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  1. In case, anyone wants to meet late night at the Best Buy lot, this is what I look like;
  2. It probably helps that Tito Ortiz is a council member in HB. They likely are chummy. "Come to my restaurant or Tito will make you tap out!"
  3. But yeah. We've all come across jerk small business owners who make us wonder, "how the fcuk are you in business???"
  4. Sometimes it takes only balls, not brains to run a small business. I've made that observation more than once. It can be beneficial to be a douche owner/manager of a bar/lounge/restaurant/club. That was my experience when I was a promoter. Chances are, he's just the money, but his Mex/Guatemalan/Salvadoran immigrants cooks are the talent.
  5. I saw that earlier. And I could think is, Tony is a real life Biff Tannen.
  6. Not only in Mexico. I believe that top three luchadores known in the US are El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras.
  7. ECA: But also ECA: It was a joke. No matter how stupidly some of our fellow MWCBoarders act, I still would not want a physical altercation.
  8. I actually have a Mil (Thousand) Mascaras face mask. I have a couple luchador ones. Which better ones to wear during this pandemic.
  9. Here's a link to Google Maps. Please find the nearest Best Buy parking lot. Google.com/maps And ECA, find one with a TGIF or other establishment that has a bar. I'd like to buy you a beer after your successful KO.
  10. Yup. I never stopped wearing one. I don't know if it's pointless, if you're vaxxed. When I was single, I still wore a Trojan even if she was on birth control.
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