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  1. Congrats on becoming bowl eligible, Aztecs. And being the first MWC team to do so.
  2. Lot's of male referees have made the same horrible call. Play-caller, Aaron...whatever his last name is...concluded the say as you. The incidental facemask touch didn't affect the play. It shouldn't have been called. While that call hurt, the worse one was one of our idiot ST players was called for taunting after the Spartans forced a punt. That called put the Aztecs in field goal range. They made. Had our idiot player (#6, I think) had not done that, we likely win 6-3. As the Aztecs missed their next FG attempt and never back in range to try another one.
  3. I must be masochist. I watched that whole game thinking the Spartans might just win it.
  4. Funny, my conclusion immediately after the game was, "I'm not watching another Spartan game this season." It will only be Sunday football for me. #RAMSHOUSE
  5. I'm sure Brennan is in the locker room telling the team, "Hey guys, we scored the first rushing TD against the Aztecs this season. No one else has done that!" Some lame morale victory lecture. What horrendous coaching that was. I said it last week, but if Nash is the best backup QB we have, that is a terrible sign.
  6. Nash: They didn't intercept it. Nash: Okay, I'll make sure the Aztecs intercept it this time.
  7. More like; Ole Kuz: "There were very find people on both sides". The rest of the board:
  8. No way!! There was hypocrisy in our participation and alliance in WW2???????
  9. He really doesn't like the first amendment. At the very least, is doing an excellent job of pretending not to understand it.
  10. This dumbass asst. coach would have been just fine in Texas, apparently. According to Texas, there are "very fine people on both sides".
  11. Did you not ever go to a bar or club in October during your 20s??? I say, sex, weird and fun. Emphasis on the sexy.
  12. Well, that's the thing that is upsetting the retailers and readers. With Diamond, the prior distributor, they packaged the CBs securely to survive the "gentle" care of parcel companies.
  13. It's not a BMX, but Tony Hawk says, "screw what you think".
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