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  1. Oooh, look at me. I'm a fancy doctoral candidate. Too sophisticated to call it anything other an ambient electronica. Call it acid jazz, bitch! Like the rest of us unedumakated peons!!
  2. First piece of jazz I ever listened to, The Pink Panther intro/theme song. I was like five years old. Whoa. I have been listening to jazz waaaay longer than I thought.
  3. Look at this mudafoka! Already trying to establish a profile of members. The Dallas Cowboys.
  4. NC, this is the epitome of your posting without awareness. Humility goes a long way. Saying, "So long, Kansas! Can't wait to get back to Nevada" would have been a class move. No one believes you did this for a troll. You proved you want attention. Careful packing. Try not to stub your toes or smash you fingers. Moving is not fun.
  5. Wrong forum. Mods, please move to N-S forum. Thanks! Glad you're sticking round, mugs.
  6. Respect has to flow in two directions. As others have pointed out, NC post repeatedly without awareness. And it is not trolling. With that said, in a thread like this, respect is deserved. Good for you, @Nevada Convert. It's always good to be closer to the people who support your. Regarding @soupslam, I agree with you. I think he has good intentions, but posts in an emotional kneejerk reaction. That is why he receives the retorts he does. It's my observation that he is willing to engage and try to understand. And with @Bob, while his social and political takes are cringy, he has some
  7. Aren't the raiders playing "indoor" football already?? Sorry, sorry. Corny, I know, but it the opportunity had to be seized.
  8. I agree. See my reply above to NWC. One, however, does comeback around eventually. While I didn't follow the rams much the first couple of seasons they returned to L.A., I follow them much more closely now. More so than the dodgers and lakers. I get it though. Not being from Oak Town, you may not feel the attachment when another team returns.
  9. Around the same time, the Raiders moved back to Oakland. I was only a kid, but so heartbroken over them leaving L.A. I adopted the '9ers as my team because Joe Montana was my favorite QB. Then my fandom for NFL faded and watched CFB primarily. With the rams back in L.A., I support them. And do so while feeling a bit guilty, because I remember that even as a young raiders fan, I thought of the rams as L.A.'s "stepchild team". Especially since they played in the OC. So, while I root for the rams now, I agree, my childhood excitement for the sport cannot be replicated fully.
  10. Even from one part of the city to the next. Many years ago, I had dinner in Little Tokyo. At the time, American Apparel was trendy. I walked past their store front in Little Tokyo. Several TVs were looping their Japanese commercial. It showed a bare breasted Japanese female. I don't remember thinking much of it, other than this wouldn't fly on the westside.
  11. Zero 7 is good shit. I've been enjoying this album for the past 20 or so years of my life. Enjoy brotha.
  12. Time to drop some acid...jazz.
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