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  1. "The city across our chest"..."Fresno State".
  2. Terribly tragic. Condolences to his family and lobo nation. What a fcuking coward, the shooter is. Last fight I got into I was around that age. Dude was upset b/c I was with his ex-girlfriend. Dating her not bf and gf. We had mutual friends. He talked to some of the ones closer to me and arrange a boxing match. The night of the fight, some of my friends were thinking of arming themselves, b/c pre-fight (before I got there), he and his crew were flashing butterfly knives. Made my friends apprehensive. IIRC, a few pieces of rebar were gathered from a nearby backyard and hid close by. Just in case. Anyway, got there. Put on gloves and boxed it out. After a few rounds, and some well landed upper-cuts, he couldn't continue. Fortunately there was no need to use the pieces of rebar. Other than his shattered ego and facial bruising to the both of us, we walked away and left it there. Too bad this fcuking coward is someone with no honor and brought a gun to a fist fight.
  3. Like Jared and his crisis negotiator skills for the Middle East because he read "25 books" about it???
  4. I remembered, it's actually this Scott: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Harding_(footballer).
  5. I think you're on to something. For the past few weeks, I've watched a game weekly in the NRL. One of the major sports in Australia/New Zealand/Oceania. I will have to check out AFL too. The number of NRL/AFL players in NCAAF seems to be going up, which is why I have been checking out NRL. A few season's ago, Hawai'i had a stud player, Scott something or something Scott (@Warbow, @HawaiiMongoose, @MetropolitanCowboy, help me out here with the name). Guy was fearless and all over the field. I can see why.
  6. I the short term, some of that will be "sacrificed". In the long term, they can create a legacy and an elite program. One thing is for sure, they'll play for a crowd that, 99.999%, will never wear OAN or Confederate attire to games.
  7. @NorCalCoug you are clearly triggered. Is there someway you can be helped?
  8. It's not emotional. The evidence is in front of you. Sorry it doesn't support your "alternative facts" and statistics.
  9. So you've got nothing. And didn't answer the question.
  10. I know some people in the black community don't like either. I can see why. They only step in to defend their community when it is beneficial to them. During the last few weeks, I have hardly heard any messages from them. Other than officiating or Mr. Floyd's funeral. And I think Jesse Jackson is organizing a political rally in August in DC. Other than that, it has been grass root community leaders I've heard from the most.
  11. Feel free to suggest terms. Applying the phrase white privilege is not an insult. You may not like it, or believe it, but it does exist. I am willing to use another phrase or term. I don't like offending our white allies. I know, based on your pattern of postings that you, and many other posters on here, are not racist. Noticed that I called out a few.
  12. As the saying goes, all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. You show characteristics of a thumb. Are you a thumb all way outside of this board, only you know. You support an individual who was taken to court for discriminating against blacks; tout out a full page ad promoting the death penalty for the "Central Park 5"; started his campaign by declaring, "Mexicans are rapists, drug dealers and criminals", has refuse to denounce white supremacists; has/has had white supremacists in his cabinet and circle e.g. Stephen Miller & Steve Bannon. That's just the short list. Tell us, why do you support him. If you say because he's a shrewd business man, we know you're lying. No one who bankrupts a casino is a shrewd business person.