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  1. I know he's a D2 HC, but he has built a solid program at APU. He would been a solid HC for Hawai'i. U of Buffalo hired a D3 HC and it's worked out very well for the buffs. I think VSC would have been a better character fit for UH.
  2. Retro, condolences. Clearly, your grandmother meant a lot to your family. Since my kids have been born, their two great-grandfathers have past away. The most recent loss was right before the start of the holiday season. My 2nd grader asked questions about death. We answered his questions in the best possible manner that would not freak him out. I think what helped my wife and I, we didn't sit down and have deep conversation about it. If he asked a question while I was loading the dishwasher, we discussed it causally as I continued to load. Same if he asked while we were driving to the grocery store. I think that keeping it a casual conversation, made him analyze it as something that's a normal part of life. We also referenced movies like Coco. It's tough, though. There is no manual for this. Good luck and know that your kids' questions will be just as good for you to heal as for them to understand life.
  3. Not sensitive about it. It is not different from Trump-blicans. Yet, I've too see him call them out.
  4. Are you really saying that? Has it not concerned you that the current president had extremist, radicals following him from the onset?
  5. You would presume that it has to include that a back up was needed for non-injury reasons.
  6. Both personalities love you. One is from SJ, but hates SJ athletics.
  7. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/donald-trump-incitement-violence/ https://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/trump-violent-rhetoric-history-226873 Carry on about "Bernie bros".