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  1. The information about firing of MM been float around since mid November. Just got to know where to look. Yes, Backer know his stuffs....
  2. 20+ coaches have been in contact and that is the best they can do?
  3. I cannot watch this guy's video, dude. I have developed a passionate hate. He is dumb enough to think he can masked how shitty he is as a coach from us fans.
  4. Jesus have mercy. I have never seen the T & M that emptied. I cant even imagine that condition until MM is here. What a f*king nightmare.
  5. Oh man, dont tell us you sucks dicks for a living....
  6. C'mon q, RP f*cked his assistant gf or wife in a restaurant, do you think he got any qualm about replacing MM and give him another opportunity in one of the brightest stage? He got Louisville into the ACC, him and Tom Jurich..those guys have no time for sentimental.
  7. Brad Rothermel take Kruger over George Karl?
  8. I hate that motherfu)cker...I hate Mensiez even more...so
  9. Rick Pitino f*cked his assistant's wife on a restaurant table in broad daylight....what do you think he wouldnt do? All of this is just an aftershock and game.
  10. College basketball is a guard game. The big guy needs the guard to get him the ball. Hardy and Robo are both 2 guards, they are not PG. Diong is a big. Need the ball pass to him in the lane. Both Robo and Hardy are not passing PG. Not hard to comprehend.
  11. In the message just say bookworm or Trip. Not many of us remember Coach Tark like you do.