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  1. sdsu was all steve fisher era before that they sucked poo
  2. Ianforhesiman and harsin had to deal with the shit pete left him with
  3. Florida has had a lot of offensive droughts
  4. nevada has outscored florida since i started watching
  5. murray st runs marquette out of the gym not really an upset murray st was underseeded
  6. nevada i have going to the sweet 16
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/03/18/ncaa-tournaments-most-vulnerable-top-seeds/?utm_term=.4a334b93f09f Wisconsin could be a dangerous 5 seed for UVA From a pace perspective, Wisconsin could present a challenging opponent for Virginia because the Badgers, a phenomenal defensive team (No. 3 defensive efficiency in the nation, per Kenpom.com), play at an equally plodding pace. Wisconsin is the best No. 5 seed in the field, playing more like a No. 3, per KenPom’s metrics. Given that lack of a gap in overall talent, Wisconsin could be the team in Virginia’s bracket most likely to trip up the Cavs.
  8. i see a possible irvine wisconsin 2nd rnd game
  9. Wisc over uva in sweet 16 msu vs duke elite 8