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  1. That is more indicative of conference affiliation than the pacnw being significant in college sports. Only one conference representing a large geographical area but few relative options increases chances of representation, actually it confers to my point about how scant the athletic options are. Florida is about 1/3 the land mass of those two states with over double the population. Not that it matters because it’s about the number of people involved/interested in football and Florida produces more athletes in football at the d1 level each year than the entire Pacific Northwest. More high level recruits, more drafted players, etc. The same cannot be said for any other region of the country comparatively to Florida so the pacnw is indeed a relative cfb desert. Like everywhere else west of El Paso they rely on California athletes, which has had diminishing returns as well.
  2. I’m no spokesperson, but I do speak common sense pretty well. The PACNW and its regional media outlets does not qualify as ‘plenty’ unfortunately, at least as it relates to the topic at hand. What you’re suggesting just doesn’t make practical sense, which is why you chose to ignore the supporting statements and just take issue with me saying the pacnw is a college sports desert.
  3. You bring up a good point, there’s always a chance it could work out. The latest ncaa settlement made the task really tall though.
  4. Don’t take this the wrong way but the only people discussing any future PAC are the ones who have an interest in the PAC continuing, which frankly isn’t many people. The MWC has zero incentive to give up what they have; they’ve been the better basketball brand/more credits and no one is confusing the PAC2 name with the days of football past. The PAC2 will squeeze as much juice as they can from the remaining money then just join the mwc when the spigot stops dripping.
  5. Fair enough, though to be honest I didn’t bring it up.
  6. https://twitter.com/ucfknights/status/1793357283302449238?s=46 Not sure why X won’t embed.
  7. CBB had something like that this past season on XII Now, it was good stuff. Maybe they’ll do football this year.
  8. If there is school specific content that was carried by PACN it could still be carried if it’s still being produced on XII NOW. It may not be the exact thing as the old guard but plenty of school specific stuff, particularly during football/basketball season. Just an option
  9. The phrase came from in home visits from Nick Saban where he’d bring McDonalds bags of food ‘with a little something extra’ in them.
  10. I agree with the value, just find the process for grads clunky. It also skews portal numbers.
  11. Not sure if serious but even with the little PAC renaissance last season the XII is much deeper than what you’re coming from and is an obvious upgrade for you. It’s a quality conference and it’s going to be an adjustment for the 4 corners coming in.
  12. I hope not, that goes against the wording, at least my interpretation of it. That would be a bummer.
  13. Perhaps I’m mistaken about the future of the PAC name, there’s been some litigation and arrangements made. I wouldn’t expect that name to do you any favors ever again though, and certainly won’t help you get into the playoff, which I thought was the crux of your question.
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