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  1. I competed in recreational triathlons while in college. I was a first-gen college student from the inner city. And shoes are expensive. You don't find a good pair of running shoes for under $100. Same for cycling shoes. As you see, you need two pairs of shoes just for this one endurance sport. $200 minimum, just for shoes. That's just the shoes. A tri-bike rarely cost below $1,000. One may use a road bike, and those are usually $700+. Similar to @East Coast Aztec, I was introduced to the sport in college. Thank God I had leftover fin aid money and a part time job. While I knew several tra
  2. They definitely went overboard with his darkness- transition to a villain. I do think it was needed for the show, given the darkness of the show.
  3. Yellow Jacket on Showtime Titans on HBO Max Kobra Kai (Binged it on its initial release weekend) Big Sky on TV Aerial America on Smithsonian
  4. Imagine stray cats around Convert.
  5. So, who saw you left your account open? Kid, friend, wife. LOL.
  6. This is a reason not to own a gun. Getting cut off or getting into a fender bender isn't reason to murder someone.
  7. True. A big reason why I didn't acknowledge his honking. He thought he was going to intimidate me by following me and threatening to call the police. All that ended up happening was he becoming scared because he started his rage in front of his or family's/friend's house and finally realizing what a stupid decision it was. Had he done this to the wrong person, he would truly have reason to be scared. I am avoiding that street for the rest of the week.
  8. Right. The guy does have a license plate holder that says "bite me". So tells you about his attitude. He was the ballsy one to follow someone in his own neighborhood, his actual street. That is why I am sure he regretted his decision to intimidate me. Luckily, for him, he did not do that to the wrong person.
  9. I went to pick up my son. I took my usual route. His school is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I avoid the main street that is used for drop-off/pickup. I take a side street that connects with that street. I usually park my car on the street and walk to the gate. I had been driving behind a mid-size SUV for about a mile now. It has recognizable plate holder that reads, "bite me", which reminds me that I have seen it before. I am behind the SUV. It turns its left turn blinker on. I slow down and stop. It then starts moving to the right like it's gong to park curbside instead o
  10. Santacruz has experience doing more with less. Graham scapegoated demoting him from DC. The D didn't show any significant improvement under Graham (at least not from what I observed from the few UH games I watched).
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