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  1. I enjoy being zip tied while watch my wife have sex with strange men.
  2. I commend your commitment to being the smartest poster I have met, on this board or anywhere. Don’t ever change!
  3. The AAC is hot garbage now and embarrassed themselves during this whole process. Getting rebuked by lowly CSU was a blow to conference reputation. I'm glad UCF is leaving, even if it only means winning 3 conference games a year in the Big 12.
  4. It’s not theory, it’s reality. No more g5 teams are moving up for a long time. Memphis is going to have to make do. Good thing for them Is the contract is intact and all advantages they’ve had will continue. Same with SMU, ECU, usf. SMU has shown what’s possible with espn backing and extra money. It’s a sad state if you’re on the outside but the status quo has been solidified at the g5 level. I feel bad for UTEP and LATech honestly. The time is now for the MWC to step up and perform. The best g5 label isn’t won just because another conference restructured, let’s make things happen.
  5. They’re happy. They get paid as much for basketball in the aac as full MWC members get. Maybe next round of realignment near the turn of the decade will involve them, but I suspect they’ll look east not west to be honest.
  6. Maintaining the monetary advantage over the rest of the g5 with the extra exposure will give a chance for the cream to rise to the top of the aac in the next few years. I couldn’t believe all the additions but I guess they were being advised by the overlords what to do and maybe cornering the texas/central time zone markets is a play for the next deal.
  7. I’m shocked they went with six and that none of them were app state.
  8. So you post something wrong and I’m the obtuse one, ok.
  9. There’s a typo in there. You can even see it in the composites. AAC is either 5 or 6 depending on source. MWC is 7,8, or 9. So something funny happened there.
  10. So expansion waits until the aac makes their move. Got it, but this was discussed countless times already in the realignment thread. Nothing changed.
  11. Flying down to ATL now.. going to check out the game..Should be a good one!
  12. That was an extra base hit by Riley. Called a single because it didn’t matter but that was well hit. Albies’ hit was a bloop single though. Good guys win game one.
  13. He didn’t go around, that was a bad call to end the game.
  14. I get this is how you see it, but most of the aac schools consider themselves on another tier than most of the schools in the other conferences; budget, payroll, etc reflect that as well. I know they’re losing some programs but the leftovers have accumulated value that sets them apart still, albeit closer than it was previously. There are certainly some schools at the top of the sunbelt/cusa that could adapt but most cannot.
  15. I think we’re saying the same thing. I don’t mean emotional appreciation, I mean appreciated value. While I agree Temple may be next on the list they’ve actually been relatively well run in all sports and in football up until lately and had they held onto Diaz would probably still be a factor in football. ECU is valued in the conference, even though they’ve struggled adapting to the competition this time around they have the best fanbase left in the new g5 and are dominant in another sport. They also look much better this year in football. usf has fallen into karma hell for the foreseeabl
  16. Tulsa is the least appreciated entity in the aac. I understand trying to shift the geography east but it would take more than just them to make meaningful inroads.
  17. None of those schools meet the criteria the aac laid out so while I’d love to see app state on tv more and have great respect for the Marshall program I suspect they’ll have to make the most of where they’re at. You just have to follow the money.
  18. You sure you aren’t Ibanez? You sure are wrong in his style. More likely the aac.
  19. The wheels have stopped turning until the aac makes a move. They aren’t worried about your first paragraph yet because they’ll be granted a waver should they go that way.
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