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  1. Colorado St Also Colorado St
  2. Missed FG. Wow! Sadly, I think Utah St has got us right where they want us for the second half.
  3. This really is a sloppy game. Broncos doing just enough to score and Utah St is allergic to the end zone.
  4. Zebras getting their arms a workout today. May have to go to the bullpen for the second half.
  5. I see our defense is stopping the run again today.
  6. Fresno St fans after the big win.
  7. Wait, I thought they all showed up on their training gliders!!
  8. Oh I know. What I could watch last weekend was bad. Warren is a pretty good explosive back but damn. It’s almost like the LBs didn’t realize he was running by them till it was too late.
  9. I’m just looking for Boise to not give up 250 yds on the ground. That would be nice.
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