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  1. We are internally increasing our budget as per our mission XII plan that we initiated at invitation. Our budget will be $120m this year, which is only a little behind you, like I said above. Of course we all know about your reading comprehension issues… Next year when we finally get full share status we’ll pull ahead of you by ~20m unless you have you’re own new initiative that hasn’t been made known yet.
  2. Recruiting prowess in the NIL era and in the early years of the expanded playoffs is much more than a moral victory. You can’t be that dense.
  3. It’s actively happening, kinda painful to watch honestly. He’ll leave right before the collapse, 2 maybe 3 years left. Our revenue and budget will be higher than Utah this season. Good for you for having barely more revenue after being in a power league for years though. I guess enjoy the last season right?
  4. I got back to you when you said the same thing with the last recruiting cycle, you went silent. You’ll do the same thing again ;) And yes, I’m bragging about our recruiting trajectory. Anyone else here would if they were pulling these classes with our resources. May peace be with Gabriel, glad he could recreate his success he was given from us elsewhere.
  5. No, but neither is UCF’s stadium. UCF filed that suit nearly 9 years ago (article above is over 8 years old) before a clause in their UCFAA contract expired in order to get a certain builder to return 10m in lost penalty payments. While there is still rust any issues that could’ve led to structural integrity were long ago remediated as UCFAA has had to reinsure the property in order to get reno financing approved.
  6. Schools that know they’ll lose tend to do that, I don’t blame you to be honest. Unluckily for you Utah isn’t in a position to have any say what gets done to them. Its doubly unlucky that you hired a complete dimwit for an AD that’s running you into the ground just like the last place he was at.
  7. Tell me about it. Our entire football campus cost ‘only’ $55m to build in 2006, now it’s $88m for one tower. City of Orlando trying to put a $400m roof structure over a $100m Citrus Bowl is silly economics too.
  8. Currently #14 ranked recruiting class for 2025, so it looks you may be right for once! If UCF were to successfully create an outdoor metal structure in Florida that didn’t build rust over time then it would be considered a modern engineering marvel. You need to see more stadiums before you get all judgy.
  9. It looks good to me. I suspect with that price that there’s a lot of behind the scenes changes that add up. Expanded broadband/wifi, bathrooms, maybe upgrading lights to led, etc. $88m is only getting us a knockdown rebuild of a tower in our renovation, so I feel you.
  10. The end zone field level cabanas we have are one of our most popular gameday experiences, particularly with corporate sponsors, recruits/families, and traveling groups, so you’re probably right about their targets.
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