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  1. I spoke to JC today after Selection Sunday events and he said he WILL BE PLAYING against the Gators!!!!
  2. Come on Merrill, get that 5th foul buddy =)
  3. Very rare moment in NCAA history was made lol Nothing worse than bad refs deciding the game.
  4. You know they will. They always do
  5. POOR Rebs =( =( So many sad faces here. At least football season is coming and NEVADA will take back the cannon. Have a good off season =) GO PACK!!!
  6. I dont forget when rabid a****les from Boise state were rude AF in the past here in Reno! This has been going on since the 90s for christ sakes. F BSU!!!!
  7. I really hate both teams but i have fUNLV worse but i'm rooting you you clowns today! Don't suck and win the game. GO PACK!!!
  8. GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ Boise State!!! hahahahahahahaha
  9. Where are you cocky Donkey State fans now??????????