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  1. I thought this was going to be a thread asking about recipes for ducken.
  2. Boy, you sure got me here! I don't know how I'm going to recover. Do you even MWCBoard.com, brah???
  3. You salty. And that ain't a question.
  4. Read the article yesterday. The optics are still unfavorable, but this article is objectively written compared to the student paper reporting. The Daily Spartan obviously sensationalized a matter that has been under repair by the Pres & AD Offices.
  5. It did take your team 5 overtimes to beat our team. So apparently it's doing as good as yours.
  6. You think Pres. Weber was eager to be transparent immediately when the whistle blew at SDSU? Spare the righteousness. I expect for Pres. Papazian's and AD Tuite's Offices to cooperate and do navigate honorably SJSU out of this. If it takes the media for them to be transparent and honorable, so be it. Hopefully the beginning is the peak.
  7. Just bring your own beer, Stunner. That's all. We love you.
  8. You are no friend of the MWCb. You are merely a guest. Don't you have any desire for BYwho to not get further lost in irrelevance err "independence" How's your great b-ball program doing in the WCC? Your team has a grand arena, yet loses to teams with HS-like gyms.
  9. Shut up and continue to rely on the MWC for your independence. Remember, you are a guest here, outsider.
  10. That doesn't appear to be your history on this board. And no you didn't, but I'm sure you always think you helpful.