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  1. It was scary when, during the campaign, his supporters applauded when he said he could kill someone on 5th Ave and still be elected. Everyone knew then and there the kind of lunacy (his supporters) we were dealing with.
  2. False. While it could mean that something is wrong it, it's not the absolute definition. Terrible can also mean that it's not up a certain standard without being wrong. In your case, it's perfect. It's up to your standard.
  3. Did not say it was wrong. What was said is, it is terrible structure. It is not the first time you demonstrate lack of comprehension. Carry on.
  4. The top five are all schools geographically located in the southeast of the country. I wonder if top searches on adult site in that region are for "hot co-eds and sugar daddies" or just "hot co-eds"?
  5. The more times you slap yourself, the more SJSU fans will attend games. Help us out. Get started!
  6. Yup. Chopping of your pinky a digit at a time to show loyalty. That's twisted.