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  1. Cue the defacto 5 v 12 G5 championship
  2. At least they’re accomplishing things while being handcuffed. Your retort is silly. You’re literally faulting someone for doing more with less resources, it’s asinine.
  3. I’m not talking about single year traits. It’s about big picture trends. They had a very good football year.
  4. I agree with everything you’re saying but why do MW’ers ignore the elephant in the room that is the Sunbelt? It seems some have been so focused on why the AAC has been pulling away that they haven’t noticed the Sunbelt at a minimum has caught up to the MW in football. The only thing holding them back big picture is basketball.
  5. It seems to have worked, a surprise to most, including myself. I was embarrassed by it, but now with the playoffs extended to the top 6 conferences and news today that the AAC applied for Autonomy status with the NCAA it seems like the fight is suddenly over. We have a room of Florida 4* (one 5*) at our exclusive recruiting weekend this weekend, a first for us. Our prospects have changed by a huge margin over the last 3 days. Still in a fog.
  6. The first NY6 was during the 13/14 season…the year of Blake Bortles.
  7. That’s fair, but basketball is still good in the aac and you’ll get more money. Comparing the top wcc teams to the bottom aac teams isn’t helpful. Trips to NOLA offset things a bit. ECU…ehh, but it has a true p5 atmosphere in football at least.
  8. American has all the leverage now. The only leverage byu has is if they want to stay independent, but even they want in on the money train. They aren’t getting in the playoff without being in a conference and the aac is the best option. You contradicted yourself with your second statement, you know its true. Your fanbase knows it’s true- the entire front page of your forum is various threads about joining the aac. And most importantly aresco knows it’s true. Luckily the aac has the best access to the playoff outside the sec now, they don’t have to expand unless it gets them more
  9. The AAC would be a pay raise, and UCF went to the first access bowl after the change.
  10. There were one loss teams ahead of undefeated MW teams the last two years for stretches. The separation is getting wider not smaller. It’s going to take a legitimate down year from the aac and an undefeated run from the MWC, sunbelt, MAC, cusa to get in. But at least that’s possible, unlike the current system.
  11. Except they have to get past the aac too. There’s the rub for any MWC team.
  12. He’s been pushing top 6 for a little while now, not sure if you’ve heard.
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