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  1. No one's fooled. People from Vegas don't shower
  2. Aztecs are not good on the road this year. Enough said.
  3. Another troll attempt...still don't care. You guys sound like you don't expect to do well after this year, but then again I'd be nervous too about losing 5 starters who were all 5 year seniors.
  4. Indifference. It's that simple. But Nevada fans obviously want to pretend that we care more than we do. Personally I'm happy that there's another program that's doing well. I'm also rooting for UNLV, UNM, and BSU to get back into form too. Of course the Aztecs need to take care of business themselves.
  5. Aztecs go 2-2 down the stretch losing both games on the road (where we're not that good) and winning the other two at home (where we are tough). With that said I can see us possibly going 1-3, losing at home to Fresno st, or 3-1 were we sneak out a win against USU.
  6. LMAO at the tool trolling SD fans with her idiotic poll.