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  1. It depends. You’re going to experience an entirely different kind of football weather next fall if you travel.
  2. One of them is UCF (rightfully). Hope another is you.
  3. They had been a pretty consistent team prior to joining the aac. They’ve obviously had a hard time adjusting to the competition and the timing was tough with the increasing wealth disparity in college sports, even within their conference. Their biggest failure has been with their leadership. With their fan base they could turn it around quickly but they need to do something quickly. Their b-ball has no excuse, it should be better but at the same time competition is deep in the conference. It’s a tough hill to climb and I’m not sure their revenue allows for appropriate distribution to all assets.
  4. Yes. Tulsa, Tulane, ECU, and to lesser extents SMU and WSU like him though. They his dawlin’
  5. What are you blathering about now? I have no history of supporting the P6 label, why do you keep barking up that tree? This is why I found it silly I was put in the ooc bracket in the derby, I’m no American apologist, the only thing I’ve done in support of them is point out the obvious in the face of ignorance here. Whenever I’ve brought up something that can be viewed as pro American here 100% of the time it was in response to a fallacious post. I am all about UCF, don’t care about American. That doesn’t mean I don’t want the best for the other American teams though, or the MW schools. I’ve said it clearly from the beginning that I’m rooting for each MW school to succeed. You bore me. Fwiw Aresco is less popular than Thompson. I personally think he should be fired. He did say some interesting things in a recent interview that touch on what I’ve been told inside UCF though. It doesn’t involve MW directly so I won’t divulge unless there’s interest.
  6. If it’s about having equality in equation then we’d have to deny a large number of women spots because they make up the majority of college students, and have for a very long time.
  7. So you deflect away from your inaccurate statements to make more inaccurate statements. You are turning into halfmanbronco before our eyes.
  8. Now since you used that source, here’s a year end tidbit for you:
  9. You realize that the MW has a losing record against current American teams right? Great job with Rutgers and UConn though, lol. Either way small sample size and not indicative of the strength of the MW schedule, which is what’s relevant to my comment. Why don’t you post SOS, I’ll wait.
  10. But they play in the MW...so do they really need to?
  11. The world would be a better place if everyone blocked halfmanbronco. He’s so toxic I’m pretty sure he came out of a Chinese lab.
  12. Timing is behind everything, that’s the only reason why tcu and Louisville are in power conferences.
  13. I’m not interested in explaining their history to you. They’re consistently one of the better conferences as a whole that has fallen of late. That’s all that matters to the topic.