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  1. Man lol UNLV set themselves back. We gotta see how it plays out but I’m not buying the Rebels being Jack Rabbits in a race
  2. Probably that’s what they tryna cut out
  3. At least you have jack rabbits in the desert!?!? 🤔
  4. Man UNLV got robbed by Ronald McDonald and the Happy meal gang lmao!!!!
  5. Beard the type of coach to coach at Kansas’s and Dukes!!!!
  6. To be honest you guys are worrying about the wrong things. Everyone was talking about UNLV being on the hook for Marvin buy out but UNLV had to buy out TJO, and his contract is significantly larger and fully guaranteed except if he leaves lmao!!!!!!!!
  7. I dunno about luck as they’re paying him a head coaches salary 👀
  8. Think Tomway is gone!!!! the new additions look like decent pieces I guess
  9. And they usually schedule well and they have a hot young coach in their conference in Rio Grande 👀!!!! They may get a. Autobid our the league next season... man they are looking good. 🤔
  10. Hey thank you man happy 420 as well put something in the air for us 🤝
  11. Lol it’s all love bro! It’s just bs talking not personal...