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  1. I can see a sweet 16 and Elite 8 or better playing in there but still...too big to actually enjoy it unless your rich af!
  2. Good catch! It was supposed to say if Jordan Brown stays lol. Teach me to type stoned =)
  3. 6'11" 225lbs Center transfer from BC Johncarlos Reyes SIGNED Can play immediately with year left to play.
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lok Wur cut Nevada from his list
  6. JUCO - Robby Robinson III - 3* 6'7" PF - verbally committed
  7. 6’10” Center for 2020 Mitchell Saxen
  8. Sucks ass JB left. Oh well...see ya. NOW, we need to find a BIG to take over! Maybe a high transfer but pickings are getting slim THANKS MUSS!!!
  9. Nevada better think twice about raising ticket prices this year!
  10. His daddy must have gotten paid big bucks from Miller! Im going to LOL when he fails there.
  11. African native Mahamadou Diawara 6'10" 235lbs
  12. Wow, you sound dumb AF man. Seriously.