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  1. El oh el. Do you really need to know if a potato is a Mr. or Mrs.?
  2. And the videos of the stupid who actually wore them while setting them on fire. Smart people for sure.
  3. No shit. I remember when Target announced it would no longer label departments based on gender. People got so upset. I told some, actually take it as a compliment. Target believes you are smart enough to know that men's underwear is not next to the rack with bras hanging on it. If you see TVs and other electronics, you don't go there looking for sweaters, right? Sometimes, they got more upset that I was reassuring them of having enough sense. And it's a potato for f'n sakes. Yeah it's cute that there can be a Mr. & Mrs. couple, but they are potatoes.
  4. Because it looks more terrifying coming from space. Plus, it looks cool on from the good-guys side.
  5. Search Original Grain watch co.
  6. For sure. I have my eye on a Citizen Brycen (chrono) model for the next purchase. I will be done with my grad program next academic year. Will purchase a "milestone watch" as a gift to myself. For that, I'm thinking higher end Citizen Eco-Drive model, Victorinox-Swiss Army Fieldforce model or Hamilton Khaki Field model.
  7. This one made me laugh out loud. Damn, it's true.
  8. @SJSUMFA2013 instructing his ENG 101 students;
  9. After waking up this morning, I have had 2nd thoughts about @818SUDSFan. I invision him more like Paul Giamatti's Chuck Rhodes in Billions than Ed O'niel's Jay Prichett in Modern Family.
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