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  1. Two cuts. 1. Everybody not P5 2. Then everybody in a P5 that's not either a big-market team or blue/new blood. That means adios Vandy, welcome to FCS with the rest of the non-pro teams based on college campuses. That way we can get CFB the way the TV execs want it. FBS ball with roughly 20 teams.
  2. He did have the best walk off into the sunset for any top QB...back-to-back Super Bowl titles.
  3. Didn't we give UNLV a gift like this about 10 years ago? I can still see Walton's airball in slow motion.
  4. I really miss the swagger guys like Maal and Shep brought to the court. Those dudes were intense.
  5. Or they could stop at halftime.
  6. This team is finding creative ways to lose. I gotta give Dutch some credit here.
  7. Why in God's name didn't we even offer Modster if this was the offense we were gonna run? He even went to a SD county juco.
  8. You can have Dutcher.
  9. I heard Alford needs a job
  10. FINALLY! That was me yelling at the TV when I saw this.
  11. And it's a cloudy day.
  12. The Rutgers dude arrived in 2017. Maybe we didn't have a senior transfer since they figured the guy starting since his freshman year had the job locked up for 2018. I do agree that Chapman sucked. But, that's a legitimate concern when you're transferring for your final season.
  13. If not a MWC title, then I'd be happy with the Aztecs going to the AZ bowl. It's just a 2 hour drive for me to get to the game from Phoenix.
  14. This would be equal to the time I bought weed off Tommy Chong. It was legal. It was opening day for the dispensary he used to own. :-) But, I still bought weed directly from Chong. He rang me up!
  15. I love him! lol He's like my stoner uncle watching sports. I toke too, but not like he does. My favorite Waltonism was from the NBA Eastern Conf Finals back when the Knicks & Heat went at it, "When you're a Knicks fan and all your hopes & dreams lie on the shoulders of Charlie Ward...well that's just sad." I was in a room full of Knick fans. Their reaction was priceless.
  16. I was worried for most of the first half that our football team would score more points vs. AFA. I'm glad I was wrong. Both football and basketball scored 14 points in the first half of their games vs. AFA this season. Go Aztecs!
  17. I do hope Henry throws another temper tantrum on TV like the one when he sat on the ground on the sideline and threw a fit like a petulant little child. That was awesome
  18. How the hell did you do the upside down question mark?
  19. According to Aztec Mesa, every coach needs to be fired, and we need to replace Rocky with a young, up & coming HC who will take less money than every P5 program and never, ever leave us. That way we can get all the 4 and 5 star guys who would have come to SDSU all these years if it weren't for that darn Rocky!
  20. Stupid hire. A below average college HC with zero NFL coaching experience.
  21. He dropped to a 3 star after his juco career.