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  1. I never once accused aresco of brilliance nor ever suggested that the MWC is facing a downfall. It’s been quite the opposite really, don’t hate.
  2. You asked for which board my guy is on. Since you know the school and gender if I told you which board he was on you’d have a high chance of using public information to find him. That is asking for personal information. That is inappropriate. Either take the info and use it for your purposes or don’t, that’s where this ends.
  3. There’s not much to say. Sdsu has been in contact with UCF for months, going back before all the big 12 stuff went public. It’s normal circumstantial discourse. Boise state has contacted UCF as well since the game for the same reasons. That doesn’t mean either are going to the aac or even going to be invited. But there is at a minimum enough interest by them to initiate dialogue with the conference and at least one member institution. It’s a thing. That’s all I’ve passed on, not anything more.
  4. No. Never heard that. I do know that they’ve not only contacted the aac but they’ve also contacted at least UCF to gain more insight.
  5. Do you really think I can or would just tell ‘someone else’ personal information like that? That’s not how these things work. The information speaks for itself, make of it what you will. Or don’t.
  6. Right, but you rationalizing their large fan base and engagement the way you have just makes you seem like sour grapes or underinformed yourself. Regardless of who their fans are or who watches them, its what matters when it comes time for contract negotiations. AFA props up the viewership and therefore value of this conference. I wouldn’t want them leaving as there’s no one available to replace them. As such it’s going to trigger a media deal reapportionment.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to come, Unlv would probably do ok if they could commit to Athletics. I’m sure they’d like it from the basketball side.
  8. How often do other MWC members consider 1 million viewers for an ooc game a disappointment?
  9. It probably doesn’t stop there. The aac isn’t going to just add AF and CSU then be done.
  10. At the g5 level yes. The only program I’ve heard that hasn’t made any overtures to the aac so far is Army (of the usual suspects).
  11. Isn’t AFA one of if not the highest draws for the conference? I think I read that they have the highest viewership, and they easily have the biggest brand. CSU might be a wash the other way though, don’t know.
  12. Based on what? What’s bad exactly? That they lost members? It looks like they’ll have the pick of the litter for replacements, I don’t see where the doom and gloom is coming from. The only bad news is going to come from the lower level g5 conferences that will fall victim to consolidation.
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