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  1. @thelawlorfaithful @Bob @modestobulldog @Nevada Convert @pokerider @NorCalCoug
  2. @sean327 @bsu_alum9 @BSUTOP25 , this link is for you all. The kick to the nuts at around the 30 second mark really causes the LAPD patrol to lose his grip. Blue hoodie gets away! I can't find the better video I saw earlier, but this one shows it too.
  3. That's what you do, pendejo. Still trying hard.
  4. Hmmm...protesting in mass b/c you want "a haircut", "drink at the bar", and "harass the waitresses while eating at Hooters" is legitimate grounds for "talking down".
  5. The obvious reply to this is, did Mr. Floyd get due process for allegedly using a fake $20 bill? Our Ahmad Aubrey and so forth?
  6. Seaside. That is something. My bro graduated from MB. I remember it as such a little sleepy beach town.
  7. As I've overheard my son say while gaming online, "Dude, you're such a try-hard".
  8. Happy birthday to your son!(closest emoji to birthday celebration). And what a wonderful celebration for your wife and you and your family! Have the teaching-moments conversations with him before YouTube or TikTok (or whichever social media platform is popular when he is old enough to use mom/dad's cellphone/tablet). The will pick up things from social media and online. My kids have started watching The Simpsons. I love it as it is one of my all time favorite shows. I heard my son impersonate Apu while playing on his Swtich. I quickly had him pause the game and explained that what he had just done was wrong. He had his head set while playing, so I assume it may have been a multi-player game. Had a two minute conversation where he understood that he could have insulted someone by doing that. I acknowledge that I know he didn't mean it a disrespectful way, but it may be taken disrespectfully. I have not heard impersonation from him since. Another thing, my son loves baseball. We talk Jackie Robinson as much as Babe Ruth. I mention great people, alive or from the past, of all cultures and races even if just for two seconds, so he knows that all people are capable of doing great things.
  9. He looks very remorseful (/sarcasm). I just ask my child what he think when he sees this photo. "He looks like he's gonna kill someone." Those were my son's words. My son is eight. He doesn't know about George Floyd. He's oblivious to the the civil unrest currently going on. (That, I am glad about.) I started a conversation about the murder of George Floyd, institutional racism, abuse of power and injustices. Even though my son is part white, I explained that in the eyes of our society, he will always be seen as Mexican/Mexican-Am first...a brown person, because he looks like his dad more. The conversation has started now.
  10. Yet, gun men stormed the state capital in Michigan. Crickets from law enforcement, State and nat'l guard. That was a direct threat to local and State officials. Spare us your bullshit.
  11. For me it is the way he stared in to one of the cellphones recording him. (it's posted on this thread actually.) You can see a heartless individual.
  12. Read an interview of a former romantic interest of hers. According to him, she mocked him for voting for Obama. And I have a hard time seeing the VP of a financial investment firm voting for a D.