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  1. I said there’s beaches nearby, yes. Not relevant but I expect some Boise fans traveling to Orlando next year will go themselves.
  2. Just heard that Boise has been in discussions with the big sky conference the last 24 hours regarding their non fb sports. It’s probably just posturing still.
  3. How is it a violation if they didn’t sign it though? Wouldn’t it just mean there’s no contract? It just doesn’t add up.
  4. Wrong. Seems you haven’t been paying attention. Though that is essentially what I said already in the post you quoted. Way to prove me right.
  5. BSU isn’t getting any special treatment from anyone, not even their own battered conference after this deal.
  6. Uhh Boise wouldn’t be stupid enough to file this suit unless they had a fall back. What good is it to rattle these cages unless you have a better deal elsewhere? If the MWC caved and Boise got what they agreed to they’d lose in pr. Thanks for playing, lol, you don’t even know the game.
  7. They won’t be taking less money, they’d be joining a conference that earns more than they do already. Besides, there are other important aspects you are looking away from in favor of a single revenue stream. The benefits of the change are tangible. They’ve been discussed here already, perhaps ignored by many due to it not being popular; there is good reason to make the change....if you can.
  8. So you can only factor in details and inherent value into the MW equation? Got it...
  9. Given the date of the incarnate world game it may have been homecoming or senior night which should draw well regardless of opponent
  10. I think Boise just saw the writing on the wall and realized that the options are thinner than they expected. MW is the best option for them and they know it. Indy is a dying mans game and the only other lifeline is the AAC who holds all the leverage.
  11. And everyone else’s take save a few here and there. From the moment it was announced it was marketed as an exposure move. Look what’s happened since. It’s a straight win for the conference and they’re pulling in almost as much money through bowl games/NY6 and tourney credits as the new MWC deal is in its entirety. At least the last couple years. It’s not a pissing match by me it’s just the noting that the narrative by some here comparing the deals is a different game than what’s being played. The increased exposure has helped my school greatly. They just agreed to the 3rd or 4th largest stadium naming rights deal in the country. In itself its not quite the amount of the MWC deal but it’s close and would never have happened without the exposure it’s gotten the last couple years. The MWC deal is great for the MW minus caving to Boise, it’s a near best case scenario imo. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a growing gap still though-there is. Fortunately for some there will be another chance to jump ship relatively soon.
  12. You say you’re a basketball guy then say no to a four bid league? SMH at your willfulness
  13. ND isn’t a free agent; independent and free agent aren’t synonymous. If they wanted to be in a conference they would be in whatever one they wanted. I’ll give you BYU but let’s be honest they’re easy to forget, especially this century. So yes, Boise is more interesting than UConn BYU and liberty...woo!