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  1. Dallas is Dallas. Sheriff? More like rising deputy. Kellen is up and coming. Bottom dwelling teams like the browns are in big markets. I once said the same thing about Colin Kapernick and Chip Kelley, when they entered the league. After a year, everyone figured them out. Keep your glasses rosy.
  2. Well, we both know you think that. He's not taking McVey's job. It will be fun on 12/15. Edit: If he does become an HC it will be for the browns or lions or another bottom dwelling team that needs a new HC. I don't think one season of OC will be enough.
  3. I don't know who Paul Leatheman is (Is that his real name or his S&M persona?), but I agree. One is a HC. The other takes orders from a HC.
  4. I think they make the Orange Bang fountain drinks.
  5. That is very acceptable. Please bring them to the MWCboard fall potluck. When's the date again, @mugtang?
  6. For a moment, I thought you were talking about SJSU's HC. Similar dilemma. Switch HS w/ position coach experience only.
  7. Like some others on here, I was in my college years. It must have been jr. or sr. year. I was driving home that morning. I was on the 10 west fwy. I couldn't believe that it was so empty and I was driving at 50+ mph at 8am. I did keep noticing local law enforcement and CHP every few miles roaring on the fast lane of the fwy. I figured a severe accident up ahead or something. All were headed in the direction of DTLA. Got home to my parents. I was happy to be there once I knew what had happened. My mom immediately ordered me to drive her to SD and pick up my sister who was a freshmen at SDSU. I had never gotten to SD so fast.
  8. I hate watching the news too. I got that off of my feed. I'm sure you can see it was made to laugh at Laura since it backfired on her.
  9. This was talked about on Fox News. It didn't go Fox News' way. They missed the point you did. More, some of the HBCU's are majority white now. https://newsone.com/3822712/hbcu-enrollment-white-students/ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/a3ampj/inside-the-lives-of-white-students-at-historically-black-colleges "On her first visit to West Virginia State University a decade ago, Leisha Salyer, who is white, did not even realize WVSU was a historically black college. On an average weekday, the school of 3,800 bustles with white commuter students who are West Virginia residents—65 percent of the total student body is white..." https://time.com/2907332/historically-black-colleges-increasingly-serve-white-students/ "It also seemed incongruous, given that the conference was for minorities, the college is historically black — and Kirby is white. So are 82 percent of the students at West Virginia’s Bluefield State College, which nonetheless qualifies for a share of the more than a quarter of a billion dollars a year in special funding the federal government set aside for historically black colleges and universities in 2011, the last year for which figures are available."
  10. Just heard from my connection in the top offices of both conferences. They are overnighting membership contracts. Congratulations!
  11. El oh el. Keep trying. Remember to try your hardest.
  12. And that's exactly what wrong with it. Subjective journalism is cancerous to our republic. Especially far-sided journalism, regardless of side.