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  1. RampageSam

    San Jose State 2019 Commits

    JuCo QB, Stone Smartt, with Spartan offer will be visiting this Friday.
  2. RampageSam

    Bears vs Rams

    It was a hard game to look at. Goff was off. Ram D didn't look as sharp as it normally does. We had no business losing to "dah bears", but 11-2 is just fine.
  3. No one speaks Oregonian in California. I was giving you a hard time, BITB. I appreciate the updates that Paul posts on the board. I find it impressive, actually. Our AD's office needs to do what it can to keep the fans aboard. There are those of us that do care and want our athletics to succeed.
  4. RampageSam

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    Vato, clearly you've never been to a football game, college or NFL, in Califas, huh. Lots of raza at football games. I am a brown America and my numero uno sport is futbol Americano. Futbol (internacional [soccer, to us Americans]) is number three or four on my must-watch sports list.
  5. RampageSam

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    We doubled our win totals last nigh! Boom! We're 2 and...you don't need to know the rest.