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  1. This could be a good thing long term as the biggest issue with the Mw is its depth. In a throwaway year let other teams build up their time at the top so that way in the future it’ll look more balanced. Next season a game against SJSU will look better on the schedule for Boise if SJSU can finish strong.
  2. It’s hard to argue with the population angle but many believe there’s a west coast bias as well, mainly with regard to the PAC. It’s a power conference in name only due to its geography.
  3. The sunbelt has improved the most in my opinion. It’s turning into a solid league.
  4. I’d hardly call that blog official. It has 48 likes on social media and a format makes my eyes bleed worse than the aac page people love here.
  5. I’m glad you have a shred of common sense then because I wouldn’t have made the comment if there wasn’t delusional insanity .
  6. A win @ Houston would be a quality win. They lost twice at home all year last year and they’re supposed to be better this year I believe.
  7. True but schedule still matters, and their schedule sucked. 14 is low, but I couldn’t put them higher than 10 at best right now, and that would be with them ahead of Georgia, which is a stretch.
  8. Sorry for typo. I seem to recall the aac championing the g5 for inclusion which would stave off elimination of programs. It’s salty to say that they haven’t tried to do the right thing. It’s hard to argue that the aac isn’t the standard bearer of the g5 conferences, but don’t succumb to jealousy (too much), see that it’s been a team effort and we are all fighting the same fight even if one side has been carrying more of the load lately. If the Mw had reversed roles with the aac I would be here championing Nevada for inclusion. Be bigger.
  9. Ahh you’re in the cut your nose off to spite your face crowd. I didn’t expect that.
  10. I mean cincy has multiple top 25 wins and has a top defense but I suppose it’s an impossible position to debate. Everyone should be rooting for cincy and BYU at this point. Unfortunately I don’t see BYU going higher and cincy only going up one spot on their own without people ahead of them losing.
  11. Can you rationalize them higher than 11?
  12. BYU’s schedule can’t compare to Cincy’s. Their schedule is largely fcs caliber teams plus an unknown Boise.
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