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  1. You would think one of the big Ag companies would have jumped on the opportunity to sponsor bulldog stadium. I just looked up companies based in Fresno, I instantly recognized David Sunflower Seeds (I have a bad in my pantry), Sun-Maid Raisins and Harris Ranch Beef Co. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresno_County,_California#Economy
  2. I recently found out Togo's is originally from SJ. So I was hoping that Togo's would sponsor the EC. "Togo's Events Center". My favorite sammich shop. They serve a delicious Italian cut, #16 The Italian.
  3. I was hoping a tech company would sponsor the EC. This is good too. Establish a community connection with an established FCU from the area.
  4. So you don't accept that prove that's it was not a generalization. Much less see the actual difference b/t the original poster's comment and mine. Do you know...actually understand the definition of irony? "Carry on with your outrage".
  5. I can agree that 1.5 mil undocs is a "butt load".
  6. Except- it was not a quick a generalization. Here's some evidence of their fake news group think: "Alternative facts" from his own aide. https://thehill.com/homenews/news/364414-alternative-facts-tops-list-of-2017-notable-quotes Tell me again, how did I "doubled down" and make generalization when there's plenty of evidence?
  7. Thanks, for clarifying, Ss1. It still holds that you're making a prejudiced comment. One based on the skin color, or other physical features, and not actually knowing if the persons are what you claim them to be. I agree with your second statement.
  8. LOL. "Fake news!" This is really your response? El oh el!! I live in CA too. I see it as well. It is not as as exaggerated as you are making out to be. Gotta love Trump policy supporters. Present the facts and they yell "fake news!".
  9. False! The only thing overly here is your made up conclusion.
  10. So you know every Hispanic person in CA and the position they hold? You're opinions are always full of bxllshit. Didn't another poster already tell you to fcuk off???
  11. Dflp, I agree it is not bigotry. It's is prejudice (I made the original posting 1/2 asleep while scrolling thru the thread). The prejudice in his comment is to assume that all Hispanics in CA are immigrants, work low-level skill jobs and are servants to the middle-class and wealthy.
  12. As someone who is Hispanic and US born, doesn't work as a "servant" to the middle class and wealthy, great way to generalize. What a prejudice filled comment .