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  1. Diggs is great, not dismissing him. Buff is set in their receiving corps.
  2. Chop up your cowpie however you wish, you’re still going to have to eat it. Texas isn’t bankrolling OU. Quit being ridiculous. And Maryland is broke at the athletic level, terrible example for your argument at least. They are so broke they’re still borrowing from future years’ payouts for today.
  3. They feel they are driving the bus in the new Big12. It’s not animosity, it’s the same mindset for putting ou and texas in separate divisions, just silly because nobody coming into the Big12 is worried about them except for maybe baylor in basketball.
  4. Entitlement issues, nepotism, ambition, corruption, title IX compliance, all mixed into a stew.
  5. Southernmost schools skewed east vs northernmost schools skewed west. Baylor and OSU can’t be in the same division, so you have to put one of them in north.
  6. OU athletics is currently a billion dollars in the hole. Texas isn’t giving them 80 mil with the expectation of a payback. Get real.
  7. Josh Allen and Gabe Mother Truckin Davis nearly carried that team to victory. That WYO to UCF connection is going to net a lot of wins in the future. Diggs who?
  8. That’s a good fit for them. Curious how it’ll work.
  9. Competitive balance, somebody would have to go north to let Cincy in and it’s looking like the south will be stout. TTU is the logical choice but the north would be OSU’s to lose just about every year.
  10. The biggest news is the 9 conference game schedule being continued. Not huge news but good news as it will help with viewership/attendance to cut down on buy games/etc. Always important with tv negotiations coming. There is a high likelihood at the north/south divisions. Dodd has some basis to his projections, this is a somewhat more likely breakdown of what to expect: BIG 12 NORTH BIG 12 SOUTH Cincinnati Baylor BYU Houston Iowa State TCU Kansas
  11. Bailey was bad at football last season, hopefully he has the support he needs to turn it around for you guys.
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32999406/the-2022-way-too-early-college-football-top-25
  13. Some games had to compete with the NFL too, overall a good bowl season outside of the playoff.
  14. It’s crazy that the 4th rated recruit in the state of Oregon is a 3 star.
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