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  1. Stoked to hear Drew is back. Honestly, id love for Brown to make up his mind asap! He leaves, we can still sign another big guy. He stays, we are in great shape.
  2. Coleman Hawkins - 6’8” 2020 PF from Prolific Prep
  3. Nevada transfer Shamiel Stevenson says that he has committed to Nebraska.
  4. 6'4' Brown transfer - Desmond Cambridge Jr. - sit 1 play 2
  5. Brown transfer Desmond Cambridge - Official visit
  6. Zane Meeks received an offer from Nevada!
  7. Zane Meeks - official visit this weekend
  8. I like what i'm seeing with Alford and crew with their current recruiting!
  9. Dude is a beast! Congrats Lobos