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  1. https://247sports.com/player/kaonohi-kaniho-46046602/ BSU offered him
  2. https://usatodayhss.com/2019/boise-state-finished-with-a-better-recruiting-class-than-northwestern-syracuse-pitt-maryland-vanderbilt-and-13-other-power-5-programs
  3. https://www.mwcconnection.com/2019/2/7/18191731/mwc-recruiting-top-10-players-of-the-2018-recruiting-class MWC Recruiting: Top 10 Players of the 2019 Recruiting Class
  4. http://insider.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/classrankings/rank?rank=50&class=2019&date=20190205 BSU in the top 50 espn classes one day before signing day
  5. BSU has dominated the mountain division 4 div titles in 5 years only team from that division to win a mwc title last 5 years.
  6. Wow most of BSU's recruits are in in MWC top 50 that's incredible, very deep and talented class.
  7. MAD MACGYVER JL Skinner tied for 9th now at 0.8674 https://247sports.com/player/jl-skinner-46051863/
  8. Shea Whiting bumped up to 0.8431 now JL skinner now 0.8674 after another bump up
  9. https://247sports.com/player/markel-reed-46049861/ got a recruiting bump up now rated 0.8547 top 100 CB recruit ranked 95th best CB
  10. BSU class resembles more of a power 5 type of class in terms of depth and talent.
  11. We'll see how Tedford does with his recruits and the recruiting talent gap this year between BSU and Fresno is pretty wide this year.
  12. Wow AAC destroys MWC in recruiting BSU is the only team in MWC that recruits decent
  13. langi dk blaylock jordan wilmore could be bsu gets on signing day land those 3 and other utah lb and kicker
  14. Fresno and Utah st looked good last night.ASU played Fresno good very impressive win by Fresno.
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