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  1. and our AD is about to loose her job.
  2. Dont know. Unlike UNR, UNLV got the money for Matta and Pitino....we didnt pulll the trigger on those coaches because of our AD decisions. I dont know.??? Your guess as good as mine.
  3. damn dude, that is pretty specific. He is a 5 stars kid with blue bloods chasing him....
  4. I glean off the side of tube...so freaking awesome. so much powder at the bottom, though...i fell.
  5. Dude, I went full speed downhill....so f*cking crazy. So damn cold.
  6. Can you all help me remember the skiing resort out off Portland, Oregon. I know they film The Shining there but was it call Timberland or something? It was such a good slope.
  7. Love my skiing in Portland, Oregon...missed it so much.
  8. You guys do know that Muss placed his name in the UNLV coaching search when they choose Dave Rice and when they chose Otz. right? This latest search, Muss cannot go back since he made it so publically.
  9. seriously, let's be serious...Reno is not exactly a destination city. Let be real.
  10. Not a considerable amount of time but I have been there. What are we seeing differently?
  11. I spend 4 days in Laramie, WY...I felt safer there than one night in Northern Florida. Some swamp MOFO call me "boy" ....when I want to rent some air boat.
  12. I travel through all of the U.S. but I have never stayed in MS. Too freaking spooky. South Carolina too. It is just nothing for me.
  13. I have not been in Mississipppi, I cannot tell you. I heard stories, though...
  14. How else can I trick Mug program so that I can say fu(ck, f*cktard...*cking Mug...etc without being deleted?