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  1. The biggest rumor I’ve heard in a while is that Cal is headed to the Big 10. Perplexing to me if true.
  2. Yahoo sports was the first to report it, but more significantly is the mountains of verifiable crap he’s put out the last few weeks. He’s been called out for bad math and conflicting statements and disingenuous remarks by national writers. It’s certainly entertaining, but his work reeks of delegation.
  3. What did he break exactly? And why are you ignoring everything else that’s happened in the last few weeks?
  4. I had almost forgotten about that cotton bowl..yeesh. Liberty bowl? Meh They finished ahead of you and beat you last year, you face them on the road this year and they still have Ahlers.
  5. I don’t know if you jest but they have the same chance as you or smu to carry the torch beginning next season. You’re 8-16 against them. They’ve shown improvement.
  6. Cotton bowl will be the conference champion (Cincy or UCF) against the fourth place SEC team. Book it.
  7. Quoting Wilner seriously at this point is a risky game.
  8. Don’t know that NY6 is possible this year but this is the time to build momentum for next season for sure. If the MW champ can finish top 20 and the runner up still receive votes by the end then I think there’s a good chance next year could swing this way. Need smu, Memphis, and ECU to have down seasons as well.
  9. I don’t ‘know’ that you’re Ibanez but the overwhelming evidence and precedent makes it a safe assumption, just like with this conference drama.
  10. They don’t want the PAC. And the PAC will stick with espn, it’s only offer. They will hear overtures but no one is paying more than espn when there’s better content on the horizon.
  11. Yeah, you make a statement and I point out the physical fallacy of it with evidence and somehow that’s on me.
  12. In the end…when whatever outcome arises and it turns out that I was actually on track and you look the fool (with the others). It’s happened several times already in the 3+ years I’ve been here but yet you continue to hitch your wagon to those previously mentioned people. It’ll feel dirty because the stuff I’m saying is EVERYWHERE, it’s not me coming up with stuff. The stuff you and those others have trouble with is literally out there already. You seem relatively thoughtful for an anonymous internet person….how you carry yourself matters. It’s ok to not like someone’s delivery but how you treat relative strangers says a lot about who you are.
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