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  1. Week zero is not the same as championship weekend, and the news broke September 1st, became public knowledge September 4th. Shocked that you would misrepresent something as fact, shocked I tell you. So one time ever that you can recall, I think my point stands rsf.
  2. Focus is obviously elsewhere. When was the last time there was actual realignment during the cfb season? We’ve talked about this already goldfish brain.
  3. Athletic departments tiny dude, athletic departments.
  4. If AD’s weren’t focused on championship week/closing the season strong I’d be pretty upset. Order of operations and such..
  5. Fickell is inconsequential really to the aac but Fritz leaving is a blow. The problem/good thing with Tulane is their only real impediment to sustained success at their level is commitment to investing/reinvesting in their program. They have few but wealthy alumni in a talent rich area with cultural advantages few schools have, but will they ever invest what it takes to be a contender year in year out? Tulsa is a tough/funny place. They have zero relative fanbase but few proud donors and a well run AD. Since being in the aac they have made their hay by targeting older transfers which makes them difficult to beat on a game by game basis but also makes it difficult for them to string together consistency. They are a middle pack team but with some investment could be more? Perhaps cornering ‘g5’ NIL opportunities would work for them? The future of the top of the aac involves other schools in my opinion. Ecu, smu, utsa, maybe uab and lolusf have chances to really benefit in the new aac. I understand market concepts and why the choice was made but still feel the aac made a mistake going with Charlotte over App State.
  6. That came across wrong, it’s well earned nonetheless.
  7. Torn on this. Know aac did this with Wichita state but it’s definitely outside the box on the scale of the big12. What happens to Gonzaga post Few?
  8. Do you know what a straw men argument is? You’re misusing that like narcissist. Neither are appropriate. So you’re saying they ‘did’ but not ‘should’? But you think that it’s all confirmed in the current negotiations? Sounds like you think they should. That’s not putting words in your mouth, that’s you either doing a piss poor job of explaining yourself or doing a bad job of backtracking from a silly position. Nothing is confirmed by media negotiations right now. As of now they have nothing after next year.
  9. Chicago is Big 10 territory. ND is local but just one school. BIG dominates collectively but Chicago isn’t a college city given its size, it’s a pro town.
  10. Not trying to put words in your mouth, you literally said that due to fewer number of eyes watching that 10:30 spot that the number represents a higher % of available viewers and that the PAC should be paid well for that fact. Did you not say that? Trying to understand why you think % of available eyeballs is more valuable to media partners than number of eyeballs has nothing to do with narcissism. In business that just means the product is worth less, not that somehow the product is worth more in a lower demand situation.
  11. So you think the PAC should get paid more per viewer because there’s fewer viewers to pick from?
  12. What are you suggesting? That because less people watch west coast football that their aggregate numbers are somehow better than they show? There’s less competition for viewers regardless of whatever zip codes you want to consider. This is one of the reasons the PAC is struggling to get someone to pay them what they want for their content. Speaking of the need to be real…the most recent 5 year dataset of viewership is far more objective and useful to determine fan interest than any single season, regardless of what school you pick. The one possible exception would be if you were comparing a school that was going from a small conference to a big conference that would change the dynamics, like TCU from MWC to PAC.
  13. There were only 3 10:30 games on national tv that week. There were 9 nationally televised 3:30 games that week.
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