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  1. And hopefully you know the difference between saying the numbers suggest we’re past the peak and saying ‘all clear’. Also @Del Scorcho
  2. Depends on what angle you take. The AAC, to this point, is attempting to maintain the status quo. If there’s going to be any successful litigation about the P5 pushing out other conferences then someone needs to be able to show that the status quo was not only possible, but done successfully. We seem to be past the coronavirus peak so let’s see how this plays out.
  3. Vegan cherry for Idaho? Not surprised at all.
  4. When you frame the discussion the way you have you leave out all room for truth beyond what’s in your head. The conversation was about people’s interest in cities, not recruits specifically. And it wasn’t about Californians, couldn’t care less about how they feel any more than someone from Texas or NY. I know fewer people from Cali than other places but still plenty enough to come to the same conclusion about the topic at hand. You’re like that guy from Anchorman who is trying to bolster his tv viewership market argument by interjecting that they don’t take into consideration households that have more than two TVs. It’s a ridiculous hill to die on.
  5. That’s not what I’m hearing. The sec is on track and the acc is on the fence but leaning towards following the sec. The aac will do whatever the sec does. Pac 12 is a joke. Big 12/10 made their bed too early, expect changes one way or the other from them.
  6. I never said anything about the Californian black population, that was all you trying to frame the discussion in a way that fits your small perspective. But to answer your question I’d put the number at fewer than 40 but more than 30 from Cali. Over the spectrum I could honestly stand by my statement regarding their interest in Boise and Laramie being equitably nil.
  7. The season is happening in just over a month. This is just going to further the divide between the haves and havenots.
  8. I was saying they were similar. You should’ve quoted the other guy.
  9. Metro?!? Haha The conversation was directed in the viability of either to appeal to black people. There are certainly nuances that may make Boise seem better than Laramie to those that are partial to Boise-that’s expected. I know reading comprehension isn’t Boise’s strength so let me spell this out for you: to most people (particularly blacks) either town (yes town) is a flyover. If you have a reason to visit-great! Enjoy it then never go back again. This is why they are two sides of the same coin. It’s like Californians quibbling over Fresno and Modesto, sure Fresno is bigger but they are both viewed the same by people that have no real interest in either.
  10. Weird statement as Boise and Laramie are two sides of the same coin in that regard.
  11. The only one that’s low is Memphis. Either way his narrative of the fat ass conference is false by whatever measure you choose. Of course it’s silly comparing the health of a city with millions of people to something the size of a suburb like Boise. Don’t know why I even bother, he’s just a stain that should be ignored I guess.
  12. According to that list Orlando is around middle of the pack both in the list and compared to MWC in the list. As half man half bronco you should really consider having the half man part be the thinking half of you. Then again, since you are a horse’s ass this may be your man brain. Either way I feel bad for you.