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  1. Two cuts. 1. Everybody not P5 2. Then everybody in a P5 that's not either a big-market team or blue/new blood. That means adios Vandy, welcome to FCS with the rest of the non-pro teams based on college campuses. That way we can get CFB the way the TV execs want it. FBS ball with roughly 20 teams.
  2. He did have the best walk off into the sunset for any top QB...back-to-back Super Bowl titles.
  3. Didn't we give UNLV a gift like this about 10 years ago? I can still see Walton's airball in slow motion.
  4. I really miss the swagger guys like Maal and Shep brought to the court. Those dudes were intense.
  5. Or they could stop at halftime.
  6. This team is finding creative ways to lose. I gotta give Dutch some credit here.
  7. Why in God's name didn't we even offer Modster if this was the offense we were gonna run? He even went to a SD county juco.
  8. You can have Dutcher.
  9. I heard Alford needs a job
  10. FINALLY! That was me yelling at the TV when I saw this.
  11. And it's a cloudy day.