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  1. Fcuk yeah!! That is almost an "Ivy League" offer!
  2. The unis grew on me as I watched the game. Even the logo on the helmet.
  3. This happened in your current state. https://abc13.com/sasquatch-bigfoot-arizona/463645/
  4. "The city across our chest"..."Fresno State".
  5. Terribly tragic. Condolences to his family and lobo nation. What a fcuking coward, the shooter is. Last fight I got into I was around that age. Dude was upset b/c I was with his ex-girlfriend. Dating her not bf and gf. We had mutual friends. He talked to some of the ones closer to me and arrange a boxing match. The night of the fight, some of my friends were thinking of arming themselves, b/c pre-fight (before I got there), he and his crew were flashing butterfly knives. Made my friends apprehensive. IIRC, a few pieces of rebar were gathered from a nearby backyard and hid close by. Just i
  6. Like Jared and his crisis negotiator skills for the Middle East because he read "25 books" about it???
  7. I remembered, it's actually this Scott: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Harding_(footballer).
  8. I think you're on to something. For the past few weeks, I've watched a game weekly in the NRL. One of the major sports in Australia/New Zealand/Oceania. I will have to check out AFL too. The number of NRL/AFL players in NCAAF seems to be going up, which is why I have been checking out NRL. A few season's ago, Hawai'i had a stud player, Scott something or something Scott (@Warbow, @HawaiiMongoose, @MetropolitanCowboy, help me out here with the name). Guy was fearless and all over the field. I can see why.
  9. I the short term, some of that will be "sacrificed". In the long term, they can create a legacy and an elite program. One thing is for sure, they'll play for a crowd that, 99.999%, will never wear OAN or Confederate attire to games.
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