCU
  9. Yeah man that's optimistic to my opinion I hope you're right bro.
  10. How long y'all think they'll cancel sports for?
  11. One of the major gripes alot of people have is the statement he made on racial slurs he said he got when he took the job at UNLV. This was in response about his job security when asked if he's worried about being replaced. Never ever call a racist a racist, ever it's the worst thing you can call them in today's time. But seriously alot of people don't respect that and it pervades their logical thinking.
  12. People are insecure that's all it really it is,
  13. You think Diong would be the focal point lol hmm interesting. Yeah I'm kinda shocked but it's been hinted to since last season. I wonder if it's health. Some speculated he may take a position with the Sun's. GCU is a sleeping giant though they have something special.